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Apr 23, 2018
Android Kikaider is another manga created by the master mangka Ishinomori Shoutaro, displaying his amazing skill in creating super hero stories, laying the basics to many that came after. This manga was based on the live action by the same name also created by Ishinomori.

Kikaider is a story about a robot with a human conscience, basically incomplete one because instead of being only good he can do also evil (much like the human heart). Firstly the story deals with the conflict of humans and robots, the difference between them and what it means to really be human. Ishinomori deals with such heavy themes very easily, ...
Jul 26, 2017
Ah yes, Destroy and Revolution, a story that gone horribly, horribly wrong.
For those of you who are not familiar with Mori Kouji works, he is the creator of two fantastic works-Holyland, the coming of age story of Kamishiro Yuu and Suicide Island about teens that try to survive on an abandoned island. Naturally, as a fan of his works I was excited to read Destroy and Revolution (will now be refereed as D&R). He already proved himself, twice! so what exactly went horribly wrong in this particular story?

Let's about the premise of the plot-we have our main character, Makoto, a timid shy guy who has ...
Nov 17, 2016
Oniisama e... (Manga) add
Oniisama e... is a famous shoujo manga from the 70's, written by the talented Ikeda Riyoko. Although the anime (which is also amazing by it's own) is probably more popular in the west, the manga is also incredible.

The story of Dear brother is focus on the first year adventure of Misonoo Nanako, a sweet innocent girl that just got into Seiran high school, an all girl private school. Sending letters to her former teacher (which she asks from to be her brother) about her life in school, she finds out that school life isn't all roses.
The manga deal with a lot of very real, and ...
Oct 12, 2016
Kuro (Manga) add
I will probably repeat a little of what was said before, but I decided KURO deserved more exposure for being so fun and unique manga.

From the beginning, we can enter the world of KURO and it's amazing atmosphere. We can see Coco and her cat Kuro living together alone in a huge mansion, and there is something off about the whole thing, especially about the cat...
From there, we discover more details about the world. The author expose more in a very masterful way, slowly teasing and showing in a perfect pace, as we learn more about the horror of the world and about the ...
Sep 30, 2016
Hot Road (Manga) add
Hot road is a popular shoujo series in the 80's which tells the story of Kazuki Miyachi and how she got to meet the "NIGHTS" motorcycle gang and a boy named Haruyama.

In it's base, Hot road is a very youthful story. It feels very rebellious and "punk". Aside from the motorcycle gang rivalry and business (which is pretty minor) we can see all sorts of experiences that a lot of teens can relate to and understand:stuff like rebelling, without cause sometimes, against parents and teachers. Feeling like no one understand you or your actions, and sometimes not understanding them yourself. Problem dealing and communicating with ...
Sep 22, 2016
Colored (Manga) add
Colored or Color of rage is another great historical manga written by Kazuo Koike, the man behind "Lone wolf and cub".

The story, set in Edo period Japan show the adventures of two escaped slaves by name of George and King, African and Japanese, and their encounters with injustice and brutality of the era. Being former slaves themselves, they rush to help to those in need, sometimes they succeed in their efforts, but sometimes they fail because in reality, you can't save everyone alone.

The story shows how peasants and generally weak people were treated by the more powerful, strong people. The treatment of the humans is ...
Sep 21, 2016
No reviews? that should be fixed.
Ashizuri Suizokukan is a collection of short stories. Some of them are very short (7-10 pages) and some of them are one shot length (40-50 pages). All of them are interesting and show a bizarre world mixed in with our "normal" world.

The story doesn't really exist here. Most of the stories feature some kind of little girl that goes to an adventure or interact with the bizarre creatures of her world. The stories feel like everything is a dream, there isn't a clear distinction between reality and a dream. Is everything merely an illusion or it really happened? ...
Sep 21, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Ashita Dorobou is a romance manga with sci-fi elements that talk mostly about getting together with the one you love and coming in terms with your feelings.

When talking about the story of the manga, we can separate the story in two aspects:the more sci-fi aspect, and the more romance one. I will separate them because in the sci-fi aspect the story fail horribly and in the romance aspect it succeed quite well. So let's dive in.

In the sci-fi parts we have an UFO that appear just above Tokyo, and just as it appears the main character meets with his ex-girlfriend and reunites with her. After ...
Apr 8, 2016
Schwarzesmarken is an anime that focus about human rivalry and political tension in the middle of a war with alien invaders. I think this anime got ignored (maybe because of it being of muv luv universe or being mecha which a lot of people seem to dislike) but I want that people would give a chance to this great anime.

So as said Schwarzesmarken focus on the humans in Europe (east Germany to be precise) and about their on going war with the BETA, an alien invaders that took most of Asia in a very short time. Being the last defense line of Europe, the elite ...
Sep 20, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Bakemonogatari is part of the monogatari series written by nisio isin. I believe that a lot of people heard about this show and so I wanted to share my honest opinion.

We begin the show with our hero Araragi koyomi. Although firstly he seems as your regular harem hero we discover very fast that he is a part vampire, which show us the supernatural element of the series.
The story in monogatari is focused on how Araragi help girls who encountered supernatural beings and add them to his harem. This formula gets repetitive and tiring very fast-He sees a girl in trouble, help her (because as usual ...

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