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Sep 5, 2023
Yakin Byoutou (Anime) add
Night Shift Nurses and the fertility of excrement

Opening with a scalpel cutting across a black void till blood is gushing out, followed by a psychotic looking woman, it’s evident that this isn’t going to be a pleasant turn of events.
Night Shift Nurses has earned its status as among the most controversial anime titles ever and while the series is over 20 years old that still holds true.
The depiction of assault in adult anime is not uncommon and series such as this is built upon these transgressions to further cement them on its ever-expanding cast of archetypes. However, where this series makes a ...
Sep 4, 2023
Lovecraftian Horror gone mad.

You read that right, it’s the Necronomicon and that translates to Lovecraft, an unlikely pairing with anime but it’s not so in the early days of visual novels and manga. For many the combination of tentacles and anime seem like an easy fit so therefore it wouldn’t be too hard to imagine that Cthulhu would be added but this, however, this series doesn’t feature that, instead this is a suspenseful murder mystery, albeit with a heavy touch of horror and gore, lots and lots of gore.
As an adaptation of a cult Visual Novel, it's well balanced in terms of it's screenwriting ...
Aug 13, 2023
Romance in hell on earth

Following the major success of the first series that was even edited into a film that was shown in festivals around the world a sequel was guaranteed. However, it would take a different approach in scope and further cement its disturbing worldview.

Themes of the horrors of adulthood is still present however it’s presented through the physical change of one’s body. Still, it also deals with loss more so the loss of identity, family and love. Where worlds collide in a literal and thematic sense. When worlds collide, they do so in a fashion that will leave no one with the ...
Aug 11, 2023
Armageddon of tears, tentacles and lazer semen.

It should come to no surprise to anyone that watches anime that Hentai is porn and therefore is to be left in the shadows for pure erotic enjoyment but that is a reductive way of thinking that harms literally anyone who has an interest in anime as something more than a 2D image that turns 3D.

The world of Urotsukidoji is a harsh one where sex and violence are treated as something of a currency instead of being seen as an act of pure love, which is a naive way of viewing the reality that surrounds it's characters. ...
Jun 25, 2023
" A wonderful premonition that something will happen "

Considering to be the finale of the Ami storyline from the OVA series Cream Lemon (1984-1993) the film follows the same melodramatic mood and theme of the romantic angst between sibling love and the shame that follows in adulthood while being uncertain of one's future.

While Ami in the original series was a tragic but complicated character this time she is trying to move on and forget about everything that has transpired which a welcoming change, since this feels like a movie more so than an extended episode which has a lot more at stake. I ...
May 27, 2023
...A young woman runs atop a skyscraper, helicopters and a dozen armed forces are closing in. She has reached the edge and turns, looks vacantly into the distance and jumps with the same expression fixated upon the viewer while falling into the white abyss blow, slowly pink feathers are swirling in the air.

The story does not follow a clear path but from what can gather is that it's somewhere in the 21st century, angelic humanoids are appearing in growing numbers in the stratosphere and their arrival are causing a worldwide sociopolitical conflict with governments asking:

"What do they want ?"

However the most interesting ...
May 23, 2023
Shining May (Anime) add
"If you're anxious about being loved. We'll take it step by step" - May Kanou

Coming from the early days of erotic anime Shining May is somewhat lighter and heavier in theme and plot. Centering around the titular character who is trying to break free from her own trauma's and getting ready to enter the entertainment industry as well as her own heart.

Those looking forward to some steamy sex will most likely be disappointing since what's featured here is tender but fairly graphic lovemaking rather than "meat shots" on display, however erotic as it is there are just about enough here for everyone.

That aside ...
May 20, 2023
Hyakki-Yakou: Warashi, meaning Night parade of one hundred demons : Ghost Girl

It's an interesting piece of erotic anime that's quite unique since there's not a lot of erotica that deals with folklore and social commentary. The plot centers around an average young man who for reasons not explicitly told has to move to the countryside. During this process he meets a lonely ghost girl who can't live in urban centers and seeks a wooden house.

While I'm no expert in Japanese mythology I can give an interesting assumption that it's about not losing touch with one's heritage and be aware of seeking empty but quick ...
May 18, 2023
"It's obvious that you are trying to attract the attention of men!"

Soap No Moko-Chan or My Fair Masseuse is certainly trying to attract attention of not just men but women and those who lieth betwixt, since it's a sex positive portrait of sex work with a strong undercurrent of feminist statements regarding those who work in the industry and those who enjoy the service they are provided.

While many works regarding prostitution are viewed as angst ridden or downright dehumanizing this is not. What it is, is an honest exploration of the many issues and mixed messages that sex workers are bombarded with and how ...
May 17, 2023
With it's opening shot of two trains crossing each other it's very much a good metaphor for what's to come.

Unrequited love and the angst of adulthood. Burdens of not knowing one's emotional needs and honesty of speaking from the heart. Stairs is a melancholic short film that goes deeper into exploring these topics from the perspectives of two childhood friends who are now leaving their youth and their innocent behind.

Aimlessly looking but not looking directy at their own future because reality itself is scary when it doesn't live up to one's expectations. This seems to be the mantra for all the characters involved ...

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