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Kuzu no Honkai
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Youjo Senki
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Jun 13, 5:35 PM
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Hakur-yuu Jun 26, 10:37 AM
You're welcome >.<
Hana_Poko Jun 26, 9:58 AM
Ahh you're a junior! I'll be an incoming freshman. :)
I have not caught up to the current chapter! I left off around the prefect arc, but I think I'll read the next arc soon enough XD
I actually just caught up to SnK and things are getting wild there
Hana_Poko Jun 24, 1:27 PM
Oooh so you'll be a senior(?) in college then?
Hehehe thank you. :3 I noticed your forum profile picture and thought we would be good friends XD
Love the tower of cats on your bio though
Hana_Poko Jun 22, 8:29 PM
Hey! Thank you so much for accepting the friend request! :) by the way, we have the same birthday XD
AcurD Jun 22, 5:55 PM
Damn, it's been a year

I'm dying Just one more week of exams and then I'm finally free.
How about you? Did your vacation already start?
MawaruHime Jun 22, 3:26 AM
Thank you for putting the GIF inside spoiler!
How did you know I prefer GIF to be put inside spoiler button? Or was it random?

Yeah, I thought like that at first too that download Japanese apps seems difficult and not to mention the languages it used *sobs* But when you get used it, you're kinda get the gist of it? xD not always though. Google-sama is our savior after all!
BanG Dream! download instructions or here's for the Starlight Stage and DereSute full guides.
How do I like it? Well, to be honest, my first Idol game is PhotoKatsu (Guides + Gameplay) though sadly there's Aikatsu! game account like school idol tomodachi *sob*. I play it because I was curious and seems like it's not too difficult like Love Live or Starlight Stage but then I got addicted and wanted to try others too without realized. That's when I started playing BanG Dream and Starlight Stage now.
Even though I'm not a fan of mobile game but now I wanted to try Japanese RPG like Granblue Fantasy for example, not that one but this. Mainly because of tri-ace games
I do warn you that both BanG Dream and Starlight Stage has big file size and easily overheat your phone (Especially BanG Dream) and so I've had deleted PhotoKatsu and Pokemon GO to give more my phone memory some space. Both BanG Dream and Starlight Stage are full-voice so it's okay if you can't read the dialogues just use your hearing instead! imo. It can improves your Japanese a bit #nvm
How about you? Have you been a fan of mobile game (Besides Love Live or Japanese games) since long ago? D:
Feel free to add me
But still Starlight Stage is really comlplicated! o3o

I see. Yeah, me too. I was actually kinda bored while watching Angel Beats but can finished it due to there's a bit of action, I guess. I thought I'm the only who doesn't like anime like that >.< Don't worry, I also rate purely based on my enjoyment as well. c:

Wii, you have PS4? That's great! What other games you play there? :D I see, so it was true that the anime moves a lot quicker xdd At least, the fight scenes are cool in exchange to Sorey's eyes lol. xD
Btw, the anime episode 0 (Prologue) where the story started with Alisha as the heroine, is that also in game? I thought the game started with Sorey, no?
And, beautiful Saya DP! *--*
Dechromarlo Jun 21, 9:18 AM
Hmm.. I've never read Song of Saya. That's a VN right?
I just thought the picture looks beautiful xD
MawaruHime Jun 19, 5:09 AM
But still, I'm impressed that you're still remember her even though she's kind of a side character and you watched the anime so long ago. Is it because she's an idol character?
What a cool music video! xD lol she's embarassed by how how girly she had to be sometimes in her performances? xD She's girly already in her usual clothes though imo. xD Yeah, it's really weird it's not popular yet still ranked fairly high but don't have biographies :o Ohh! So it was true its getting season 2 too? D:

Yess, you're right! It's from BanG Dream! :3 You know BanG Dream game? :o Have you watched the anime yet? And, why you don't play BanG Dream game? Its gameplay is similar to iDOLM@STER ~Starlight Stage~ (CGGS / DereSute). I think, when you've played Love Live you won't find any problem playing BanG Dream or DereSute imo. You're welcome and thanks for accept the invite as well! :) You are free to look around there

Yess, I know it's more easier and faster to link directly to the image itself but yeah like I said before it's better to not direct link and we should open it ourselves. No problem!

