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Jan 31, 2019
This is a pre-review, after having watched the first five episodes that aired until now. Why a pre-review? Because, for the sake of the peace in the world, for the sake of your brain cells, i ought to put a BIG warning here...

For all of you, whether or not you liked the first season, forget about it. This second season is a totally different beast. One that sucks your brain cells...

In short, it is basically a compliation of advertisements for multiple virtual bands Bushiroad tries to promote. Don't look for any story, any developement, or any sense. It's just a huge mess.

Story 1: What story? read more
Jan 30, 2019
Pitch: While studying and getting bored, the 5 members of Poppin Party decide to take a change of pace, and to go to the sea. There, you will have all the stereotypes: swimsuits, playing in the ocean, beach volley. And coincidentally, the beach holds some kind of concert and asks Poppin to play for them... How convenient. We will get to know Roselia, too, the band who failed the audition in first season. I kind of expect to see them again later on.

Totally uninteresting OVA only meant to promote a couple singles Bushiroad tries to force down the throat of easy to fool japaneses. What read more