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Jun 19, 2014
Ping Pong The Animation, originally created by Matsumoto Taiyou, is more than what one would call unique, even more so if you just look at sports Anime.

The story of Ping Pong The Animation is unexpectedly complex while simple at the same time. It's not a light-hearted watch but nor is it deep enough to drown. The story follows multiple characters, highlighting Peco and Smile, while developing them all in amazing ways. There is always something to look forward to, whether there's a cliffhanger or not. Ping Pong The Animation feels like such a smooth watch; there are no bumps along the way. Doubts were had ...
May 5, 2014
Harmonie (Anime) add
Never before have I felt so 'in-touch' or so understanding of characters in Anime. I could really relate to some of what occurred. I could really understand and relate to what the characters were thinking.

Story, 7/10 - Harmonie's story isn't exactly a large scale phenomenon. I didn't expect it to be. I mean, it is a movie, right? And a short one at that. While I definitely didn't get anything huge, I definitely got more than I expected. The plot was good; a small build up between two students and the events that happen between them. That's what this is. It never gets past the ...
May 3, 2014
Mou Hitotsu no Mirai wo. is a short created by Production I.G. It is about time travel, time communication and a very nice message.

Story, 6/10 - There isn't much of one. This Anime is more about the message. Additionally, it achieves that message without a plot.

Art and Animation, 6/10 - Good. Addictive. Unique compared to I.G.'s other works. It wasn't anything amazing but the scenes with the blue haired girl were really nice.

Sound, 6/10 - Voice acting is nothing special. However, the sound effects and OST were amazing and even made some scenes emotional and intense.

Character, 5/10 - Again, we don't learn much. It's rather ...
Jun 29, 2013
EDIT, 13/06/2014. This is a old review. It was also my first. I am leaving it here for nostalgia's sake. I may remaster it because the grammar here is horrific. Thanks for reading!

This will be a review for Mirai Nikki Redial and WILL contain spoilers.

Mirai Nikki Redial is about a few seconds over 30 minutes long. This OVA seems to focus mainly on Gasai Yuno as well as other loved characters. In this OVA, we see almost every character living a happy life, apart from Eleventh who plays the roll as a villain of comedic value and Eighth who we do not see.

Redial is not ...

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