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Apr 20, 2018
I know this is still airing but the direction it's heading is really not looking good.
This show looks like some thing of quality we expect coming out of trigger, problem is that's all there is.
Story: generic mech anime set up with the monster of the week going for a while, then switching to shallow character development episodes. the only interesting parts being 002's backstory. so far the plot is trying to make a turn around by revealing main characters Hiro and 002's past which unfortunately wasn't anything interesting. there are many questionable things that are un-explained so far in the show. read more
Jul 26, 2017
Includes spoilers
It's bad. It's so bad.
I had high hopes after season 1 (which is an at least 9/10 piece of art), this is just disgusting compared to it's predecessor. I will rate this season comparing to season 1.
Story: 1/10
literally nothing important happens, that's not saying no plot progression was made. Like season 1 they tried to cram as much information as they could in to 4 episodes, except it was way lighter in season one due to the high quality battles. This entire season is purely exposition, with no mech fights that are remotely comparable to season 1. The intense battles between the 2 main read more
Dec 1, 2016
Gantz (Manga) add (All reviews)
2 teens dies via "subway attack," finds themselves in a room somewhere in tokyo with some other people. they are then sent on missions to kill aliens by a weird black ball. I read this manga because i liked the anime adaption and wanted more of it. To my amazement, these 383 chapters delivers the most intense and interesting science fiction I have ever gazed upon.
10/10 every large story arc is unique and great in its own way.
Each arc presents a different set of problems and rules our protagonists must endure or bypass. The setting is almost never the same, and the intensity of read more