Dec 24, 2015
Minster122 (All reviews)
Story: 5/10
The story wasn't exactly bad, but it was just leaps and bounds behind the original Hidan no Aria series with Aria as the actual heroine. The story was pretty standard for the Hidan no Aria series with our heroines fighting with the mysterious organization I-U with the cliche turn around points. The spin-off takes place in the same time period as when Aria first met Kinji, which was awfully confusing because I'm pretty sure at the time, Aria was living with Kinji and not in some fancy shmancy apartment building. I know the main focus of the series isn't on Aria, but the lack of Kinji in the series makes it difficult to exactly place the series time period wise.

Art & Sound: 7/10
I usually don't have very many complaints about the animation and soundtrack of anime, unless it's like painfully obviously bad. I liked the opening since it was more rock then cutsy, which is what you would expect for an anime with only girls. The animation is smooth and flows well with little impediment to the action sequences. Although when Akari does her secret move thingy, it's kind of ridiculous.

Character: 1/10
Main blow to the series, the cast of characters isn't as good as the original. Aria is way more pathetic in this series as opposed to the tsundere badass heroine that we know in the original series. She may be the "sempai" of the series, but she's too nice and too understanding. She's the heir to the Holmes family for god's sake. You have to make her more badass instead of the pansy that she is in the series. And Akari as a heroine is just too pathetic. She was suppose to be the "clumsy and useless but actually skilled" character mold, but this is just pathetic. There was zero character development and all of a sudden she just goes "Oh lol, I was actually hiding my true potential because I'm actually a trained assassin teehee" and all of a sudden her skills increase in leaps and bounds. The other cast are just plain stupid as well since we have the routine shoujo ai thing going on in an all girls anime. None of the characters really have any character development. They're all just super flat. Like SUPER flat. Plus the lack of Kinji is just painful (or just the lack of major male characters).

Enjoyment: 3/10
Kind of those "turn on and do something else" animes. I really didn't have very much motivation in watching this. Heck, the only reason I started watching this was because I thought it was the second season to Hidan no Aria and not some weird spin-off it actually was. Doesn't get me very pumped at all (unless you like little girls fighting each other with guns while looking beautiful and cute). It tried, but didn't really do the series justice.

Overall: 2/10
Definitely wouldn't recommend this to someone to watch. I'd just tell them to watch the original Hidan no Aria. Really uneventful storyline with pathetic and stupid (lack of a better word) characters that can't seem to keep their minds off sleeping with each other. I came here looking for action packed fighting scenes and left with shoujo ai lolicons getting all ichaicha together. A shame to the Hidan no Aria series.