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Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season - Kanketsu-hen
Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season - Kanketsu-hen
Dec 19, 2023 10:16 PM
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Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season Part 2
Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season Part 2
Dec 19, 2023 10:13 PM
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Rokuhou-dou Yotsuiro Biyori
Rokuhou-dou Yotsuiro Biyori
May 20, 2023 10:48 PM
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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
Aug 22, 2015 2:33 AM
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Apr 26, 2015 1:47 PM
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Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
Apr 26, 2015 1:44 PM
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Potimas Jul 10, 2023 7:00 AM
You haven't gotten a comment in 6 years, I am here to change that haha!
Lizardon93 Mar 11, 2017 11:49 AM
Finally. And you are welcome :)
Tical Jul 25, 2016 10:33 AM
Hi, Saikatsu :) I am glad that you found the time to answer on my message. It's nice that once again we will be able to talk :)

What with me... At the end of June, I finished college (I think about continuing my education; I have not decided yet, to be honest). I'm spending a lot of time playing the guitar, writing new songs and slowly preparing to recordings (I will say a few words more about it, in the later part of the message).

What about you? How you spent, the last four months?

I hope you were playing great at the wedding :) Once again, all the best for your Dad.

So I see that you trying much to be up to date with all anime titles. You can enjoy watching anime, riding by bus? Personally I won't feel comfortable watching anime, while driving. I like to focus.

I am very curious, which anime have you seen and which of them made the biggest impression on you during those months when we did not talk. Maybe you can select few?

Thanks for asking. I spent Easter with Grandparents, although holidays do not enjoy me anymore like it used to (I do not know if we talked about it, during the Christmas time).
My biggest, Easter delicacy is Mazurki :) These are the homemade cakes of different flavors: kaymak, toffee, cream or cherry (my favorite are the first two types). I think you could like them :)

What are your favorite, French dishes for Christmas and Easter?

This is a positive feature, very important at work. Bravo.

As I mentioned, I am free from the end of June. Frankly, I do not have any major plans. For sure I'd still like to work on new songs, which always makes me very happy and for me, this is the one of the best forms of recreation. I also thought about looking around for a job, but after talking with my friend, I consider that in my city will be hard for it. So far, I did not plan the time for any holiday trip, although I do not exclude that I will choose to go somewhere in August.

And how looks your plans for the summer? You're going somewhere?

Yes, your hometown, made big impression on me :)

My city is not large (counts less than 19,000 inhabitants). On the picture that you sent, there is a pond, which lies at the city park. This is actually one of the nicer places when it comes to the city itself, which to be honest, is not too comely, though it has some nice places.

Maybe you have some of your favorite places in your town? If so, maybe you can send me some pictures?

Yes, it was him. You can say that he's like my brother. I wish everyone to have a friend like him. It is a pity that we do not see as often as in the high school.

Yes. I posted "She Loves You" (thank you for the comment:) and "Misery". I'm glad you like it. I am also happy because of your "W drodze EP" opinion. I believe that it is much more interesting than the "Początek drogi EP". Three weeks ago I posted "Brian EP", containing all six covers, so I invite you to listen to it :)

I hope that I'll be able to post my new song in June, but unfortunately it failed. A colleague, with whom I recorded, had a lot of personal problems, and because of that, through the April I recorded nothing. In May, we were able to record the drums and bass. I was hoping to overdub acoustic, violin and vocals, but my friend went earlier to Norway (to work) and I was left with nothing. I have to wait until he returns to finish the song.

I contacted with another man with whom I could also record and who can recommend me some people for the band. It would be great if something came out of it. I hope that I can meet with him this week. In any case, I would like to record over those few months four or five new songs.

In addition to Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Brel is very appreciated and his album "Ces Gens-La", Daft Punk (I love this duet) or AIR, if you wanted to listen to some quieter, electronic rhythms.

