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Apr 26, 2008
I have been eyeing this series for a while but always put it towards the bottom of my to-watch list due to its obscurity. Now that I finally managed to watch it, I have to say I'm very surprised this series hasn't had more recognition.

The series is a collection of several virtually unrelated short stories each spanning 1-2 episodes and a final episode tying them all together (sort of). It may seem a bit off-putting to some, but I found that this partitioning was a great decision on the part of the team and managed to keep the whole series lively. I can confidently say read more
Apr 14, 2008
An interesting movie, but so filled with frustrating moments that for me personally the viewing experience wasn't particularly enjoyable. On the whole, it's similar to the Korean movie My Sassy Girl, minus the humour and well done ending of the latter.


I have to admit the plot is quite unique for an anime. I was yet to see a love story start with the girl asking the guy to lend her money out of the blue. The fact that pretty much everything that matters happens under the surface is also a nice touch, but it leaves the viewer to reach a lot of his own conclusions, read more
Apr 12, 2008
I'm not a great fan of Studio Ghibli's films, but this one is definitely worth seeing.


The main plot is quite simple but its plain beauty makes it endearing rather than dull. The pacing is very relaxed, fitting with the general nostalgic atmosphere of the story. Of course there're a few flaws, such as a few very cheesy scenes (ie ending) and a side plot which feels somewhat out of place and is almost separate from the main storyline (the couple at Shizuku's school).


The backgrounds are excellent. Not only are they detailed, but also have a certain artsy charm that makes them stand out among the read more
Apr 9, 2008
This anime is definitely a gem, but like any gem in the rough, it's not without its flaws. A lot of them, unfortunately.


The story is quite interesting, and fairly original. The quality of its presentation varies throughout the series, however - foreshadowing, for example, is plentiful and very well intertwined into the story, so that little details that you might notice but not think much of turn out to be intricate plot points later on. On the other hand, there're the cheesy "OMG! The sky is falling!" bits usually associated with fantasy series surfacing all around the second half of the series which definitely read more