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Feb 13, 2019
As a book reader I just felt like I have to write a review for the first few episodes of my favorite isekai show.
There won't be any hard spoilers ahead but you should have watched until episode 4 before continuing to read this.

-First and for me the most important thing: Characters. (7/10)-
While I am not a real bookwoorm and dropped most Light Novels, Tate no Yuusha was the only one that kept me reading up until the 13th Volume now. I love how deep they go into Naofumis personality and how the readers can follow his thoughts and changes over time.
That is where the anime read more
Nov 30, 2014
This is my first and maybe last review i will make cause my english/gramma isn't that flawless perfect and its really hard to explain why this anime should be seriously watched by EVERYONE.

first off i won't write any spoilers in this.
i could do a review about any other of the 500 shows (+/-) anime related things i saw but i decided to take katanagatari - BECAUSE it's one of the most unique and heart ripping shows i've ever seen in my entire life.

Story 7/10
the story is not the really bad point about this show but its the only non-unique thing you can say about it. read more