I recommend to you site called Rateyourmusic from where I draw most of my knowledge about music. When you click a link (, you'll see a list of one hundred best albums in history, according to RYM's users ratings (I agree with the majority of positions). If you're looking for some new music, I recommend you this site.

I'm glad :) It's a bit paradoxical that, thanks to me you met with Serge Gainsbourg music :)

So you have a similar opinion as me about "Wish You Were Here". Personally, for me it is very important album, because it contributed to my great interest in music in high school times.
I also do not know somehow perfectly discography of Pink Floyd. I'll have to catch up in the future.

Yes, "Hold On" is certainly one of his best songs.

I am glad that you appreciate his lyrics. They are simply outstanding. I think that is one of his greatest strengths alongside with incredible skills to create music and conveying emotions.
Waits has a very unique and interesting vocals that distinguishes him from other musicians. It is able to convey emotion, which is not so simple. I realize that to people who attach a great importance to the vocals and the fans of only pure voices, Waits can not match. I must admit that I was always paying the slightest attention to the singing. I'm more interested in the composition, lyrics and emotions that are in the song.

I am happy to recommend you some songs. I hope you will like those.

Tom Waits - Midnight Lullaby (I think it's a fantastic song to listen to in the evening or at bedtime, preferably with a nice girl :); Song from the first album, "Closing Time").

Tom Waits - San Diego Serenade (song from the second album; Good to listen to when your nice girl go and you recall the time spent with her;).

Tom Waits - Martha (One of the most beautiful Waits's songs; This is from the first album. It always moves me when I listen to it. A special song for me).

Tom Waits - Jockey Full Of Bourbon (Song from his best album, "Rain Dogs". Great story and electric guitar).

Tom Waits - Time (Beautiful, beautiful ballad from the album "Rain Dogs". Another great lyrics and performance).

If you will have such an opportunity, I would strongly recommend you "Life Is Strange." The game is really outstanding. Will provide you with many emotions.

When we talk about games, how's "Dark Souls III" :)? You have played it a lot? Do you like it? Maybe you've played any other games besides this?

Fine. If I only watch "Ookami Kodomo...", I'll let you know.

I'm curious of the new season of "Gintama". Following the MAL ranking, it must be really excellent. Practically, since the end of the emission until now, it was the first on the first place.

How old is your brother? I hope you get along well and do not quarrel too much, if you live together :)?

Thanks for the recommendation of "Re: Zero Penalty Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu". I've heard many good about it and definitely I check it, but I do not know exactly when. If the climate refers to "Steins;Gate", I should like it :) By the way, you are waiting impatiently and excitedly at the "Steins;Gate 0", like me :)?

I understand and thank you for your opinion. I for sure watch "Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi" later this year. I heard that the end of the manga is different from the anime, if I'm not mistaken and a lot of people criticized it.

I highly recommend you "Cowboy Bebop". I think it can safely be regarded as a classic and for me, is certainly close to the masterpiece. Story, characters and music (I found on YT six-hour soundtrack, which includes all the songs from the anime and film. It is astonishing), create an incredible atmosphere.

As for the third season of "Gintama", I simply loved it. I came to the conclusion that Gintoki and the company simply did not disappoint :) All three arcs are great (I liked most the second one, which, along with "Yoshiwara Arc" from the first season, is probably my favorite). They're dramatic and moving more serious issues, which I always love in "Gintama". I would happily talked about the third season, when you're done watching.

And what about the second season of "Gintama", because I see that you finished it? What arcs, did you enjoy the most :)?

I'm also curious about your opinion on the "Gintama: Kanketsu - Hen...". We can talk more about this film, if you want.

Excellent. I suspect that "Akira" can do a big impression on you. Powerful film.

You know, it's a little bit hard for me to say, but I think it might be a little of them, although I do not think there are many. I suspect that some people may not admit to it, because they are afraid of being derided because they're watching "Chinese fairy tales". These are mainly the opinions of people who have not seen a single series of anime and think that it is not interesting world. They are wrong, do not you think :)?

