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Apr 10, 2016

“Don't you think this world is better than you expected?”

This phrase was the 1st thing which I seen when I see the 1st volume of this manga , don't remember why I really stop and bought it , prolly because was an epoch hard to while my depression was really bad , but I read the plot of story and it called my attention. First would like aware it could have spoiler , more deeper you read it more spoilers will show up .

I could divide in 2 parts , before chapter 25 , which will give the introduction to story and read more
Dec 15, 2014

- Well with this Anime we can look only the "Otakus" cares with the story and characters because the industry only think in Money and don`t think about the work of other people like author of original story in this case .

*About Story

- All we know one anime CAN`T be the same like in manga and always have adaptations and changes , but in case of Akame Ga Kill! in start it was ok , like other animes adapted from manga , but in leasts in the last episodes , to be precise after episode 20 , they changed all story and I think read more
Jun 25, 2014
No Game No Life , if I can describe this anime in one word I would use this : Awesome . But if you ask me why , I will tell you why : because it have one Original story which holds you till the end . In the start the art seemed strange for one anime about game but during the story it made sense of colors and shapes are that way because usually gets so used to a standard image (animation) but then becomes really "good" . About the sound I like it so much because it fits perfectly each situation since comics read more