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Days: 125.2
Mean Score: 6.88
  • Total Entries1,082
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  • Episodes7,773
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Days: 32.1
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  • Volumes383
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NearSky Apr 8, 9:20 PM
4 Years on MAL
Aleczandxr Apr 5, 8:54 PM
MTstriker10 Mar 19, 12:21 PM
hey! thanks! sorry for the late reply, I don't log on as often as I used to haha.
kenpachiz1911 Feb 18, 11:45 PM
Thank you
thelectricow Feb 10, 11:22 PM
I've been planning to read Tokyo Ghoul for some time now as well, how do you like it so far?

Ikr?! They're kickass! The jagged art style suits godspeed so well its crazy. Best fanart I've found of him
thelectricow Feb 10, 6:50 AM
Yeah sorry about that. I just realized how much time talking/stalking people on MAL was taking up so I stopped all communication to focus on other things. I've learned to manage my time now though so I shouldn't have that problem again

Hell yeah! Glad you liked it! Another thing I think I've picked up over these two years is the true meaning of an opinion. Idk, I just used to think people were just wrong when they didn't like something as much as I did or liked something more. (I was a brat)

So what have you been up to? Completed anything awesome recently?
haipuu Feb 8, 2:22 PM
What's far more strange is how I still manage to pull through all those shows. Some do take me forever, like ReCreators, still on-going... gah.
haipuu Feb 8, 4:43 AM
Absolutely! Tis a well earned 1 for us.
Supposed to be for most ppl I guess, not a case for me, just an indication of how much I was either annoyed, triggered, displeased and what not already. With that being said tho, there are certain shows that triggered me far more and yet I gave them a higher rating, e.g. ReZero.
Now why all that? Just a personal thing.
haipuu Feb 7, 1:53 PM
Was actually enjoying it early on, but I didn't like how it progressed later and that's about it, no special reason, just overall not liking the progress in general from like halfway through, just not what I was hoping for. Tho for this anime specifically, we quite liked a few soundtracks.
RedCloudNinja Jan 24, 3:30 AM
TheNHKconspiracy Jan 23, 11:54 PM
Boom bam bop badabop boomp...pow
haipuu Jan 23, 7:07 AM
Hmm, true, but who knows. Oh wow that's a new ending? Just hearing it now, great stuff. Rly loved them in Haikyuu too, so this is awesome.

Not just being weird, also gave me some sort of fear of what to even expect from it... like I had with Queen's Blade and just decided to completely skip on all that for the time being. Probably will never do it but oh well.
haipuu Jan 23, 4:37 AM
Have you also seen that Gintama game btw?

"Research" (:
Actually, not even sure I myself could watch this one whole. A reason I avoided it anyways... tho maybe one day, when high enough.
haipuu Jan 22, 8:21 AM
Gahaha, plan on watching whole Manyuu Hikenchou? When I tried it few years back, was so shocked with the setting lol.
haipuu Jan 22, 8:14 AM
Yo! Been a while indeed, same for me and Gintama in fact. Haven't touched manga since like late summer/early autumn, so donno where it got now to. I actually haven't even watched Porori yet, was thinking they'd immediately continue with main story there too, but then saw it being split into more parts so said I'd just wait for all. So yeh I'll very likely be waiting for this to end too, or maybe start halfway when I feel like it. I know the start from manga etc, so no hurry either way. Ummm, can't say much cos not whole done, but some parts were done better, and especially seeing all working together, all the familiar faces getting back too, was fking awesome. Basically I have high hopes and I definitely liked progress so far of what I've read, minus few issues that bothered me, so I'm especially looking forward to seeing it all animated, and the action too.