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Sep 3, 2020
So i just finished this manga and i liked it.

It starts off with our main protagonist Mayu Minakuchi, a cute and shy girl. getting molested by an old Guy on the train. Coming to her rescue is Yuki , a also cute looking, girlish boy. For a matter of fact , Mayu mistakes him for a boy at first ,since he also wears typical girl clothes. So in case you didn't know yet ,yes this is a manga about cross-dressing, but it is foremost a story about romance.

The cross-dressing aspect is handled very maturely though and is a staple of our times being more read more
May 26, 2020
Slight spoiler's ahead.
So i have watched mob psycho twice alone and once with two of my closest friends. Seen it all: subbed, dubbed, and german dubbed. I looked at it from a lot of perspectives if you will.
Mob starts off as a kinda wimpy ,shy Kid who has a big heart but trouble expressing it. This is actually already all plot relevant since mob got this way out of a fear of hurting his little brother (and others). Because Mob isn't your typical Schoolkid who just simply has a low view on life. Mob has psycokinetic abiitys ,which if left unchecked could hurt everyone read more
Dec 17, 2019
So i just finished the last vol. today (at work lol) and i have to say i enjoyed it ,but for different reasons that i had originally thought. I was expecting this to be a long running shonen ,like bleach or naruto and found out after reading the first 3 vol. that it wasn't going to go that route. If this manga is better off for it , is left for discussion ,but for what we got i have to say it was very enjoyable and compressed ( which makes it easier to share with friends). Our protagonist is very likeable and since the length read more
Dec 15, 2019
I found this manga while browsing trough random completed manga ,looking for anything that cought my eye. That i would find a good one on the first try today was very lucky, but it kinda sucks that it wasn't, and probably never will, be finished. I really liked the setting and the development of friendship between our two protaganists. If i had to compare it to any other story it would be *the magus bride*. Other than that if you like fantasy and perhaps something more laid back , give it a read. It's short and will leave you wanting for more ,but also read more