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Jan 8, 2017
If you enjoy Yaoi/Otome fanservice, pretty boys, cheesy over-the-top humor, or just enjoy a good musical with dancing (primarily ice-skating dances), you would probably love this.

I must say that this movie is definitely not for everyone. If you are watching and hoping for a deep and dramatic thriller of a story, this is definitely not a strong point of the movie. It is primarily musical, fanservice, silliness, and the happiness of friendship and sparkles. Not much drama aside from two of the guys' pasts, saying goodbye, and possible foreshadowing of the sequel.

Now, even though the story itself is weak, that does not mean it read more
Mar 23, 2014
"The award for cheesiest anime ever goes to Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000%."

The story of the first season was pretty straight-forward, while this season has a bit more going on at a time. I felt that this season was a lot more exciting and had more to offer story-wise. It definitely helps that they give you a better look into the guys' lives by having them deal with their various jobs based on their specialties(acting, modeling, etc), and having them overcome their problems. I felt it focuses a bit more on the guys than Haruka, than season 1 did, but maybe that's just me.
If read more
Mar 23, 2014
K-On! (Anime) add (All reviews)
I watched this on a whim several years ago, due to it becoming popular among my previous group of friends, and the appealing art style.
Normally, I HATE anime that is moe fanservice-based and has no pretty males, but K-on may be one of the few exceptions to this.

The reason?

Well, the reason I hate such anime in the first place is because I am a feminist, so you can imagine that I hate seeing girls sexualized and used as nothing but pure fap-material(which many men do even for this seeminigly-innocent series).

The reason I was able to tolerate and even enjoy this anime(enough that I would read more