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Aug 10, 2019
Given (Anime) add (All reviews)
Given is a story about two young musicians, one just starting his real journey into music, and the other trying to rekindle the passion he lost through the disillusionment the teenage years can bring. Ueenoyama, Has lost his passion for music and finds it rekindled by Sato's genuine Naive desire to learn to play the guitar and become a musician.

The Animation is colourful and although it can be clunky at times, at other times, they can achieve some interesting and engaging shots, from often unused angles, you can notice this particularly in the first episode.

The sound is good, and engaging enough, it's not revolutionary, read more
Jun 1, 2019
In my opinion the best romance anime of all time, along with its sequels (sorry clananed). It focuses on the lives of our two protagonists Chiaki and Noda. One a structured perfectionist, the other a spontaneous creative, the story focuses on their romance while also making commentary on the dual often conflicting aspects of classical music, its rigid structure (embodied Shinichi Chiaki) and it's spontaneous and wild nature (embodied by Megumi Noda). Although the series can drag a tiny bit at times by the end of this, the Relationship Between the two characters is stronger than a simple Kiss and a promise that they hook read more
Oct 4, 2017
well its OK until episode 11. it's no diamond in the rough but it's OK. but something happens in episode 11 that is simply unforgivable. to minamise spoilers basically the female mc is responsible for the death of an entire kingdom and the male MC who knew this would happen the entire time and tried to warn her reacts with " Oh Louise" im sorry but if someone kills literally millions of people from there own stupidity my reaction would be stronger no matter how much i loved them. also the rest of the show they just sweep it under the rug. WTF
Mar 25, 2017
i know a lot of people are upset about this because they came in with expectations and they saw the first series. but i stumbled upon it and had never seen anything from quite this genre. so as a story completely ignoring the first series it makes the central focus a girl trying to reunite with her brother. we see a diverse and multi-dimensional group of characters enter the story and while nothing is really finished (apart from arguably her story to find her brother) i think the disappointment in the characters match up with the audience which means there's no clash with how we read more