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Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight
Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight
May 18, 7:04 PM
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Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Apr 19, 7:55 AM
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Fruits Basket (2019)
Fruits Basket (2019)
Apr 19, 7:54 AM
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Akarui Kioku Soushitsu
Akarui Kioku Soushitsu
Apr 27, 5:43 PM
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Nov 30, 2018 4:46 PM
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Nov 28, 2018 4:03 PM
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Sweet May 12, 2:20 PM
thank u sm, dumpling <3
ownitlikeaboss Apr 29, 12:25 PM
Finals are officially finished!!! Dunno if I passed calc 2... but for now it's done and that's all that matters!!! IM OFFICIALLY ON SUMMER VACATION!!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
It turned out to be all okay. The guys were caught, and it turned out that they were just some students from another college who decided to scare students on my campus for a scavenger hunt smh.
I hope they got expelled because every single girl that goes to my school was scared shitless for a week. We were afraid to go ANYWHERE and it was incredibly exhausting. I was constantly texting my other friends where they were and if they had someone with them. We were constantly tracking each other's movements and we couldn't feel safe just walking from one part of campus to the other. Even if it was just a joke they went way too freaking far.
Taiyaki Apr 24, 9:09 AM
ahh im very sorry, feel free to skip me. it was my fault anyways and i tend to forget to add pics in haha Dx
elledae Apr 22, 6:06 PM
uahhh thank u so much!!
skyskyfer Apr 20, 10:44 PM
_Mawaru Apr 19, 10:32 AM
I KNOW RIGHT! Summer, Summer vacation, for all of us, I guess orz.
Yes, I got it now! <3 Wew, thank you and I know right, dem too cute tsundere Arisa to the max, huehue <33 Tbh, I think I was actually like shouldn't have pulled the gacha because the gacha in Bandori is kinda hard aka gacha salt than others imo so yeah, it was an accident and didn't expected to pull Arisa 4 star! I see, you must have spent some much time and efforts! Such dedication! I don't know if I've asked you this before but does your Bandori can overheats your phone (easily)? Well, maybe not immediately like after a bit while? and drain your battery? Ahh yeah, Persona 5 is kinda charming (and interesting?) in some way than other Persona series somehow imo. I see, well, I am speechless, you'll even dare to use your money. So, that's why there's a meme, pay to win (gacha?) games thing Well, I do have the same thought like it's simply imposibru we're able to get a free 4 star but ended up kinda hope to due to what they said. I see, I kinda regret I didn't play since beginning now at least on Phantom Thief event! xD But seriously pls, I am speechless you've trained quite many some 3 stars there! Even 3 stars! :o Like, aren't we like always low on money in Bandori or maybe not anymore for you since you're already in higher rank level! xD And so, we should focus more on leveling area items rather than unlock 2nd episode and trained, that should be our priority, they said. Yes, I'm actually bad and that's also why one of the reasons I quit in JP before English version even came out.
Nice :3 And, I see you're actually good on full combos in Hard. You even played with thumb, haha, such talent/skill with rhythm games, aren't you :')
*High five* I know right! I'm happy you think so too! I'm not the only one <33 They're kinda like stand out than others but ofc I like others too, my second favorite band after Harohapi is Roselia. c:
Ohh, Pripara. I know that, another idol anime but that series has too many and even long episodes as well! I did try watch once but I guess, it's not for me, the art seems too childish/colorful (?) (Others can say the same for Aikatsu! though) plus I'm lazy for long episodes but even so I do like some characters (From pics mostly, browsing, and etc) besides the MC, Lala (Is her name right?).
I just googled Faruru <33. Does she some kind of princess (princess idol coordination for her clothes)? She seems like that to me. I like princess or rather royalty and twintails. Also, I mistook that white haired girl in linked pic above as a boy, she's simply looks beautiful and cool imo

Btw, I don't know if you like turn-based RPG mobile game but if so I'm playing this (Feel free to add/follow me if you do, AFTY9NSJZK) atm and Sutarira game will released on 22nd April ~! m /
_Mawaru Apr 19, 5:47 AM
Hi, good to hear that. Best of luck to you ~! Don't worry, you're not alone. sky is the same. We're all busy with lives including me. Look at my late reply now orz.
Ahh yes, I noticed there isn't my pending request to you (in sent friend request) anymore. I see, my username was actually Ruru before. You too huh? That's because I had hide my ID but still accept friend request though. Oohh, congrats on getting event banner from Persona event btw! I see you're more pro better than me! xD Buying Miracle ticket, don't tell me you're really gonna buy it? It's paid (using money) not free, right? :o Is that how you're able to get all cards with star *4 for Popipa members? I envy you, huehue >.>
Yeah, you should and show me when you're done.
I see, I see. Ohh, I heard claims is easier than cards but I guess it depends on each person then and yup, I love them too <33 ;)
I see, I see! Well then, I hope so too ~! looking forward to your new claim. Nurse claim, Tsumiki Mikan, Ako xD

I know right! Thank you <33 Do you like Kokoro or Harohapi? c:
I love your DP too! <3 Is that from Sailor Moon? :3

ownitlikeaboss Apr 11, 5:16 PM
Ahahaha. It's been getting warmer here recently!!! I'm excited!!! I didn't even have to wear a jacket today!!!
Yay! I'm glad you like them tooooo. I'm into the edgy dark stuff lol Although sometimes they'll make really heartwarming comics too
!!!!! That sounds so cool!!! Tell me how it goes!!!!

Finals are coming up, and so we're in the finals grind.
Yesterday the police released a statement saying that there are being abducting girls from my campus for sex trafficking and so everyone should be careful and not walk alone and stuff like that. I'm so scared, just walking to the bus is terrifying and it's exhausting.
Since I live off campus my friends walk me home or I'll take the bus if it's still light outside, so I'm being careful but I hate this. It's so tiring, and I wanna be able to actually go outside now that the weather is nice. hhhhhhhh
I hope things are going better for you than they are for me right now ;;;;;
Ascheherz Apr 6, 12:40 PM

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_Mawaru Apr 3, 12:36 AM
Hey, how is it going? :)
I've added you and waiting for your approval on Bandori game, mine is simply (◇w◇)
Also, I found a fanmade Bandori profile template. I've made one and still need to update it but lazy.

Ohh, I just saw that you've closed Alphabet Claim - I. I was plan to remind you so good job and thank you. m /
So, sky said that she dreamed of you that you'd open Profession Claim after Alphabet Claim ends and it was my claim idea I did wrote it though.
2 Votes from us both instantly. I haven't seen one as long as far I remember.
ownitlikeaboss Mar 22, 7:32 PM
lol I stubbornly did not leave the house that day. It was too cold for me to even leave my bed for very long. Ahahahha it definitely wasn't that bad here. I think it might actually be worse in Canada than it is here lol
It's not really from anything. I just like the artist. They do a lot of vocaloid MVs and stuff and I like their art + animation. Even though everything they make is just super dark all the time lol
!!!!!! Congratsssssss!!! I'm proud of you!!! What kinda internship is it?
CryingSkies Feb 7, 9:17 AM
Okay ill give it a try when im not busy :D
CryingSkies Feb 7, 6:01 AM
Is that anime is good?

Its so many episodes hehe
CryingSkies Feb 7, 1:55 AM
Hello just passing by..

Who is that character on your profile picture?