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crosswrm Jun 30, 8:10 PM
Hmm... I think watching a video is better than words, right? I'm able to create this type of things

Sir, okay, sir! :P

I don't know what spoilers but I'll be quiet for now then xD

Hmm, I can understand why some people don't like Hana that much. It's more introspective and not that exciting as the other arcs in the Second Season, I liked it though. I like that type of stories anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That fucking car, goddammit, Araragi lol

I really like how mature Araragi has become in Hana. That conversation between him and Kanbaru is really insightful.

Do you remember in Nise when Kanbaru said to Araragi that he doesn't realize who the true final boss was? Otori was a nice way to that become true haha. It has a nice development of what Kaiki said in Hana: "You think someone is a villain and you should hate this person. But what if this person doesn’t hate you back? What if they’re nice to you? There’s no human who’s all bad. No one has the same personality when viewed from all angles, and no one has the same personality at all times”, and in Otori the opposite happened, Nadeko, supposedly a good person, became a bad person, a villain, also confirming what the Serpent said at the beginning of Nadeko Medusa Part 1: “All humans are scum. There is no human who isn’t scum, there are only times when they don’t act like scum. Good guys can become villains, and villains too will do good. Everyone you ever met will have been the same”. The contrasts and twists are really amazing in Monogatari!

Yandere at its finest!, and Senjougahara was amazing dealing smoothly with that situation!

I think what happened with Nadeko goes deeper than solely an unrequited love, but we are still limited by her POV in Otori for now.

Sometimes people miss this, but have you watched the post-credits scene in the 4th episode of Otori? It's pretty good!
crosswrm Jun 28, 12:35 PM
Basically, I can work with everything that is automated, transforming any repetitive manual labor into a fully automatic process so, engineering is the process to create said things.

Oh, my bad, I'm dumb, you asked when not where. Tsubasa Lion can be read at least after the arc Sodachi Lost in Owari, or after episode 7.

Nope, I didn't read it yet. I'm still scratching at Nisio's works tbh. I'm thinking of reading Boukyaku Tantei series though I've only found the first 2 volumes translated. Well, I think I'll check Shoujo Fujuubun then
crosswrm Jun 28, 7:40 AM
Medicine? Awesome! I finished college at the end of 2017. I have a degree in Automation and Control Engineering and starting next month I'll do what is called here in Brazil a technical course (more known internationally as Certificate Programs, I guess) in Mechatronics.

The crossover is the first link, Tsubasa Lion. The second link is the fan book of the short stories.

The problem is that every author has his own set of rules when they want to talk about time travel. Nisio established that multiple timelines will exist if you do time travel and modifying something, even if it's modifying a previous modification, could lead to undesirable circumstances, though what you said is pretty interesting and I wouldn't be surprised if it could work in that situation.
crosswrm Jun 27, 2:05 PM
Cool! May I ask the course you're doing?

It might tempt you to read before, but I'll leave a link of the crossover story, Tsubasa Lion
If you get interested Monogatari has a good amount of short stories and fans made a compilation book with it. I think by now you're good to read the Short stories 01-05 (Hitagi Buffet, Mayoi Room, Suruga Court, Nadeko Pool, Tsubasa Song) and Short stories 06-09 (Tsukihi Eternal, Karem Arm-Leg, Hitagi Neck, Shinobu House) if you want to. They are from Bake and Nise, respectively (ignore "You and Nadekko" until Koimonogatari).

Mayoi Jiangshi, the arc you thought it would be about Mayoi but it was I, Shinobu!

The first time I've watched Kabuki I didn't have watched Kizu yet so it was kinda boring for me. That was the pivotal moment I realized the mistake I made in not watching Kizu after Bake. And yeah, Monogatari has a good rewatch value but not for things happening in your face. IMO you do rewatches for things happening deeper in the plot, not about things happening in the surface, but enough of that already.

Seeing the "real" Hachikuji was indeed awesome and chibi Hanekawa leading Araragi to the police station was amazing haha. Have you wondered why Araragi was a bit stressed about the police officer there? Some people say was because the police officer was Mamaragi.

That scene with Kiss-Shot the second time I watched with the context of Kizu was really impactful. Nisio knows how to wrap-up arcs in a pretty powerful way.

I don't think it would work traveling back to June 14 because it would create another timeline not connecting with the timeline in Kabuki. Time travel paradox is pretty fucked up.

Araragi came back to the original timeline by Shinobu using Kiss-Shot's power to open the portal again in the temple.

It's amazing how Nisio gets the most ordinary thing in life to make his plot. In Kizu the whole thing happened because Araragi went to the shop to buy porn and now Kabuki happened because he forgot to do his homework xD
crosswrm Jun 27, 12:58 PM
Np. Exams... are you going to College?

