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Jun 2, 2016
Ikigami (Manga) add
Preliminary (36/60 chp)
Say you were a 19 year old like myself and after getting home from work one day someone at your door hands you a piece of paper that informs you that you’re going to inevitably die in the next 24 hours. How would you react? What would you do with your remaining time? Who would you spend it with?

In this series ‘Ikigami’ we follow the main character a deliverer of these death notices and the various receivers. In this Japanese dystopian society a National Prosperity Act has been passed in which one out of one thousand people between the ages of 18-24 will die ...
Dec 25, 2015
Once I was like you… I was recommended by one of my buddies to check out Hunter x Hunter and I googled it looked at one picture of this little boy in these short shorts and I just thought to myself “HELL TO THE FUCKING NO…. IF THAT IS THE MAIN CHARACTER I AM NOT WATCHING THIS SHIT”. So when I decided to watch this anime when I was a sophomore in High School 3 years ago it was honestly one of the most difficult decisions in my life at that time. I know truly such hard suburban weaboo life decisions that could alter the ...
Dec 23, 2015
Cowboy Bebop (Anime) add
What is it about this show that makes it a classic? That makes it a must watch? Is it the refreshingly humanistic, genuine and semi-realistic characters? Or maybe its the jazz and blues infused atmosphere that Watanabe so masterfully pieced together? Perhaps it’s that ending that paradoxically leaves us beyond satisfied but with a hole in our heart? What do I know? I’m just a pretentious nerd with way too much time on my hands.

Now I was 2 when this anime finished airing so I can’t really compare it to all the anime that came out in the late 90s (Other than Mobile Suit Fighter ...
Jul 18, 2014
No Game No Life

When I saw the first couple minutes of No Game No Life my first reaction was one of annoyance. Sword Art Online and Log Horizon now this?! I was just kind of tired of this reoccurring video game setting in anime. After viewing the first episode I realized that it wasn’t actually about video games, but in general games. Now as soon as I completed the first episode of this series I told my friend Jordan that the first episode was very entertaining. He acknowledged the series existence and told me he had already seen the first episode, he then proceeded to ...
Jul 6, 2014
I’m not a fan of most sports, nor do I partake in anything of that nature. I’m like the main character from Hyouka, I prefer to conserve energy rather than spend it unnecessarily. So for someone like me to like a sports show it has to be special in some way. If I was to add one specific series to the title of Kuroko no Basket to emphasize how different it is from actual basketball I would call it Dragonball Z no Basket.


It’s what you come to expect of a sports anime, there is no overlying plot other than winning. The protagonists want to win ...
Jun 29, 2014
Bokura no (Anime) add
"The year we started junior high, we considered ourselves all grown up. We thought we could do anything. We laughed, we cried, we got angry... We thought we knew all there was to life. But in reality, we were just kids, sheltered by our parents and by society. We'd never experienced true sadness, joy, or anger. We found that out when the 15 of us got together... And when... We met IT."

Bokurano is as much your typical mecha anime as Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is your typical magic girl anime. It’s dark and pretty depressing, but none the less extremely interesting.

Story – 9
The one major ...
Jun 26, 2014
Monster (Anime) add
"Tell me, what do you think is the ultimate fear? I really thought I’d already reached the darkest of the dark, but then, ahead of me, I beheld a darkness even greater still.” – Johan Liebert

Monster is extremely different than most modern anime, in that there is basically no fan service and no high schoolers. Hell, Monster doesn’t even take place in Japan; the majority of it takes place during the 1990s in Germany. So when I watched Monster I was looking for something different no slice of life or action, I wanted a real psychological thriller and damn did I get what I came ...
Jun 22, 2014
Barbapapa (Anime) add
"I'm going to do this cool" - Barbappa, Barbapapa

Barbapapa is an absolutely masterpiece, it defines 1970's Japan. It's about the pink blob man who can shapeshift to try to fit into society. He uses this ability to shapeshift to attempt to fit into a society were he is deemed an outcast.

Story - 10
Barbapapa and Barbamama make love and create beautiful children who has lost their way (don't lose your way) and forgotten the ability of shapeshifting so they can't fit societal needs and they try to fix through a long journey in Post Industrial America, you've got action, romance, ecchi and even some traps (because ...
Jun 18, 2014
Dragon Ball Z (Anime) add
"They say it isnt over till the fat lady sings" - Krillin
"Well I think she just humed a few tunes" - Vegeta

Dragon Ball Z is the definition of an overrated shounen anime, with something like Naruto close behind. 80% of people who like this series because of this wonderful thing called nostalgia which can sometimes be a bitch for people like me because people will instantly give my review a not helpful because I’m doing a disservice to their childhood memories of sitting in their living room watching Dragon Ball Z!

Also, I'm not saying I hate Dragon Ball Z, their video games were really enjoyable ...
Apr 26, 2014
"We evolve beyond the person that we were a minute before. Little by little we advance with each turn. That's how a drill works!" - Simon

"Listen Simon... Don't forget. Believe in yourself. Not in the you who believes in me. Not the me who believes in you. Believe in the you who believes in yourself." - Kamina

Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan is a show which defies everyone's expectations in the best way possible. At first glance you think it's going to be a cheesy mech anime with an average plot. But in reality Gurren Laggan creates it's own genre and I would have to call this ...

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