I think it might be the same as with you. Even in college I had a colleague and girl friend who saw "Dragon Ball", but did not see and hardly knew any other series. I think that in my environment, it may not be too many fans of anime, as in your area.

I'm glad that you spend a good time :) Your friends, with whom you were there, are also such big fans of anime like you? What did you like the most at the convention?

The song of JinnyOOps !, which you've send me is really outstanding. Reminded me a good, strong punk of the old days. I would see this song as the opening or ending in "Gintama" :) I also like the singer :)

Great figures :) I suspect that their making is a hard work. I wonder if the figures were expensive. I once came across a figurine of Makise Kurisu, which cost up to 66 $.

I for sure watch the second season of "Haikyuu !!", but probably in the Autumn. I recently watched two seasons of "Free!", which I liked (particularly the second season, so I'll take a little break from sports anime:) Did you see "Free !"?

I will ask you also about the EURO. You followed closely this tournament? It was hard for me to believe that Portugal won with France in the final and that in general there will go there, because barely left from the group. Football do not stop to surprise me, I guess.

Really? It would be great, although I do not want you to have to sacrifice something or to give up from something. What is the way :)?

I thought that if you want it, we can add each other to our friends on Facebook. I do not use it too often (rarely), but we could have each other in the group of friends. I invite you also to like the profile of Sentyment on FB if ​​you have not already done it :)

I'm not sure if I invite you to check my summary of 2014 and 2015, when it comes to anime on my MAL profile (it's under the graphics, with information about me). I'm wonder, what you think about it.

Yes, unfortunately. It was scary. I'm really sorry that something like this happened in your country. I was afraid that some attacks may take place during the EURO, but fortunately nothing happened. But a week after the tournament, there was such a tragedy. I feel sorry for you.
I'm afraid, what might happen in Poland, during the World Youth Day. The event will be well protected, but concerns still exist. We live in a really dangerous and uncertain times.

Maybe you have some of your thoughts on the current situation in relation to terrorism? If you want to discuss something, I'll try to keep up.

Thank you :) Take care and I wish you a great week :)
Tical Jun 10, 2016 3:04 PM
Hi, Saikatsu. No problem :) I hope, that everything will come true :)

All right. I'll be waiting for your message.

In that case, all best to your Father :) It will be definetely a special day for him.

My congratulations on France victory against Romania :) Payet was incredible that evening.

Thank you. Take care :)
Tical May 31, 2016 2:29 PM
Hi, Saikatsu. I saw that today you celebrate your birthday, so let me make a wishes to you (forgive me, that I make this at the last moment; For thirty minutes will be midnight :).
First of all, I wish you health, which is probably the most important thing, fulfillment of all your dreams, many days lived with a smile on your face and of course the uncountable number of good anime on your list :) All the best, Saikatsu!

I also hope that soon you'll respond to my message. It would be nice to talk again :)

All the best and I hope to speak with you soon :) Take care.
Tical Mar 25, 2016 5:21 PM
Hi, Saikatsu. No, of course I'm not forget about you :) I was wondering when you write back. You have been very busy recently? You had time to watch anime or it was a little hard with this?

Yes, for more than a month, I'm healthy. Thanks. Overall it is fine. Currently, they're preparations for Easter, so today I was at my Grandparents house to help them with vacumming. You're going somewhere for the holidays or you spend them at home?

Congratulations :) It seems, that everything is going your way. Excellent. Good luck :) I hope, you're not working really hard?

I looked through photos of the town in which you live. It looks really beautiful :) Set among the forests, close to the Mediterranean Sea. You must be happy to live in such a nice city.

I know both Marseille and Toulon. Marseille has a good football team. You are interested in football? Maybe you support Marseille :)?

When it comes to exams, they went pretty well, although it could always be better. I'm glad I got over with. Thanks for asking.

I understand. So at the moment, you like to choose the path where you could create something, am I right?