Araragi's mom aka Mamaragi. Now we know from where the good genes of Araragi's siblings came from xD

Araragi's past is... interesting. You'll see more of it later.

He was pretty cool at the end of Neko Shiro though is through the lens of the passionate eyes of Hanekawa. And talking about Hanekawa there's a crossover story written by Nisio with 3-Gatsu no Lion with her and Rei as the narrator but because of spoilers, I think it will be better for you to read after you finish Owari, if you get interested to read :)

Tks. I saw that pic of Kiss-Shot using a yukata and I thought that I'd need to use it immediately!
crosswrm Jun 20, 4:20 PM
That's true.

Araragi's mentality is something I've seen before as "self-compassion". Like, you don't need to focus only on getting self-esteem, but you need to have compassion in yourself more than anything else. That it's okay bad things happening in your life but you still need to move on because that happens with everyone else, and there's a later arc in the series that goes through more or less into this topic and it's pretty interesting to see how it deals with all of this.

I'm not a fan of short hair cuts as well and I agree with you, Hanekawa's one is cute (and a plus of that is Black Hanekawa's hair is even cuter now) but Senjougahara... Why do you do that, Nisio...
crosswrm Jun 20, 12:20 PM
Nisio Isin's writing is amazing. One sad thing about that is in Japanese they say that the writing is really beautiful to read, but that aspect is lost in translation.

I can't really explain why, but I really love the last episode of Neko Kuro. There's something so visceral about it, so painfully real...

Yeap, Black Hanekawa is the merging being of meddlecat and Hanekawa's mind. It's the suppressing feelings of Hanekawa. Neko Shiro is, well, I think you know already ;D

Araragi does love Hanekawa, but it's that idolized love, in which he puts her in a pedestal. It's something so toxic that he realized in Neko Kuro that they can't be together. And, yeah, Hanekawa is pitying herself and taking her problems for others to solve it, one of them being Araragi, but since Spring Break and that failure of outcome that was Araragi's involvement with Kiss-Shot, he regrets so much doing that, that he really incorporated Oshino's motto of "people can only save themselves" (although he still is a hypocrite about that), so when he sees Senjougahara solving her own problems, it's only natural that at some point he would fall in love with her and choose her instead of Hanekawa, as you've said.

An Araragi's arc you say, huh...

Np. Now the story really begins with Monogatari Second Season!
crosswrm Jun 12, 8:32 AM
I think it'll be better if I get excerpts from the novel instead of trying to trust my (poor) memory. Araragi actually called his home right after he turned into a vampire:

"This was a bit after the sun had set. Finally I was able to leave the
abandoned cram school. Finally I was able to confirm my location.
This cram school was on the border of the rural town that I lived in.
That being said, this area wasn’t underdeveloped. I didn’t know why
the cram school had been abandoned. I figured it got swallowed up
by the bigger cram school in front of the station, and finally had to be
foreclosed. Kissshot found it fitting for a last-ditch hiding spot.
I decided to phone home.
Luckily, my little sister picked up. The older of the two.
“Tell everyone I’m spending break on a trip to find myself.” I said
bluntly. She agreed.
I didn’t think beforehand, and it took me a moment to realize I had
just convinced my sister I was the type of person to take a trip to find
myself. I must seem really pathetic.
Just as I hung up, my younger little sister sent a text to me. My sisters
were in middle school, so they didn’t have cellphones. She used the
living room computer to text me.
'To onii-chan. Sometimes people get lost, but, when you calm down
you should think carefully about your actions. Where did Tyltyl and
Mytyl find the Blue bird?'"

And in the final chapter:

Or to better say, the story from now on.
The next day, after a long time I was roused out of bed by my two
sisters, Karen and Tsukihi, and I headed to school. The older brother
returned home after a journey of self-discovery that lasted for two
weeks and the parents didn’t say anything special, while the sisters
only burst into loud laughter. Since in fact I believe I did something
for which there were no words, and that could only be laughed at, I
think I can only agree with them."
crosswrm Jun 11, 2:06 PM
I still recommend watching at least Kizu's analysis though. tbh I can't recommend enough.

Yeah, I said resolved as "resolved". You'll understand later in the series. And they had sex that night, for sure.

I wouldn't say EP 12 is "the most we got out of their relationship" because there's still more to come, but it's scarce after that, indeed. Ah, when I said "intimate" I meant more in a sexual way than anything else.

About believing in oddities I think it's the same case as what happens in Noragami (I think you're reading the manga, right?), for example, about gods. They exist because people believe they exist. It's the same case here, on this particular part though.

If I would have a complaint about Kizu's adaptation, it would be they cutting out Araragi messaging her sisters that he would take a 2-week journey of self-discovery and they didn't need to worry about him.

