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May 22, 2018
When I tell people to watch this show, they tend to brush it off because it's an idol anime. Because they think it's going to be typical reverse harem show. Then I get them to watch just the first two episodes and then they're addicted.

Story: 9/10
It's not the usual "I have talent, I'm going to be an idol" plotline. Rather, nothing actually goes smoothly for these precious boys. The story likes to throw a lot of stuff at you and then only solve a few of the questions you have. It's kind of frustrating since there are plot lines that you would like to see read more
Dec 24, 2015
Can we just take a moment in how good Lindo looks in a frilly apron?

Story: 7/10
Applause in escaping the usual reverse harem curse! Sure we have the usual, one episode per one guy to get to know him, but the end just focused in plot and the main two possible pairings (which is pretty obvious if you watch the opening). I really liked how they didn't just focus on devils but brought in the vampires and exorcists into it as well. Usually they just focus on one mythological race, like say, gods or vampires, but this one has it all. The story is nice and read more
Dec 24, 2015
Story: 5/10
The story wasn't exactly bad, but it was just leaps and bounds behind the original Hidan no Aria series with Aria as the actual heroine. The story was pretty standard for the Hidan no Aria series with our heroines fighting with the mysterious organization I-U with the cliche turn around points. The spin-off takes place in the same time period as when Aria first met Kinji, which was awfully confusing because I'm pretty sure at the time, Aria was living with Kinji and not in some fancy shmancy apartment building. I know the main focus of the series isn't on Aria, but the lack read more
Dec 21, 2015
Starmyu (Anime) add (All reviews)
Enter the next coming of UtaPri! Or what it was suppose to be, I think. This one is just another in the singing anime trend that's been going on. Well, with the rise in popularity of the voice actors, I'm not very surprised.

StarMyu is a bit different from UtaPri since there is zero romance (and lots and lots of bromance). Kind of to the point where I think it borders the shounen ai genre, but I like to think of it as guys who are extremely close friends. Yes.

Story: 5/10
The story itself is pretty cliche. It follows that group of failures/ oddballs that are read more
Dec 20, 2015

One Punch Man is probably the pinnacle of shounen anime. And before Goku/Superman fanboys get on my butt by saying Goku or Superman is stronger, let's get this straight.
Saitama is meant to be a parody character. He's suppose to be the embodiment of all the plot armor/ protag hacks that occur in all shounen anime. Trust me, if Goku wasn't the main character and becoming Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, he probably would have died in like three episodes. The idea of Saitama is that he kills everything with one punch, so please, let's respect this idea and leave the fanboy argument.

Now that that's read more
Dec 18, 2015
Diabolik Lovers Season Two. Enough said.

Okay, so maybe it got a bit better at the end. That said, there's still a lot of manhandling and treating the girl as food. I have to say the Murakami brothers are waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the Sakamaki brothers at respecting Yui, but for the most part, they still abuse her beyond what's in my comfort zone. I mean, the guys are hot, but please, can we have some sort of romantic storyline? They definitely incorporated more romance into this series since Yui is bounced between the Murakami brothers and the Sakamaki brothers, but every single time there's this really read more
Dec 18, 2015
The telling of Black Jack before he's the figure we know him as today. And the rare medical anime that you don't see all too often.

I'm a pretty big fan of Tezuka Osamu's original Black Jack series, so I was pretty happy to find out this spin-off series even existed (Sadly the manga isn't translated, but it exists). The storyline follows the same layout as Black Jack, a bunch of short stories where Hazama Kuroo does his little medical magic for one reason or another and there is conflict. It's much darker and in depth than the original Black Jack since it took place read more
Dec 18, 2015
Prepare for a hurting in your brain.

"Subete fa F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider" is heavy with philosophical concepts about LIFE, so if you don't like that kind of stuff, stay away from it. I mean, you could watch it for the mystery (which is also very intriguing mind you) but it's biggest theme is on the meaning of freedom so pick and chose.

The mystery itself is very well done. It spends a good bulk of the series trying to figure out how the mystery was completed as well as the why. It was kind of frustrating though when Saikawa says he's found out read more
Dec 17, 2015
Trippy Time Travel anime? Sign me up!

Kind of embarrassed to say I didn't watch this anime when it was the hype but I can see why it was a hype way back when I was in middle school? I don't even remember. So there are plenty of stuff about time travel, the biggest right now being Dr. Who (which I don't watch but a lot of my friends do), and I think the anime accurately describes the consequences of time travel. Obviously there's a lot of made up stuff/ theoretical but hasn't been proven stuff about time travel, but it was convincing to watch as read more
Dec 11, 2015
I wish they would try to pick one way or another and not try to get the best of both worlds.

The anime starts out as a slice of life, a club wanting to build a giant robot. Okay, fair. That in itself could be a very interesting anime. Did you really need to include the part where they save the world too? Like if you wanted to do a mech, do a mech anime from the get go. If you wanted to do a slice of life, do a slice of life. I really enjoyed the beginning half of the anime where it was actually read more