These rap songs heard only my friend, which for some time I had a project, when we were in junior high school (he did the music and I wrote the lyrics and rapping). Later, when I became interested in rock music, he played on bass on my songs.

Thank you, although I do not think I have talent. Rather skill. In my opinion, talent have most prominent as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Tom Waits. To them I still have a lot lacking :)

I highly recommend "Sakamichi...". I think you might like it. A beautiful story about friendship with great music in the background :)

Yes, I even love "Stranger: Mukou Hadan" :) It's hard for me to add something about this, because you told everything :) History is not some complicated, especially original, but told in such a poignant and dramatic way, that it could not be done better. To this music. Something beautiful.

Thank you for recommending "Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki". For some time, I plan to see the movie, and at the beginning of this year I decided, that I would definitely watch it in 2016. I heard a lot of good reviews about it.

I heard about Garou (even I know this songs, which you've send me:). I do not know if you know, but Garou was VERY popular in Poland at the beginning of the XXI century, mainly due to "Gitan", "Seoul" and "Sous Le Vent". To this day, you can heard on some radio stations his songs. I never heard of Patrick Fiori. After these songs, I conclude that you like pop, more radio songs, right? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

From what I know, Gainsbourg is actually considered to be the greatest French musician in XX century and his album "Histoire De Melody Nelson" is considered outstanding. I know from the album "Melody" and "Ballade De Melody Nelson". Great songs.

I also like more "Wish You Were Here", mainly because, in my opinion, is a more complete album. "The Dark Side..." is also an incredible album ("Breathe", brilliant "Time", "Money" and the wonderful "Us And Them" speak for themselves) but I always had a problem with "On The Run". I had the impression that it not quite fit into this album. You have the same? What are your favorite songs by Pink Floyd?

So among the artists that I mentioned you know all of them? That's good :)

Which Tom Waits song you listened to? I can get you something else to offer. Tom Waits is a distinguished artist, very original, with great lyrics and unique vocals, so it's worth to know his work more. This is probably the only artist who throughout his life has not recorded a weak album.

It's better to play games being healthy, but actually it's nice to spend time this way, when you're ill.

"Life Is Strange" is great. Yesterday I finished playing it for the second time :) I highly recommend it, if you like the game with an interesting plot, great characters and a large dose of emotions.

Great :) Computer you bought is a real beast! Now you can play in every game :) Let it serve you well :) The monitor is also great. Neither too small or too large.

Nothing more, nothing less :) Soon will end up the latest season of "Gintama" and according to MAL users, this is the best season.
I agree. In my opinion this is the power of "Gintama" that there are serious episodes and funny ones.

Thank you for your recommendations. "Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu" looks really interesting. With "Boku dake ga Inai Machi", I have probably the greatest hopes. In the beginning it had really high scores on MAL (it was even on fifth place), but now, its evaluation incredibly dropped. I do not know if it's the usual "haters" or the second half of the anime is less interesting.

In my opinion, "Cowboy Bebop" is outstanding. Each episode is very interesting (especially the last three, in my opinion) and all the main characters, led by Spike, are fantastic. For this great jazz music and atmosphere, which is a combination of science fiction films, film noir, romance and western. You definitely need to see :) I won't be surprised if the authors of "Gintama" were inspired by "Cowboy Bebop".
I recommend "Akira" also. Very interesting and poignant film, with incredible animation for 1988.

Great :) It was definitely interesting. How looks your impressions? There was a lot of people? You've met some nice people? What figurines you bought?

Personally, I've never been to any convention, mainly because they are in towns way distant from mine. Besides, anime in Poland still in its infancy and such events are held in ordinary schools. I looked at photos and videos of these events and I got the impression that nothing very interesting is going on there, though maybe I choose to go someday.

You're welcome. Long messages don't bother me. I'd love to reply.

