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link9us May 26, 2011 12:12 PM
Personally i actually like all the filler arcs lol. It is like they have there own unique adventure and some pretty good comedic scenes as well as character development episodes not shown in the manga story line. In fact one filler episode i would go so far as to say its one of my favorite episodes in the entire series cause it was done so well.

But that is up to you, im not saying you have to watch all filler, just at least don't skip the ones that are half filler half manga content.
link9us May 26, 2011 12:09 PM
You might want to be careful on skipping fillers. Some fillers have actually half manga and half filler mixed in. For example the "warship island arc" the arc right after the logue town arc. The first episode of that arc is half filler in where they actually explain bout the calm belts and the sea kings. The last episode of that arc is half filler, as it shows them climbing the reverse mountain which is episode 61 i believe. If you start on episode 62 and skip that entire filler arc. You will be confused cause the ship will have already been climbing up the stream of the reverse mountain at the start of the the next arc.

If you have any questions about filler related content, i can tell you which ones to skip and which ones you must watch. There is one particular filler arc coming up after arabasta that is VERY critical. Because one of those episodes is like 3/4 manga content and only the last 10 min is filler. So you have to be careful bout skipping filler in one piece.
link9us May 25, 2011 7:43 PM
you know 129 is not the end of the arc right. 130 is, just to let you know. Just in case you decide to put the show on hold for any reason. You have 1 more episode before that arc is finished.
link9us May 25, 2011 10:40 AM
yeah, glad you liked it. One piece always has some of the greatest leaving segments in the show. There will be other moments like that, that are are just as good, and even better then arabasta.
link9us May 23, 2011 7:24 PM
So you watched 126 of OP? what did you think? Pretty awesome huh. Another one coming up episode 129 i beileve is another epic moment. There will be alot of great epic moments like that in the future of the series.
link9us May 22, 2011 3:41 AM
yeah im glad i can help. Though i respect your views and opinions if you don't like it. But at least give it a chance and i look forward to seeing your thoughts on the show after you watch a certain amount.
link9us May 22, 2011 3:35 AM
in fact everything in that amv is only about 7 or so episodes into the show.
link9us May 22, 2011 3:26 AM
The production quality and the animation is also worth mentioning. For example one piece and bleach both use alot of still frames in action sequences. This is seen ALOT in shonen series and of course alot of anime series. But naruto is definitely different, it has a much more fluid motion picture experience, especially during the battles and action, they just flow very well together. Here is one prime example of just one of the fights depicted in the show.

I don't want to show anything to far to risk spoilers, so that is fairly close to the start of the series. This is probably one of the oldest amv's in naruto lol. Probably like 10 years old by now.

Of course these fights actually become even more dynamic, the further you go along because of course like one piece, things change over the course of the anime and the animation quality is upscalled quite a bit as you get further. Definitely in shipuuden, when you get to that point, its like watching a remaining of the old series with much higher visual grade visual quality in animation. You have to remember its like a 15 year old manga, just like one piece.

For me the series actually started getting pretty interesting at around episode 3+. Episode 1 was very fast paced, almost to fast that you felt it was giving you to much info. But its the prologue there is a reason for that, all of those story points will come back at some point in the series and be fully explained in more detail. Episode 3 is when they introduce 3 main characters. Personally i think where the series really kicks off is into season 2. Cause thats when they introduce a ton of new characters that will be main characters through out the entire story. Of both naruto and shipuuden. The first season mostly focuses on growth of naruto and team 7 and how they have to learn the ninja way of becoming a ninja. Season 2 then introduces alot of characters. Then season 3 is my favorite, that is when the series really goes into high gear, as some of the more complexities to the plot are revealed and many plot twists. Then season 4 and 5 are even better yet. In my opinion it just gets better and better as you move along untill the ultimate climatic finale on episode 130-135 which is quite simply one of my most absolute favorite moments in anime, period!
link9us May 21, 2011 12:53 PM
if you can muster reading that comment lol. Hopefully that clears up any doubts you have on naruto.
link9us May 21, 2011 12:27 PM
Bleach imo is a very underdeveloped constructed series. That kind of just falls apart due to generic shonen cliche's. Naruto is nothing like it, ill tell you that much right now. I would almost say bleach had a different writer write the first part of the show, because really i don't know what kuba tite was thinking. Those were my impressions when i watch further ahead. Bleach had potentional, the soul society arc was praised among fans as being the best. It sure was, the super natural theme they used was different and interesting, involving ghosts, spirits two other realms, the spirit realm and the real world. It was all very intriguing to me at least.

When they introduced the spirit realm and all the captains and the shinigami, the pacing of the story and development showcasing all these characters was pretty well done. Each fight was unique and impressive. To top it off, it had one of the most shocking plot twists in the series, where the true "antogonist" comes out of the curtain and reveals him self and his plans.

After that, is where the show went way way down hill. All of these important characters, captains, vice captains, were just left forgotten, like they didn't even exist hardly. Hell the fillers were actually better then the main canon story cause they detailed developing all the captains and showing parts of there back ground past like in one piece. Now when you know a filler that actually feels in the gap that a canon story left out. You know something is wrong there.

