Aug 10, 2019
Given (Anime) add (All reviews)
PyroSpaceCat (All reviews)
Given is a story about two young musicians, one just starting his real journey into music, and the other trying to rekindle the passion he lost through the disillusionment the teenage years can bring. Ueenoyama, Has lost his passion for music and finds it rekindled by Sato's genuine Naive desire to learn to play the guitar and become a musician.

The Animation is colourful and although it can be clunky at times, at other times, they can achieve some interesting and engaging shots, from often unused angles, you can notice this particularly in the first episode.

The sound is good, and engaging enough, it's not revolutionary, but it's not going to give you that problem when the characters play something really shit and then it's passed off as the best thing ever. It was enjoyable enough on it's own and made sense in the narrative.

From what I've seen this show looks pretty good, don't get me wrong it's not perfect but it looks fairly nice, it fulfils the basic components of a Music Anime, (that being music and a passion in the characters for the development of their musical potential) and it has the rare characteristic of having a romance between two men, which I enjoy, without slapping you with it or any rapey shit, it can just be in the background, still very much part of the plot and not subplot, but not dominating everything.

Please give it a chance......