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May 25, 2013
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As the first person to watch this on MAL (apparently), I feel it my duty--if not quite a privilege--to write a passing review of this little piece. The review here will be about as long as the length of the work requires.

Essentially an over-glorified advertisement for Toyota, PES can take credit for at least representing some creativity on the part of the car manufacturing company to put its products on the market. The perks here are the sound and CGI integration. The visuals are quite nice, and very pleasing to the eye. There's even, perhaps, an "almost" cute implied story. Nothing read more
Jun 6, 2010
~Mr. Panda's VCR of Doom: #7~

Tokyo Vice (or Tokyo Project in its most recent release) is an hour-long flick that, had you never randomly come across it, you would never know existed. A late 80s cyberpunk action OVA which performs about half-decent for what it is: an 80s cyberpunk action OVA. No, really, there are no other ways to describe it. If you want to find a 60 minute run of averageness when it comes to 80s anime, Tokyo Vice is the perfect pick.

The story is practically all-stock. A guy stumbles into a rock concert and hands a college read more
May 18, 2010
~Mr. Panda's VCR of Doom: #6~

English-speaking members of MAL might recall this feature movie as "Journey Through Fairyland." The movie feature by Sanrio (the makers of Unico and Ringing Bell) was their last animated movie until just a few years ago. It tells the story of a faltering music student (Michael) who spends more time with the flowers in the greenhouse than with the orchestra. After being kicked-out, a fairy named Florence comes out of one of the flowers and takes him to visit fairyland. There he finds both love and his muse.

The story is a bit simplistic, and is utterly read more
May 6, 2010
~Mr. Panda's VCR of Doom: #5~

The movie version of Space Adventure Cobra comes right out of the center of anime's intrepid Space Age. The same year publishing began for the manga versions of Akira and Naussicaa of the Valley of the wind, Buichi Terasawa's name-making series had been serialized for several years, and founded the basis for its continuing popularity with the release of this movie (which was shortly followed by the more manga-accurate version of the TV series.

The plot is something of a conundrum, mostly due to confusion as to whether the movie represented a separate part or a "retelling" of the read more
May 4, 2010
~Mr. Panda's VCR of Doom: #3~

They Were 11 takes place in the far future where the united races of space have constructed an academy that trains the future leaders of the galaxy. Only the creme de la creme even stand a chance at passing the entrance exam. Those that do must face a final test before admission, and that's where this particular work takes us. Ten applicants must survive on a decrepit spaceship for a giving amount of time. Upon arriving, they find their are eleven rather than the prescribed ten.

The concept for this story--as near as I can tell--is one read more
May 4, 2010
~Mr. Panda's VCR of Doom: #2~

Gall Force (likely a language perversion of "Girl Force"), details the ending stage of a great war between two races. Without going as far as spoiling certain parts of the work, Gall Force seems to be a conceptual ancestor to the 21st century work Vandread--essentially pitting an all female race of beings against a (presumably) all male species of aliens.

The story has one of the more interesting Sci-Fi twists I've seen out of the 80s. To a certain degree, you can see it coming (if you've got a good Sci-Fi imagination that is). However, it adds an read more
Apr 1, 2010
~Mr. Panda's VCR of Doom: #1~
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Big Wars comes out of the period of anime history when Sci-Fi was the clear and present King of the medium. This stage in the development of the industry suffered a myriad of triumphs and epic failures. Big Wars is one of those obscure movies that falls somewhere in-between.

The basic storyline is familiar enough. Humanity has colonized Mars and, following the opening of transforming operations, is attacked by an alien race known as "The Gods". A massive, technologically advanced war ensues over the next several decades in which (it read more