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Jan 7, 2013
Ibara no Ou (Anime) add
I was really excited when I heard there was going to be a King of Thorn movie. I'm a fan of the manga. As a fan, I am disappointed with the movie. I enjoyed it, it hit all the major plot points, but it left out a lot and the overall feel and excitement wasn't the same.

The movie starts off with a long drawn out sequence of explaining the Medusa Virus and taking the patients to the island. This didn't bother me all that much, as exposition is necessary, but I preferred how it was done it the comics - naturally brought up throughout the ...
Jul 1, 2012
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (16/? chp)
I’ve heard enough about “Blue Exorcist” for a while now to get me interested in reading it. I was so excited when I saw the volumes at my library and picked up the first four right away. After finishing the first four volumes, I’m sad to say that I am thoroughly disappointed. Here is why:

The plot of Blue Exorcist sounds pretty interesting.That initial plot (+ the art style) was what made me want to read the series, but it’s also that plot that makes me not want to continue.

First, let’s take a look at some similar plots such as: Naruto, Soul Eater, or D.Gray-Man. Now, ...
Dec 27, 2011
Fractale (Anime) add
A lot of people have complaints about this series . . . that have nothing to do with the series itself, it has to do with hype. This series was hyped up to where people's expectation flew all over the place and if every single one of those were not met to a T than that meant this series was a failure.
No, it's not perfect, nothing is, but it is no where near a failure.

Story - 10
The story gripped me in right away, while the first episode was a bit slow it intrigued me to watch more and as each episode aired the intrigue and ...
Dec 27, 2011
Zone-00 (Manga) add
Preliminary (2/? chp)
This manga tries too hard. It tries way too hard to be different . . . without actually being original at all. Being that I have only read the first 2 chapters this review should be taken with a grain of salt, but for me, 2 chapters was enough to make me never want to see this comic again.
I'll start with the story. The story didn't do much to bring the reader in and the panels were cluttered and hard to make out exactly what was going on. Despite my love for the art style, it hindered the storytelling by being too stylized to the ...

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