Aug 29, 2018
Salieri_Hiyajo (All reviews)
The plot of Mousou Telepathy follows a whole bunch of clichés and tropes, yet it manages to use this setting to its advantage to setup the main plot point that drives the story. Ayako Nakano can’t read minds, as the synopsis would have you believe: she hears what people think. It’s this fundamental difference that establishes everything in Mousou Telepathy, and the concept is used very well. It’s not overused, and it follows a very specific set of rules that breathes originality into the ‘mind reading ability’. Furthermore, it’s a 4-koma style manga and its really easy to read in heaps, or to pick it up for a few chapters. It also has the quality of being really easy to binge, and since there are 620 chapters (1 page chapters) out right now, I have to warn you that its addicting.

Because it’s a comedy with undertones of romance (essentially an overarching romance), the characters are all lovable and fun. The interactions between our main cast of four is just a great source for fun interactions with a broad comedic reach. It’s also a big fan of lewd comedy, being set in high school and all. Ayako’s the introvert shy girl with glasses, Hayato is the perverted love interest, Manami is the love rival turned best friend and Akira is Hayato’s best friend. They are all archetypes, but they are handled very well, and they are explored as characters through Ayako’s mind reading in interesting ways, forming interesting bonds and relationships. I do however feel like the support cast is just there for support and comedy, but that’s no fault of the manga, it’s a rom-com 4-koma so it doesn’t need that (and it convolute things a lot).

The drawing style is very simple and clean, and I love it for that. The lines are clean, it’s easy to look at and read and it’s so simple that nothing can go wrong with the art. And then, we have the use of colours, and by Jove is it amazing. It’s just a rainbow of everything right with simple drawings that say a lot with little. And the colours have thematic purpose, which at this point is just asking for me to gush over it. Which I am doing.

What can I say, I really enjoyed this manga. It’s really to get into and to read through, it’s only 620 pages long right now. For what it’s worth in time, this is a quality manga that every 4-koma should aspire to.

I can’t give it a 10, simply because it’s not completed yet and I really want to know where the story goes specifically. I think it’ll end up with a 10, but I at least want to pretend I’m not super biased when it comes to it.