About Araragi's parents, I think you have an interesting thought, especially now that you're watching Neko Kuro...
crosswrm Jun 11, 1:23 PM
I forgot about the names. It's kinda addressed at the end of the series, but why they don't address each other with their first name I think it's just the author's style. Also, where I live we never address people with their surname (or family name), so my knowledge about all the implications is not that good D:
crosswrm Jun 11, 1:12 PM
About Araragi and Karen, have you read this? If not, it may help you understand their conflict and the outcome:

There are two channels I know that are analyzing Monogatari episodically, Semblance of Sanity ( and Teeaboo ( the rest of the episodes are in his second channel because he got a copyright strike, but now it's resolved and his main channel is back. Second channel:

The only problem is that SOS is doing 1 episode a week (in Thursday Nise's ep 4 will be available btw), so it'll take 2 years for them to finish the series. Teeaboo is more flexible, doing more episodes a week. If you still have questions about Kizu, I really recommend watching their reactions and analysis, especially SOS's analysis. SOS Bros are writers so their knowledge is incredible. Their analysis of Kizu II was phenomenal.

Also, on Reddit, there was a rewatch thread of the series and the comments from u/Sinrus are really good (they did the airing order and Kizu III is missing because it wasn't released at that time yet):

I think the most important thing you need to understand in Nise is about fakeness. Nisemonogatari shapes the rest of the series. The author said that Nise was the epilogue of the series btw.

Also, there's a lot of things in Monogatari you won't get at your first watching and that happens with everyone. It's through rewatches after you complete the series and conversation that you will get the full picture of the story. That happened with me yesterday, with Nadeko. I got a whole new comprehension of her role in Monogatari that I didn't know it exists. So, don't worry too much about not understanding things at your first watch.

About "please be gentle with me tonight", it's about Senjougahara completely overcoming her past. Back in EP 12 of Bake, she said that she wasn't prepared for sex yet because of all her trauma and she said to Araragi that she will figure out a way of overcoming that. With things finally resolved between her and Kaiki, now both her and Araragi can have a "complete" romantic relationship. Also, there's the fact that Araragi doesn't tell his intimate moments with Senjougahara (that's why the kiss wasn't shown in Bake u.u) and the times we get something about it it's because he let it slide (or blurted out? I dunno, I'm dumb) in the narration, so a lot of things is just implied in the story.

Yes, the series is pretty faithful to the novels as far as I'm concerned. Karen Bee was long because of that. It was the closest adaptation of the novels.

Those minor parts, like Araragi withstanding sleep deprivation, I think it was just a natural logic of his vampiric's traits he still has.

About the cloth thing, it's one of the vampire's power in Monogatari and it's amplified with Kiss-Shot's legendary power. She can materialize everything she wants. I don't think it was really explained in the series though.

About Tsukihi, I've realized that as well. My only conclusion is that her regenerative's power was not that strong when she was young, so it took more time to regenerate but also, the fact that it wasn't a mortal wound like the one she got from Ononoki.

Finally, I think it's fine taking your time with the series. I did that when I watched 3-Gatsu no Lion recently and it worked wonderfully for me. Though, with Monogatari, try to watch 1 arc at the time (or half an arc) because you would have a complete picture of that part of the story and you can think better about the story, characters, and its intentions. Just a suggestion.
Gubkin Jun 11, 11:24 AM
Thank you ^^
crosswrm Jun 5, 1:02 PM
It was fun for me too. Again, feel free to talk with me anytime =D
crosswrm Jun 5, 12:54 PM
It's hard to say something about it for now without entering into spoiler's territory, I guess. And it also depends on our own definition of "deep meaning". For me, I'm okay with that explanation I gave you, which is not your case, and, hey, that's fine.

In spite of the sexual harassment, Araragi and Hachikuji's relationship is amazing. And, yeah, Kanbaru is amazing as well!
crosswrm Jun 5, 11:49 AM
The basic way of expressing yourself with sexuality is when you like a person. For example, all the scenes with Nadeko are she trying to get attention from Araragi. She's always controlling the camera to be viewed as sexy as she can possibly be in his eyes. It's just another way of communication. A way to communicate her feelings for Araragi without relying on words. The same case can be said for Kanbaru, but she's just messing around with Araragi.
After you finish Nise, I'd recommend reading this write-up to understand those scenes better, because it's in Nise that the fanservice begins to be better executed (it contains heavy spoilers, of course):

Now, for the sexual harassment with Hachikuji, that's a can of worms I wish it didn't exist in the first place. I always tried to get the meaning behind it, but it's hard to find an excuse (if there's one in the first place). I just avert my eyes sometimes because, in the end, it's just a fictional story with no real person been harmed. I forgot to say, sometimes it's just for the lulz. A dark one, but still a joke.

Yeah, Kizu can be watched before Bake, indeed. Even the author doesn't have any problems with it.