Thank you :) I wish you successful, peaceful holidays with your family. Take care :)
Oznek Mar 21, 2016 2:51 PM
Hey Kévin!
Ca va très bien et toi?
Ni l'un ni l'autre pour le moment, mais j'espère repartir en voyage bientôt tout de même :).
Et toi tu deviens quoi?

Oui mais je ralentis un peu en ce moment, c'est assez chronophage! Et puis je m'en suis déjà fait pas mal pour le moment!
Oui c'est ce que je me dis quand je regarde ma liste aussi, mais je l'adapterai au fil du temps, je n'ai pas encore assez de points de comparaison pour les juger comme il se doit.

Je ne saurais même pas te dire, ils m'ont tous plus de différentes manières... Mais effectivement Steins;Gate était vraiment génial!!
Jonpetit Mar 19, 2016 11:50 AM
Np now wait and hope :D
Kuroneko Mar 19, 2016 9:32 AM
ok then thanks anyway so how are you?
Kuroneko Mar 16, 2016 2:26 AM
where did u watch ep 1 of shomin sample specials
Jonpetit Mar 14, 2016 3:34 AM
Do you think there will be a second season? Missing the whole tournament 7 swords, however there is no indication of that this season, I think if you are leaving the altar in summer or at the end of the year if not give me the series will be left :: C
On the other hand I have hope that out but this lack of evidence to back me strip:
Tical Feb 10, 2016 7:34 PM
Hi, Saikatsu :) If you were busy, I understand it of course. My guess is that this was mainly related with your internship and studies ? I hope that everything's all right with you ?

It is good, that you're feeling great :) As for me, all last week I was sick. A long time ago, I felt sick so much. It is now well, although still torments me cough. The charm of Winter and disease :)

Congratulations on a good results in college :) !!! It's a big deal. So you can say, that you have already completed studies, am I right ?
Twelve hour journey had to be hard. In what city you live, if I may ask ?

Over the last week I was sick, as I have already mentioned, and before that I had a little bit of studying due to exams. By the end of the current week, I'm free (second semester begins in the next one).

Thank you. If I'll make it, it would be great, but probably not right away (or ever) I had the opportunity to have a programm. Previously I probably need to go through making coffee and paperwork :) In the town where I live (Sokołów Podlaski), there is no radio station, but in a city where I study (Siedlce), yes. Maybe in the future, that's where I'll try luck :)

Sounds good :) Are you still want to be a game tester ? Due to the fact, that you're interested in them, it seems to be a good job for you.

First, I wanted to work in radio (this idea came when I was fourteen; In the meantime, I was interested in a rap music). When it comes to being a musician, I started seriously think about it at the end of high school. Interestingly, in junior high school I started to record my first hip-hop songs :) I wanted to be a rapper. Later I was fascinated by rock, but the first musical attempts took place in junior high school :) To this day, I have this songs on tape :)

I just saw, that for each song there are some views :) I'm very pleased, that you wanted to listen to them. Thank you for the subscription of my channel. This means much to me.

I also think, that "W drodze EP" is more interesting than "Początek drogi EP". The second EP seems to be more mature and interesting. "Początek..." contains the first songs written in 2009-2010. In retrospect, I have to admit, that I not applied to them much time, as I should.

I'm glad you like vocals. It happens, that I'm a person whose sings :) I also write lyrics, play guitar parts and make general shape of songs. Let it be also the answer to your later question.

As for the "Koniec drogi", it's quite a sad song about a young girl who is struggling to find her place in the world. Parents do not understand her, get argue with friends and finally decides to take the car and go on a journey. In one of the last... I am glad, that you like this song. It is also special to me, for personal reasons.

Glad to know the bands you mentioned. Does and Spyair I know through "Gintama", where their songs are in the openings and endings. Personally, I like to listen to Japanese music. On my profile on MAL, even I have a list of my favorite songs.
Last time you asked me, how you can find my summary of the year in anime (I forgot to write back then. Sorry). You just go to my profile and click on the arrow that is located under the picture with the information about me. When you go there, you will find everything.

