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Jun 3, 2016
Preliminary (80/? chp)
Time travel, being transported into an RPG like world and the main protagonist meeting a beautiful girl in this world that has something to do with his fate. None of this is something you have never seen before in the world of anime and manga. However, you have to give credit to the author of this light novel series, I couldn't help but get into the way the author executed this story. After watching the first few episodes of the anime, I just had to read the original light novel which the anime was adapted from.

Each chapter of the light novel series seems to ...
Oct 16, 2015
"I always wanted to be like them. I wanted to be normal."

Tokyo Ghoul : Jack, an ova I have been anticipating since it was confirmed. And now that I finally watched, I want more, a lot more.

Story (9) : The story follows Fura, who belongs in a gang but then left it. One unfortunate day, he witnesses the murder of his friend by a ghoul of the name "Lantern". Wanting revenge, he and Arima start to go around killing ghouls hoping to find Lantern with the help of, Minami. There isn't much to the story, but it was quite interesting to know a little ...
Sep 27, 2015
Charlotte (Anime) add
"By the way, who are you? I am...Your lover."
(This is my first review... Don't judge.)

Actual Rating : 8.5

I have been anticipating this anime since it was first announced. I loved Angel Beats and I had hoped that Charlotte would be able to provide me the same amount of 'feels' that Angel Beats did. It sort of did, it didn't make me cry as much, but I still liked it, even though it wasn't as good.

Story (6) :
Charlotte may be your typical high school superpower, but it has something else to it. When you watch it, it may seem like a lighthearted slice of ...