The main canon story focuses more on ichigo and ichigo alone. He pretty much becomes the spot light and takes away all the enjoyment from the other characters. Well he takes down villain after villain and that is pretty much what the entire rest of the show entails. There is a central plot, about wanting to grab the kings key and use it to open the kings spirit relm and see the spirit king, yada yada yada. But its very subtle. It is almost not even heard of.

The ending of bleach was really cliche to, its almost like the writer had no direction what so ever and where to take his story, he became so lost in it, so he comes up with something just out of the blue like aizen apparently has been monitoring ichigo's ever move through out the whole story and watching his battle progress and in turn, that is how he is able to achieve his goals and understand his family lineage. I mean can you come up with something better then that? This also proves my point when kuba just abruptly hits the reset switch and suddenly ichigo is back home with the 4 other main characters with new abilities now.

I am honestly hoping that the 2nd half of the manga story line is better, i hope he learned from his mistakes, and i think he did, thats why he decided to take that course of action, to kind of start over with a refreshing, different theme and new characters. Honestly im reading the manga now and im actually liking it. Its very similar to the "mystery" elements the first season had.

Naruto is by far one of my favorites. It goes from the fun-loving story of children and continues on with more complexities and seriousness that much resembles what happens when you truly grow up in the world and must face life's tests and troubles. I do not know bout shipuuden persay, since i have only watched up till around 42 episodes. But the original naruto is really one of my favorite anime series and ive seen alot of shows, different genres but amongst the shonen genre, it doesn't follow all those over used shonen cliche's that other series of the same genre follow. I am not saying it might turn into that, of course it could. But i don't think so.

The original series is what really captivated me. The main actors of bleach are always strong, defeats there enimes one after another, etc. It becomes just to predictable and very straightforward. Even though i absolutely love One peice for its true depth in characterization and forshadowing developments, it still follows this same generic concept where the main actors take down the villains, arc after arc, the same ol thing.

Naruto is different in this respect. Its full of surprises, unexpected developments and the battles and action are so unpredictable. They also involve lots of strategy. I also really love seeing the growth of naruto and his allies, as they each all start off as genins, watching them learn bout the true horrors of the world around them and people close to them getting hurt. It makes for a more surrealistic world. Watching the ninja be recognized for attaining certain feats they never though possible is very satisfying. Also watching how each character cares bout each other in different ways and there determination to protect who they love. Of course some of the prominent themes revenge, friendship and bonding, or relations with other characters. But naruto takes it to a whole another level. Involving some pretty dramatic intensified drama shown in the series. If you have seen one piece, its alot like the back stories revealed in that show. Only this is something that happens around all of them in the present story line. If would compare the two tones of the series, i would say one piece by far more light hearted, well naruto is alot more serious. I like how this anime shows the horrors of their reality finally coming into play, even if that means adding complexities to a once simple anime from the start.

I should also mention that a villain in the show is one of the greatest multi dimensional character ive seen who appears rather frequently in the show and takes part in some of the more memorable moments of this series. It's also when he appears that the show really takes off and gets interesting, as he is the instigator or the manipulator of some of the biggest plot points. His personality and his willingness to use any and all means to further himself and his power is interesting and often disturbing.

Taking the laughter of a youthful story and turning it into the tears of a growing pain as the years continue. Watching the characters go from innocent, young villagers in (ninja) grade school, to young adults that risk life and limb everyday. This is what I've wanted from an anime. Most anime stories are just "this or that". Simple or complex. Funny or sad. Cute or dark. Etc. But Naruto is different. Naruto is the life of ninjas from simple beginnings to hard endings. Happy, youthful days to waking up with the heavy burdens of adulthood. I feel like I could watch his whole life play out if it were to be written out for me, I really do.

Anyways other people just don't see this i guess. It is alot different then other shonen series and you have to kind of understand that to appreciate this show to its full potential.

Honestly though, its one of the most trolled series on the net, probably due to the fact of the 100 episodes of filler thrown after the end of episode 135. Which you do not have to watch it cause its all filler. Either way im kind of appaled by the way such a popular show is being reduced to this level. I have seen the general population of fans drastically change there views over the last few years. Naruto used to be one of the strongest and most sought after titles in anime history when it first releaceds. That is why it became such a huge hit in america. My advice to you is though don't listen to the general population, decide rather or not if you enjoy the show but i honestly think you should give it more of a fair chance before making that descision. 2 episodes is hardly nothing for a 135 episode series.

I bet first glance, you should the same with one piece. can imagine now dropping that show only a few episodes in. As it eventually does get so much better when they introduce the arlong arc. Naruto is the same way. It starts off a little slow but eventually it kicks into high gear and you will be in for one hell of a ride.
link9us May 20, 2011 1:18 PM
But you do have good tastes, EVA, Elfen lied, Tegen toppa gurren lagann. Great shows.
link9us May 20, 2011 1:12 PM
Naruto dropped at episode 2 lol,. Honestly i think you should give it more of a chance no?? I mean its a shonen after all, one piece started off pretty slow the same way. It gets alot better, trust me.
link9us May 20, 2011 1:11 PM
Just watch up till 126 of one piece. Until then your not allowed to say OMG.
Eskimo Aug 26, 2010 4:56 AM