I listened to a song by Jean-Jacques Goldman, which you send me. I enjoyed it. Feel the joyful atmosphere of the Celtic sounds. Which French artists, you could still recommend me ? Maybe you are listening to Serge Gainsbourg ? I once checked a few of his songs and I liked them.

You are listening to Pink Floyd ? Great. I also like them :) Which album by Pink Floyd do you like more: "The Dark Side Of The Moon" or "Wish You Were Here" ?

As for me, the biggest influence make on me rock music from the 60's and 70's, which I was listening to in high school. I mean The Beatles (my favorite band), The Clash (I started to play the guitar, trully by them:), The Doors, The Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, Tom Waits, Elliott Smith or Bruce Springsteen. I think all these artists have a big influence on me, although I've never tried to imitate them. It would not make much sense, because their music is so brilliant, that it is impossible to forge them :)

Collector's edition includes a CD with a game, soundtrack, which is simply beautiful and art book, which should remind notebook, of the main character of the game.
I finished "Life Is Strange" last week, when I was sick. The game is just wonderful. Great story, with a perfect scenario. For this characters, beautiful music and choices (often difficult), which we must take. It is certainly in my top five favorite games. I recommend it to you highly :)

I've seen let's play from this mode. And how do you like it ? I think it is pretty hard to beat.

Frankly, I'm a little surprised, when it comes to your favorite arcs. I forgot about them a little, but I agree. They are really good :)

Sougo is actually an interesting character, although personally I like more Hijikata. After Gintoki is my favorite character throughout the series :)
Except Sougo and Gintoki, whose your favorite characters from "Gintama" :) ?

I like more the first season, in large part precisely because it have more interesting arcs. My favorites from the first season were "Yagyu arc", where we got to know Kyuubei. For me it is also certainly the funniest arc :) In addition, "Okita Mitsuba arc" (very moving), "Shinsengumi crisis arc" and "Yoshiwara in flames", which is definitely my favorite arc ever. In terms of plot and tension for me it is perfect.
From the second season, I liked the most "Kabukicho Four Devas". Perfect arc.

No problem. Here is the link:

You mean another season of "Gintama" ? Personally, I plan to take a break from it, but maybe in the spring I watch "Gintama ': Enchousen".
Which anime from this season, you like the most so far ?

Forgive my long message. I wrote out terribly :) Greetings, Saikatsu. Have a nice week. Talk to you soon :)

Tical Jan 22, 2016 11:31 PM
Hi, Saikatsu :) I'm glad :) I appreciate that you think so.

How are you ? How passed your last two weeks, when we have not discussed ?

If you think, that this movie is so good, I should actually see it soon. All in all, I am very curious how I react to it.

Actually. In this regard, we are similar.
Thank you. I think that also. True, we do not see as often as, for example, when we went to high school (not to mention the time of primary school), but we try to meet every two or three weeks and talk on various topics.

It sounds really interesting and responsibly. Congratulations :) I hope you are happy and, that you work with likeable, cool people :)

You think so ? Thank you, though I must admit that English grammar is not my strong side and I have to make sure for a couple of times if I made some stupid mistakes :)

Probably I not plan to be a teacher (do not think I have predispositions). I once wanted to be a translator, but to achieve this, need a lot of work and time. As I mentioned, I would like to work in radio (English is always useful). In total, journalism has always interested me :)

Speaking more about the competitions. Who did you want to be when you were little :) ? You had a lot of dream jobs ?

Yes, I have a channel on YT, where are my songs. Here is the link:
I recommend you to listen to "W drodze EP" ("On the Road" in English), which captures most of my musical interests. On channel on YT is also a link to Facebook, so you can look at it also. I would be very pleased if you can listen to my songs, and express an opinion. It will be a pleasure for me :)

What kinds of music do you like ? You have your favorite bands ?

I understand. After completing "Alan Wake," we can talk about it.

