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Apr 12, 2021
Tesla Note (Manga) add
Preliminary (14/58 chp)
The story starts with a normal looking girl called Botan who lives with her grandpa. One day, she returns home from school only to be attacked in her house. She fights off the guys with ease, and then her grandpa appears and tells her that she is no ready and that the time to save the world has come. We learn that Botan was trained to be a Ninja by her grandfather, and when she hears that there’s gonna be an actual mission, she is relieved because she thought her grandpa might actually be crazy for having talked about saving the world and stuff.
She is ...
Jan 30, 2021
Preliminary (40/? chp)
(basically my video review, but why write something different...)

A quote that is attributed to the philosopher Schopenhauer says this: ‘we should always be mindful of the fact that no man is ever very far from the state in which he would readily want to seize a sword or poison in order to bring his existence to an end.’

Now, the story is a little hard to explain for some reason, but I’ll try without spoiling anything. The MC is, of course, a high schooler named Reiji.He lives in a small town and is a secret otaku – he recently got into an Idol Group アクリル, a ...
Sep 26, 2020
Imagine men in suits sitting in a room, thinking about what project to do next. Then one of them is like "yo there’s this light novel about a guy who sexually abuses his teenage son‚ and then the room goes ‚what?! SOLD!"
When I watch stuff like that I can’t help but wonder about all the steps it takes to produce such an abomination.
I don’t know who asked for this, and I’m not sure what kind of people they were targeting when they did this, but y’all need Jesus.
When it comes to sexuality in media etc., I’ve never considered myself to be prude - my ...
Aug 16, 2020
Preliminary (7/50 chp)
Slice-of-life with ghosts.
This story is about a school girl called Haze Rena. She always has a line of ghosts following her, but she’s used to it. One day, a guy called Mitama appears before her and tells her that he’s gonna protect her from all the ghosts. He is part of the SecuREIty (‚Rei‘ means ‚ghost‘, so they were going for a little wordplay there) a sort of organization that fights ghosts. She doesn’t really care about them, though - plus, Mitama is really bad at his job because he is actually really scared of ghosts. They start hanging out together and get into ...
Jul 16, 2020
Mixed Feelings
I have very mixed feelings about this.
Never read the original story before, so I can’t say if this is a decent adaptation of the source material or not.
The first episode was really intriguing and I loved the art style. The Meiji-era is also especially interesting I think, although you won’t notice it much in terms of politics etc., you’ll notice it in the way they speak and obviously what they wear and so on. But personally, I love this period where Japanese and „western“ style first came together like this.
The story itself wasn’t really interesting to me, halfway through the show I didn’t even pay ...
Jul 15, 2020
This chapter is part of Takemiya’s 1991 art book, umi no tenshi.
It takes place three years after the events of the manga. Serge makes a brief appearance, but the story focuses on Jules and Rosmariné, who meet after three years at one of Serge’s performances.
I feel like the Jules and Rosmariné were quite popular characters, so it makes sense to devote another chapter to them. In it, we learn how the two met, how their complicated relationship developed and where they stand now.
This chapter obviously can’t be seen as a stand alone work, since you need to have an understanding of the two ...
Apr 19, 2020
Mixed Feelings
When I was looking through the seasonal anime list, this thing caught my eye. Why? Because I speak German and reading the ridiculous name (Miguel Offenbarung Dunkelheit) of one of the main character’s alter ego, I had to laugh, so I watched it. Now on to the review.

This was a decent and rather wholesome anime.
The main character, Koyuki aka. ‚Gestöber‘ is an average, boring guy. He just wants to live a normal life and study to reach his dream, but crazy chuunibyou kids won’t leave him alone. Very simple premise. Koyuki tries not to get involved with them, pities them, thinks they are childish ...
Apr 12, 2020
Most of you, I assume, already know that this OVA is based on a 17-volume Manga (well if you didn’t know, now you do) so having this be only 1 hour was gonna make me skeptical.
Anyways, since the Manga isn’t fully translated (which is honestly outrageous) I can only imagine that not a lot of people outside of Japan have read the whole thing (correct me if I’m wrong) Having read all volumes, I feel like this OVA is really for fans of the Manga who know what’s gonna happen.

Aside from the obvious fact that this OVA was way too short for the whole story, ...
Apr 2, 2020
[contains minor spoilers]

Before I get into my thoughts on this manga, I would like to address the concerns people have about the nature of some of the themes here. I very much agree with Oscar Wilde when he said that there are no moral or immoral books - they are either well written or they aren’t. That being said, I have no problems with the things I encounter in fiction at all. Especially in this Manga, which is loaded with things that I wouldn’t tolerate for a second should I happen to encounter them in real life.

That being said: I fell in love with this ...
Mar 29, 2020
Ten Count (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
On my search for good or better BL, I came across this Manga a few years ago.
After having dropped it at Volume 4, I finally managed to finish it. It is with great pain that I gave this Manga a 6, but after careful consideration, I thought wow, this Manga actually IS above average, considering the amount of pure garbage in the realm of BL Manga (or Manga in general, for that matter)

The story was actually intriguing, which is why I started reading it in the first place. It was still relatively unknown back then and I was honestly shocked when I found out ...

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