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Nov 10, 2022
- Overall (9/10):
I’m relatively certain that ‘Kaguya-sama’ is one of the best RomCom of all time, and not just talking about manga/anime! Most of the RomCom’s that you may know, always repeat the same couple of jokes until you get bored, totally forget their side character, don't even consider writing at least a stable story or add fanservice after fanservice until you ask yourself if you are still reading a manga or softporn…
And none of these are true for this manga!

But what is then the missing point? To answer this, let's go to the details!

- Story (9.5/10):
You should already know the synopsis, but if not, ...
Oct 17, 2022
Mixed Feelings
- Overall (6/10):
The best way to describe ‘Super Smartphone’ would be: It’s like ‘Death Note’, but in a friendlier package and with a way more heroic and plain protagonist. The smartphones instead of the death notes and information instead of murder gave a modern touch, but lost its psychedelic and dark aspects. It still tries to add these, but without enough impact. Meanwhile due to the limited time, because of the cancellation, we get a few plain characters. A very soon introduced main villain, some almost unused side characters and a solid, maybe too good, protagonist. So altogether, an appealing manga, which I wished had ...
Aug 18, 2022
Yoru no Kagi (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
This mediocre work swayed between totally unnecessary/empty chapters and great emotionally story chapters. And their average would be mediocre work... But I think it is below that. In short, you get a kinda nice fantasy drama, however, at least half of the manga is boring (for me, and maybe for you too) or unnecessary. But let us dig deeper!

Story 4/10
The story has a good basis. 2 countries at war, an abandoned son (who made a big mistake and suffers from his trauma) of the current (old) king, brothers and sister who want the throne and a little bit of magic. Sounds interesting, of course. However, ...
May 29, 2022
Ayashimon (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
In my opinion, the only reason why this manga has been canceled was the complete failure of the editorial department. And yes, Yuji Kaku did not create such a great manga as ‘Hell’s Paradise’, but to cancel this one over completely mainstream shounen manga, which even had worse sales than this, and that they ran this manga before the Anime of “Hell’s Paradise’ even started, showed me how incompetent the current JUMP editorials are –just look at ‘Red Hood’ or ‘Phantom Seer’–. But enough about JUMP, let’s talk about the manga and why the editors thought this won’t be such good work like his previous ...
Feb 23, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Fire Force… The second big hit of Atsushi Ookubo. To tell the whole story, when I started to read this manga, I did not know it was the same author as for ‘Soul Eater’. Which is important, because I was literally traumatized by the ‘fist of friendship defeating the biggest evil of the whole universe’ of the Anime… So I have never read the manga, (even if I know it is different in many ways than the Anime), and after I realized it I was a bit shocked, because it was really good! However, I soon experienced my fear was not unfounded!

Short version
- Overall (6/10):
This ...
Feb 8, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Short version
- Overall (5/10):
‘Magu-chan: God of Destruction’ is a wholesome comedy slice of life, which remained behind it’s expectations. The author clearly missed adding some kind of goal or a redline to bring out the full potential of his/her great characters. 60-70% of the manga are boring/generic one-chapters, but the monster designs and the bigger, wholesome arcs definitely helps to enjoy it until the end.

Long version
- Story (3/10):
To start with the worst part, let us begin with the story. Our protagonist, Ruru, finds a supernatural being similar to an octopus, Magu-chan, at the shore of the little island where she lives. From this moment ...
Jun 28, 2021
i tell c (Manga) add
‘i Tell C’ is one of the most disappointing Manga that I read. It started very strong and interesting, but then turned into some slap-stick comedy… It was like reading the first chapters of ‘Death Note’ (no, even at the beginning it wasn’t that good), but then it switched to the netflix adaptation of it… If this didn’t scare you off, then let us go more in the details.

- Story (3/10):
The whole story is based on the main character, who once got kidnapped and developed a kind-of stockholm syndrome, she gets attracted to criminals. However, she is also a detective, so she fights crimes with ...
Jun 22, 2021
Mixed Feelings
At the moment when this title started I was thinking, ