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Feb 22, 2023
Mixed Feelings

The actual score would be a 5 but it's a music video montage, so as my LN scores I took out a rating that does not correlate with the review.

Pros: Sound
Cons: Dated graphics though it is 15 years old
I can't find a sub/dub but I don't think that's necessary considering it reminds me of an OP/CP of a series. Animation is dated though it is 15, at the time of writing, years old, though some of the styles remind me of the early '00s and late '90s. You do see some, although briefly, anime boobs. Not much to say is it worth 8 minutes...sure, why ...
Dec 3, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (1981/? chp)
Again if we follow my own standards it would be closer to 2.4 which doesn't really help because again this is a light novel so it has no artwork. Now as of the beginning of the series that has a low story score mainly because it's throwing a whole bunch of information at you right away is literally trying to catch you up on the last 10000 years of all the bullshit that's happened in the story make sure you understand what's going on and why.


This is going to be a quick little tl:dr of the whole series into the things I encountered while reading. ...
Aug 26, 2019
Another season of hero Academia, it's okay it follows the premise of the source material pretty closely, and it does delve into some of deku's ultimate training which I don't believe was in the manga.

Pros: Good season so far I like it.

Cons: Personally the whole Villain Association thing felt a bit drawn out.


I don't remember reading him choosing to use his legs over his regular punches. But, it does make sense that he would because well like in the anime at least all might says stop trying to be me, be yourself. Like I mentioned above the villain Association BS did feel a bit drawn ...
Aug 26, 2019
Mixed Feelings

Again this is going to be one of those quick reviews considering again this is really early in the morning like 2 a.m. There definitely seems like there should have been a second season though it would have been more tits which isn't a bad thing there is quite a bit I am a tit guy but after a certain point of seeing constant tint on the screen it turns into about the story. The characters are one dimensional. Sound there is no sound other than me squish sound that everybody's tits make. Animation is actually really good like high-tier even A level type status. ...
Aug 26, 2019
Unfortunately I do believe this score reflects the actual feelings I have for the small little official OVA that this series provides us. Although it sure as hell isn't enough to satisfy the 4 years that we've waited for the 2nd season of an amazingly over hyped but worth it series. This is very surprising considering how much the manga got praised how well the guy did with this and mob psycho. Worth one watch no more.I wish I didn't have to write more on this review because there's not really much more to describe or to discuss about a short series of short series.
Aug 26, 2019
Star☆Jewel (Anime) add
Again I like to stick with my overall score as my actual score even if it doesn't really reflect the way I feel about it. According to my overall score it should be in 8(7.75) but there's not really much I can do about it the art is mediocre-at-best the store interesting if slightly stupid and yeah it is an anime/ hentai, about a futanari girl who tries to steal jewels from other women with her cock. Sorry to be blunt that's exactly what it is and it's very very stupid. I gave the plot little bit higher than normal because it is a very ...
Aug 26, 2019
I wouldn't call this great, but I guess I usually stick with my overall score as all the scores together divided by the number of the top scorers so it came out to 9.25. Not really much to say it's just a regular hentai with regular hentai guy banging regular big titty hentai girls. He has to save some sort of Elf race from dying out by having sex with literally everybody he's met, though they're all female there's not a single time he'll ever meet another elf guy unless for some reason they decide to continue the storyline but I doubt it.
Dec 4, 2018
I remember watching this a while back but I don't remember why I didn't actually have it marked off on this website. But anyway here's the review now.

Pros: Lots of bouncing boobs.

Cons: No story, no character development.


There's nothing special or great or even mediocre about the series. Breasts boobs tits mammary udders, whatever you want to call them this Series has it in abundance. There's really not much for me to spoil in in two separate episodes. It takes one hour to watch both episodes if you can't waste away 1 hour watching some sort of fanservicey sorta mini harem-esq series then you weren't even ...
Nov 12, 2018
Black Clover (Manga) add
Preliminary (179/? chp)
This going to be a quick review as I'm about to go to bed the series is actually very interesting it's got a great premise and it's well-executed but some the words any action get horribly jump in the artwork. Not to say that the artwork is bad it's actually really good sometimes the attention to detail is too much and like I said words and some of the action get muddled in the lines of what's Happening. Characters are good but a little trophy fish so there's nothing new there. I feel my score does positive review of the series like I said it ...
Oct 9, 2018
This is why i almost never watch Hentai anymore it just doesn't work for me. At all, this is a prime example of a shit hentai.

Pros: It was only 27 mins long.

Cons: Everything


If your 12 years old this might work for you again I grew up in an age where computers were fairly new(i.e. - 20 years ago I was 10 so take from that what you will). I don't really want to call this a shit hentai but it is pretty shit. The drawings not bad there's no soundtrack or anything other than ejaculations and the voice acting which again doesn't do it for ...

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