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Aug 27, 2020
This manga was pretty good! The storyline itself is pretty normal about average workers who start dating. But the growth of the characters is really nice! Satoshi at first seems to be pretty stuck up however, when you read more into the manga you start to see him become much more loving and caring. It really was nice to see characters change in order to further fall in love. There a also a lot of cute moments so I definitely enjoyed this! I think if you are looking for a cute manga that has some mature themes it is worth giving it a try.
Jun 17, 2020
I LOVE Lupin III and I really appreciate that they used red Jacket Lupin! This special is really fun and nostalgic. Within the first opening scene they used the Lupin III theme with vocals and it was truly music to my ears.

ART 10/10
I think the art style is really crisp and clean for 2019. Although I’ll always love the classic Lupin artstyle I quite like this new modern art style too! I guess it’s important to realise that anime is changing and so will old art styles. It’s good to appreciate both!

MUSIC 10/10
I always love Lupin III soundtrack. Love going on a drive ...
Jun 12, 2020
I think this anime targets the specific audience of otakus and anime lovers alike. It’s definitely a show where people go “I relate to that” or “Yep, that’s me”. It’s extremely funny when you understand the jokes and situations and can somewhat relate to them. I feel like if your new to anime this show would confuse you and probably won’t be as funny as you don’t really understand Otaku culture. Not saying you can’t watch it, but it’s way more funnier when you understand certain Otaku-ness if I can say that.

STORY 9/10
It’s meant to be an anime where each episode is like a ...
May 14, 2020
Lupin III (Anime) add
Watching this anime in 2020 made me think that I would find this really outdated or difficult watching because of how I am used to modern anime style and high quality. Despite this anime being made in the 70s it’s an absolute stunner even now. Of course there are lags and sometimes delay in animation when a character speaks but I always remember how limited in technology and how difficult it would be to create a smooth animation at that time so I really don’t think too harshly of those small errors.

Lupin the third part 1 is definitely a must watch. It’s comedic and ...
May 6, 2020
It’s a ten minute short but it definitely gave a nice feel to it. Like any Lupin episode there’s lots of plot twists and excitement in the show. This was like a mini Lupin episode and was definitely worth the watch. I don’t think many people took notice of this special because of its length and it was for the 40th anniversary.

The characters are like the usual gang and the art is classy as always. I recommend it to any Lupin fan. Despite how short it was it still keeps you on your feet. We get all 5 of our main characters, Lupin, ...
Apr 27, 2020
Jungle Taitei (Anime) add
Kimba the white Lion is my childhood in a nutshell. Kimba the white Lion has the audience for children so I recommend watching it with your kids or keep in mind this show is for kids so it’s not meant to be filled with intense gore or crazy confusing storylines.

Kimba the white Lion has such a beautiful story and message about animals and also about courage. It definitely reminds us we should be caring about forests and prevent hunting rare animals just for our pleasure. I think this message should definitely be taught to everyone alike.

Kimba was really my role model as a ...
Apr 27, 2020
Love Lupin III? Love Conan? Well this is the perfect movie for you. It combines both elements of Conan and Lupin into one and gives both characters an equal amount of screen time. To be honest I haven’t watched a lot of Conan yet but this did give me a lot more insight into the characters and I understood the film with limited knowledge.

Story 10!
Lupin III vs Detective Conan had me laughing so many times. There were scenes were Lupin and Detective Conan had to collaborate and there was plenty of banter between the two. It was really interesting how they incorporated to ...
Apr 26, 2020
A woman called Fujiko is probably my favourite series within the Lupin the third sides. This story is really well articulated and definitely gives us some insight to the characters in the past. Before the Lupin gang was formed completely.

I have heard about people complaining about how Fujiko is a character that is despised as she always betrays Lupin and is known for having sex with a lot of people. Honestly, she didn’t really grow on me at first either. But this series definitely changed my view on Fujiko and it might have just been me. I think Fujiko is purposely made to fool ...
Apr 26, 2020
Honestly the Lupin series never fails to keep me on my feet. Part 5 is very well written and gives old fans service by bringing back red jacket Lupin in a couple of episodes. If you are new to Lupin the Third series, starting at any part is absolutely fine. You’ll get the gist of all the loveable characters and how they fit into the whole picture.

However, don’t be scared to give part 1 or 2 a go first! Although the animation between 1 and 5 is a big jump, it’s good to see where Lupin first began and why they did give nostalgic ...
Apr 26, 2020
Preliminary (20/155 eps)
Despite how old this anime is, it’s a great watch. Sometimes going back to the classic animes brings the child within us or makes us relive the 90s or 80s for example.

Honestly, I started with Lupin part 4 which was quite recent and it had me hooked. Lupin is such a well crafted character and so is everyone else, heck I even have a soft spot for Zenigata who is someone on the opposing side of Lupin. When I watch part two, the art is classy and the voice acting is on point. I love how they maintain each character and their uniqueness. Fujiko ...

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