Speaking of games. I would like to say, that recently I finished "Mass Effect 3". Made a big impression on me, and I think it is my favorite part. Today I ordered a "Life Is Strange", which once I have mentioned to you about. I decided on the collector's edition, with a beautifully issued artbook and soundtrack. I hope that I can finish it for over two weeks.
You play something now ?

Shogun is great :) Once you know, that he will be in the episode it is clear that it will be funny. I can tell you that Shogun will appear again in the second season ;)
Yes, I remember that arc :) It was good, though probably not the most prominent, don't you think ? I'm curious, what was your favorite arc from the first season ?

Calmly. You have much time to see everything :)

Fine. I'll be waiting for recommendations :)

With you too :) Take care and have a nice weekend. I hope the weather is nice :) ?
Tical Jan 4, 2016 11:33 AM
Hi, Saikatsu :) Thank you for a really nice wishes. I hope, that they will come true. Of course. If you would like to recommend me some anime, do not hesitate :) Once again, all the best :)

Actually. "Clannad: AS" touched me like nothing before. In anime is really a lot of emotion, but apart from that, or most of all, this is really good and beautifully told story with great characters and outstanding, in my opinion, ending. I highly recommend it to you :)

I have not seen the film, you're talking about. I must admit, that I have not seen any drama, telling the story of the anime. Do you think may I like it ? Personally, I always had concerns about such ideas. I had the impression that normal film can have troubles with capturing the magic of anime . Have you seen any more movies based on anime ?

It sounds great :) You played a lot :)

All in all, it was not so much. I finished watching "Ocean's Twelve" and watched three episodes of "Gintama' ''. I'll mention about it later, if you will.

You know, it came quite naturally. Just after high school, I lost the need to meet with people, as often as I used to. After graduating from high school, I devoted myself also to playing the guitar, so I can't meet with them as I used to.
I met quite a lot of cool people in college. We have a group of five buddies, quite close with each other, but their company stop enjoy me so much, when I was in the first year of studies.

Personally, I have a friend whom I know almost fifteen years. He is like a brother to me. I can be thankful for such friendship.
You met your friends in college or do you know them for a long time ?

I understand. The most important to be happy with what you are doing :) What are your main responsibilities, if I may ask ?
English philology ? Basically it is the study of the English language, usually in two divisions: grammar (including translations) and literature (with information about the history of England).

When it comes to work in Poland, is not so well. Many people after graduation have a problem with that. My dream is to work in a radio, but my biggest dream and what I really like to do is playing music. For several years I have my own musical project with which I try to exist but it is not that simple unfortunately.

I agree with you, that the story of "Alan Wake" is really good. I like also the dark atmosphere of the forest and the tension accompanied during battles with monsters, though at times it was a little too much, and the next stages of the game were long. Remember to what point did you come ? You're going to finish "Alan Wake" in the near future ?

From anime you mentioned I'd like to see all :) I still have not watched any season of "Fate/Stay Night" so there's many thing before me. The second season of "Noragami" and "Shokugeki no Souma" I plan to see in the coming months. With the second season of "Haikyuu !!" I'll wait until the end of the series. Thanks for your titles :)

From seasonal anime I've seen probably nothing, so it's hard for me to choose something, but I am inviting you to visit my profile on MAL and check my summary of year 2015. I have not completed a list of my favorite songs, but apart from that, it is already good. When you'll find a moment, take a look :)

I really like "Gintama' ", and arc you mentioned was just wonderful. Lots of fighting, emotions, and to how it always happens in "Gintama", great message.
Do you remember the episode at the pool with Shogun and an episode in the bath :) ? They were so funny and full of absurd humor, that I almost cried with laughter :)

You're right. It is also interesting, but personally, I think it's too early for me to do it.

Thank you. Have a good week :) It nice to talk with you. Take care.
Snowyboy Jan 3, 2016 3:28 AM
Thanks man, you too!
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