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Sep 9, 2010
I really feel I need to make a review of this anime. This is purely based on the first season, since I haven't watched the second season yet. I've watched and read a lot of harem anime/manga, some are good, but most are just shallow, comedy-filled, mindless ecchi fanservices anime that I can't stand watching and decided to drop. But this one is clearly different, I'd say that this is the best harem story I've ever watched/read to date.

Whilte Album's story is very good, it's more deep than most harem anime. This story is very realistic for a harem anime (then again, harem itself read more
Aug 16, 2010
Well I was pretty surprised to know that Break Blade got a movie! Talk about being out of date. I've read the manga and quite liked it, though in the manga, mecha battle scenes aren't drawn very well, it gets kinda confusing. So I was pretty excited to watch the movie, to see what the mecha battles will be. And this movie really doesn't disappoint me in anyway.

Story: 7
Kinda typical story, a boy who can't use any magic in world where everyone can use magic, but somehow can activated a Golem that no other person managed to activate. Even if it's typical, I think it's read more
Aug 9, 2010
Char's Counterattack is the 4th Gundam animation production. It's a 2 hours long movie, not a series. This movie focuses more on wrapping things up for Amuro and Char.

Story: 8
Story is good, it manages to do so much in just 2 hours time, though sometimes it felt a little rushed. Story is simple, Char finally got fed up with people whose souls are being tied down by Earth's gravity, and decided to make Earth inhabitable to force humanity to move to space, therefore promoting human evolution into Newtypes. The only thing that stands in his way Londo Bell, an Earth Fedration's special forces. It still read more
Aug 8, 2010
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, the third Gundam series is made as a direct sequel to Zeta Gundam. It follows closely after the end of Zeta Gundam. Many say that this is the worst UC Gundam (not the worst Gundam) ever made. Well I that's what I think as well, though that doesn't mean that this show is bad.

Story: 7
What made people hate this episode is certainly the humorous story and the many filler episodes. That's what I think as well. Even so, I think that the core of the story quite good. The core story actually have some good conflicts, politics, corrupt government, conspiracy etc. read more
Aug 7, 2010
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is the sequel to the first Gundam series. Many Gundam fans think that this is the best Gundam series ever made, and I can see why. This series certainly lives up to the Gundam name, and much better than the first series.

Story: 10
Zeta Gundam's plot is a bit different than the first Gundam. While in the first Gundam the main focus is Earth Federation vs Principality of Zeon, here the main focus is war between different factions inside the Earth Federation itself. The portrayal of war here is much better, with a good dose of politics, conspiracy, conflict etc. It's certainly read more
Aug 6, 2010
Mobile Suit Gundam. Every anime fans (even some who aren't anime fan) must've heard of this metaseries. Gundam is a metaseries that have one of the largest fanbase in Japan. Not that big outside, but still has a considerable size. This anime is the original which started off the metaseries, which will later become a popular culture in Japan. Many people feel that this is a very good anime, though unfortunately this just doesn't cut it for some others. Now I'm one of the former, and I'll try to review this series based on my opinions.

Story: 8
The core of the plot is actually quite read more