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Jan 11, 2017
I was sceptical about starting Yuri on Ice as I'm not too big a fan of sports anime and initially seemed boring. But I started after 4 episodes came out and I wish I had waited. For me, it's an anime you can watch over and over even though you know the ending.

It doesn't feel like a sports anime as I think its mainly about the relationships that develop between the characters, mainly Yuri and Victor. Comparing them from the beginning of the show to the end, you can see how far they've come.

The art quality decreases through out the series and read more
Sep 25, 2016
The anime for Ozmafia!! is...alright. It's not the best as it doesn't really have a story that's going somewhere but if you've played the game I think it becomes more enjoyable.

I really liked the game so the anime is a nice icing on the cake but if it were a stand alone thing, it wouldn't really be that good and the ratings for everything but the story would probably be lower. As I already have background on the characters and general story I really enjoyed seeing them in this way and hearing the music that I loved from the game.
Oct 7, 2015
It's very easy for me to be swept away by certain animes/tv shows/ books, but watching this one took me to an entire new level. I can honestly say it was/is my favourite anime.

I love every single one of Takeo's expressions, the way he's pretty dense as well. I love how he genuinely values the people he is surrounded by and only wants the best for each of them. Suna's laugh makes me smile and watching him reminisce and see how much he values his friendship with Takeo is so heart warming. I adore Yamato and how much she adores Takeo. Watching her initially overcome read more