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May 2, 2021
Wandering Witch: Journey of Elaina has reminded me of many lessons I have learned as a kid, but have either chosen to neglect or forget. From teaching the viewers to assume nothing to trying their hardest to overcome challenges, there's a thing or two we can learn from Elaina on her journey. Throughout this anime there is a constant reminder how Elaina thinks she is following her dreams and is working her hardest to pursue it, which has certainly inspired me to do the same. Wandering Witch reminded me of the dreams I had as a child, which I brushed behind me over the years, read more
Apr 2, 2021
WARNING: This review is for BOTH seasons of the anime. There is also a video version if you don't feel like reading all of this (link at the bottom of the page)

Tutoring anime has always been something that has always tickled my curiosity as, throughout junior high to university, I was always the student my peers would turn to for help. So whenever I see tutoring anime, it has always been something I could relate to and thoroughly enjoy. This 2019 harem anime is considered to be fairly popular amongst the anime community, but today we will see how good it is.

Let's begin on how read more
Mar 5, 2021
Lamune (Anime) add (All reviews)
We all have a niche anime which fanbase is so small, it seems like essentially nobody's heard of it. Although it might be unknown and might not be perfect, there's still a passion for it. Today, I will be reviewing the niche anime I’m passionate about and hopefully, this anime will get more reception. This anime is the fall 2005 romance series Lamune, which is assumed to have only around thirty thousand viewers. Throughout this video, I will be talking about how good this anime is and if you should watch it too. I will try my best to keep it spoiler-free with an exception read more
Jan 30, 2021
[SPOILERLESS REVIEW (with a little bit of spoilers, but there's a warning before it appears)]

Ok, so before I start, if you would prefer to listen to my review instead of read it, you can do so here as I know this might be a bit long.

Idol anime, the window into the Japanese anime and music industry like nothing seen elsewhere. Idol anime are typically about the protagonist working their best perfecting their talents to become a successful idol, which in the end, they typically do. But this isn’t always the case, what if the idol isn’t successful in the industry and is crashing? This read more
Nov 8, 2020
Ochikobore Fruit Tart, or as I am going to call it for the sake of this review, Idol Dropout is the story of a failing group of Idols. From the episodes I've seen so far, the story seems kind of generic and bland which makes me question why I keep coming back to it every week. I've seen a couple of idol anime and this one by far stands out the least.

I will continue to stick with this anime until the end to see if it gets any better, and if it does, I will update this review, otherwise heres a list of other idol read more
Sep 24, 2020
A Certain Scientific Railgun follows the lead of one of the side characters from a certain magical index, who is known as one of the top 7 most powerful people in the city. The reason I really like this series is because it directly follows the timeline of A certain magical index, so it really helps build the world of this universe. This series also shows us why or how some events within a certain magical index occurred, which really solidifies the story of this anime.

My only real complain with this anime was that something inevitable happened, where they basically had to play out read more
Sep 24, 2020
Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator, or in english, A Certain Scientific Accelerator has a complete focus on one of my favorite antagonists of the Toaru Raildex series, an antagonist who is becoming to learn good via Touyma.

This season takes place between seasons one and two of a certain magical index. A Certain Scientific Accelerator has a focus on something the other series never touched on, that being necromancy. Basically this series main villain used necromancy to achieve his goal, but that had a twist to it near the end of the series.

This season features two amazing main characters which originated from the original story, a read more
Sep 24, 2020
Toaru Majutsu no Index, or in english, A Certain Magical index. A certain magical index is the main story within this series, which follows the lead of Touma Kamijo and his Co-Lead, Index. With their lead, the story progresses with Touma protecting his city from various magical threats using a mysterious power located in his right hand.

One of the biggest focuses with the drama of this anime is the tension between scientific and religious beliefs.

This anime features so many side characters within Index alone, I can count about 30 important side characters within Index alone. You might think that with many side characters, they read more
Jul 2, 2020
From fine to horrible, the Monogatari series was a rollercoaster of emotions. After seeing the popularity of the famous song "Renai Circulation" I decided to this anime a shot, but at what cost? Well, I ended up wasting hours of my time that I cannot get back since this series just kept on getting worse for me.

Here are some general issues I had with the WHOLE series:
-THE EYES: idk why but the animators made the eyes way too creepy for my liking
-The creepy poses they make
-THE WORLD FEELS EMPTY: this series has little to no background characters making the series feel like only the read more
Jul 2, 2020
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Finale is a perfect way to end this series and basically any anime series, but why? Well not only does it include them becoming a couple, but also closes basically all of the plot points introduced within prior seasons and returns to some old locations we never thought would be returned to. Another great idea they did was the transition from Miran singing the OP to the N's, basically the whole cast, to sing it. If you are a fan of romance animes then this is a must-watch! Please don't miss this opportunity!

I did a whole 12 minute review on my read more