Dec 15, 2014
Naosuke (All reviews)

- Well with this Anime we can look only the "Otakus" cares with the story and characters because the industry only think in Money and don`t think about the work of other people like author of original story in this case .

*About Story

- All we know one anime CAN`T be the same like in manga and always have adaptations and changes , but in case of Akame Ga Kill! in start it was ok , like other animes adapted from manga , but in leasts in the last episodes , to be precise after episode 20 , they changed all story and I think at end of all episodes thing like : "What are they doing?" , "Wth is this?!" , "What?!" etc . But i Respect this , isn`t what I`m waiting for the end of Akame Ga Kill! and its like "Why do it with a good story" because they probably do like other Anime just keep like the original story and don`t make one 2nd season in my opinion is better than create things and use one manga name to it , because they really think to make this from their mid so like i said i respect it but it doesn`t mean i liked it .

*About Art

- Well most of time the art was good and keep with quality all episodes , only some parts seem they make a "fast work" with some scenary and character faces but it isn`t really been uncomfortable .

*About Sound

- One of few things i think they really make a good job , when one scene needed one music like an assassination scene they fit it witha good music.

*About Characters

- Well this part realmente satisfied me , in my opinion don`t have any character with worked strory in this , atleast the main characters , but in antagonists the story was much superficial in my opinion with generic stories.
P.S.: I really like remember i`m talking about the character is showed is story and how it is because the caracter personality is made by mangaka not the producer of anime (atlest when the character is from manga isn`t created) .

*About Enjoyment

- Well some parts you can laugh a little but most parts of anime are made with generic action battle and only few battle have the merit to be called battle .

*My Final Considerations

- Well with Akame Ga Kill! we can see only the money and popularity have importance today to japanese market , and to happen this it with a great story is really sad . To tell the truth i was anxious and happy till the episode 20 and in the end of this i think "people don`t like protagonism but it was ridiculous" and this anime till this episode was in my top 3 of 2014 but when I whatched the episode 24 i think my 3rd position i`ll be empty for now.