Btw, I see you give scored 4 to Little Busters! I didn't watch because It's not my type but I heard it's sort of like Clannad and by the same creator, Key? SoL and drama or something like that.
And, I see you're watching Tales of Zestiria as well. What do you think? Is it bad? :3
Sylinchen Jun 14, 8:51 PM
you're welcome :)
MawaruHime Jun 8, 4:05 AM
Thank you very much for doing all the troubles! >.<
It is accepted now! Your hard work for that clip has paid off! It was worth it! And wow at the end of clip, she looked really cool!
So, is she sort of like to dreaming (daydreaming?) of what she is like in the future? xD Chuunibyou
Yess, that anime is comedy mix with demons after all ~ The daily lives in Hell ~ The comedy lives in Hell ~
You're right regarding there's isn't a biography on MAL! I even tried searching on Wikipedia and still no result!

Anyway, you're sometimes can find an interesting idol character that no one ever/have think about before somehow ~
And, you helps my idol archive as well in some way ~! c:
I think, I've invited you to my secret club or maybe not? I'm sorry but I forgot xdd.
Btw, you're free to use my idol archive for idol claim if you want :>

Btw, make sure to link the picture post/board instead of direct link on idol/couple claim next time~! :)
I'm sorry but sometimes it loads the pics slow, not to mention big pic with big file size + unstable connection. m(__)m
MawaruHime Jun 7, 3:54 AM
Hello, I'm from LSK.
I come to clarify your idol claim, so I assumed you've known what is idol by judging from your past claims in here.
I've checked both on AniDB and anime-planet said she's an idol.
So, did she sings or have a stage concert in the anime/manga? If yes, can you show me what episode and at what minutes/seconds it is (If possible from Youtube please) ?

I mean, it's hard to believe that there's actually an idol character in that anime/manga. xdd
I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience or if it sounds annoying. m(__)m
Have a nice day \ ^ - ^ /
Blasphummie Jun 2, 6:50 PM
ooo that cat's like "i'm lookin at somethin and i'm likin what i see"

4 is so many though! the most i could probably handle is 3 lmao

yeees, she has two back-to-back huuge character development chapters and they're both amazing<3
i mean, i loooove shoujo manga and shoujo manga are the only things i'd have ships for. that and AoT. eren x mikasa<3 mikasa is so cute >w<
ew, i dropped that shoujo anime so quickly because of how cliche it was in the first 5 minutes xD
GOSICK! the setting is what got to me the most in gosick. i just love victorian-era things~

ooo what do you do for work?
it isn't really that he's "boring," it's more like everything else around him is more exciting atm
yes, ofc haise's hair was the best<3
Blasphummie May 31, 7:09 AM
that's good at least~
what are ragdoll cats? xD
if you didn't have allergies, how many cats would you own?
omg is that a cat eating an omelette? tbh i don't really know what an omelette looks like lol

ooooo you missed the best chapter in the series so far, from a saiko-love standpoint, it's sooo good~
i don't really care for the touken ship tbh, tg isn't really a manga made for ships haha
you can talk to me about it! anytime! i'd love to find more people to talk about TG with<3
how long ago did you graduate? and awww, sorry you can't see her anymore :c
not cliche at all haha he's my fav too(well, actually haise is, but eh), despite saiko being adorable
although kaneki is pretty boring atm D;
Dustter May 31, 6:20 AM
I guess their route will be different to Muse's but let's see.
Blasphummie May 31, 6:16 AM
so you should be Catomelette then! that's actually kinda fun to say tbh lmao
D: sorry to hear about that :c what kinda cats are your favorite?
no no no D; saiko gets amazing in recent chapters, you can't read twitter spoilers ;w;
you need to experience it all chapter by chapter!
why aren't you keeping up with it much anymore though?