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Mar 23, 2010
Well, since there are so many good stuff to say about this anime, I'm not sure where the hell I should start.

The plot is sophisticated and unique, but surprisingly easy to follow. Though I believe the plot progresses a bit too slow than it could have been not. It took a few episodes to clearly set the characters backgrounds and the relationships taken place before the actual Durarara timeline. However, If you haven't watched Baccano, the idea of these two anime is to set the individual stories and motives for each character and later clash them together. So technically, the read more
Apr 26, 2008
Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch is extraordinary intelligent and a master of entertainment.

Season one of Code Geass ended with a cliffhanger, which sets the stage of season two. The story is past-paced and compelling, in no argument it is the best factor of this anime. Code Geass R2 is filled with complex plots and subplots along with its story line that will keep you hook until the very last episode.

The setting is set in a sort of near-future war set on earth. The Holy Britain Empire, a dominate power that holds control read more