Jul 26, 2017
Ren0001 (All reviews)
Includes spoilers
It's bad. It's so bad.
I had high hopes after season 1 (which is an at least 9/10 piece of art), this is just disgusting compared to it's predecessor. I will rate this season comparing to season 1.
Story: 1/10
literally nothing important happens, that's not saying no plot progression was made. Like season 1 they tried to cram as much information as they could in to 4 episodes, except it was way lighter in season one due to the high quality battles. This entire season is purely exposition, with no mech fights that are remotely comparable to season 1. The intense battles between the 2 main characters was what drove the show to greatness, this season is just nothing comparison, literally like not watching anything. since none of the side characters ever got any development, none of them matters when they die. the main characters didn't even fight so they had plot shield the entire time, which made none of the battles involving them interesting.things that drives the plot is as pointless as it gets. Things that happens in season 1: Io got captured, Claudia dies, Daryl looses his limbs. How season 2 negated all of these things: Io breaks out first thing for no good reason, Claudia is just not dead, 2 limbs or no limbs, Daryl once in a while clinches his teeth OH NO!

Art: 7/10 not much to say, very stylized way that excelled in season 1 now mostly spent on talking animation. goofy ass fodder mechs and planes ruins the moments (when there are basically no "moments")

Sound: 5/10 remember how much the frantic, scattered jazz pushed the space battles in the asteroid field? well now we have that over slow underwater crap that doesn't ever fit the pace of the music.

Character: 1/10 Whats character development? Season 1 characters you gave a shit about because nobody else mattered: Io, Daryl. Season 2 you gave a shit about because nobody else mattered: just Io. I'm willing to bet that you can't name anymore than Io Daryl and Claudia off of your head because none of them made any kind of impression nor impact on the story. Season 2 characters include: that bald chick, that one chick that played an instrument, the professor chick that has daddy issues

Enjoyment: 1/10 i want my wasted time back. it's a gundam show, there is barely any gundam, plus the only gundam lost it's first legit battle to some dude.

Over all: 3/10 is as generous as I can get

After note: this season shouldn't even be called gundam thunderbolt since it has nothing to do with gundam thudnerbolt. the actual gundam: thunderbolt isn't in here, the "thunderbolt sector" wasn't in here, the shit that happened in gundam thunderbolt didn't matter cause the fact that claudia is alive, and Io escaping immediately negates all of season 1's plot. This is literally a piece of garbage using a superior show's title to gain views.