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Jul 12, 2013
There's a few different types of anime. There's anime that's written to excite, and there's also animes that bring out laughter. And then, there's animes like Aria the Animation (and it's sequels) and Tamayura: Hitotose, where there is only one purpose behind it - to make the viewer smile, and to bring joy to their hearts. I suppose Tamayura, is an anime that you could call heartwarming, and there's no doubt that that's quite the fitting descriptor. Because it really, really is quite heartwarming indeed. Watching Tamayura, brought me so much joy and warmth that no shounen or seinen anime has ever brought me. I read more
Jul 2, 2013
There’s a certain kind of excellence that I always pursue to discover within an anime - one that doesn’t have categories for scores, but rather, lives by one rationale - the desire to achieve and execute a goal. If I can see such a desire within the production team of said anime, I don’t have to rely on 1-10 scores or categories to judge an anime - I’ll simply know that it will be good, because the people behind it, are passionate souls with a love for what they do.

Of course, I’m not here to rattle on about my definition about a “good anime” but read more
Jun 29, 2013
To be honest, I still don’t really understand Oreimo. Even after the second season, there’s still things that I’m unsure of. At a glance, the title suggests a story between a sister and a brother, but the thing is, looking back at two seasons of Oreimo, I really don’t think that definition fits all too well.

Here’s the thing - yes, it is a story about a sister and her brother. But that’s not all - Oreimo isn’t just that. Oreimo doesn’t just explore the relationship between a brother and a sister, Oreimo divulges into everyday life, in this case I suppose, the everyday life of read more
May 23, 2013
In our modern world, society is essentially the dictator of all law and judgement. A justice system, in reality, is merely a representation of what we as a society believe is "right" or "wrong". People who step outside this box, are often penalized - at the most extreme point, we refer to these people as criminals.

Obviously, the justice system today, has it's flaws. It's not uncommon to see innocent men and women being framed for crimes they commit - our judgment is not perfect.

But what if we could determine instantly, the criminals of the future, predetermining criminals before they commit their crime? Would such a read more
May 11, 2013
I've made another review. The original one (the one I wrote at six episodes out of ten) is below.

~ Completed Review ~

Photo Kano was definitely a disappointment. The first few episodes led me on, it suggested potential that was definitely never realized. And that, makes me sad. It makes me sad because Photo Kano was something that I had actually looked forward to watching - that implementation of photography, actually really interested me. The art and character design, were actually appealing. The opening, wasn’t amazing, but it was better than average. It was potential. From the very first episode, I felt some, if any potential. read more
Dec 30, 2012
There is no easy way to categorize Serial Experiments Lain.

In fact, the fact that Lain cannot be generalized, is the only way to generalize it.

Serial Experiments Lain, is a manifestation of the idea that the line between the Wired, a communications network (that is the best fitting description), and the real world, is blurring. It's an incredible anime that takes a shot at an idea that is far beyond it's time - remember, this anime was created in the nineties. In today's context, in our current century, it tries to tell us that the line between the Internet, and the real world, is blurring. And read more