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Oct 24, 2015
In the past, I’ve had some bad experiences with One-shot manga’s (I’ve found that they tend to end abruptly). However, this one-shot has proved me wrong.

Characters: 7/10
The characters themselves are not incredibly original, however they are both given characteristics that make them relatable. The lead girl Miwako, opens the story with her willingly agreeing to give up her hands to a Demon. Even though Miwako and the Demons back stories are not hugely developed, we are able to get a glimpse into their lives.

Plot: 9/10
To me the plot is more interesting than the characters. This is not necessarily a bad thing though. Even read more
Oct 24, 2015
One thing that I believe makes Zankyou no Terror stand out above a lot of animes, is the sound. The soundtrack composed by Yoko Kano is brilliantly sorrowful; it is unique enough to stand on its own (All the songs on the soundtrack are all enjoyable to listen to) but adds to the psychological and mystery of the series as well. If it were not for the music composition, the series wouldn’t have been the same experience. It is a series that demands the viewer to pay attention with its outstanding art, sound, and characters.

Story: 9/10
Our lead is Lisa, read more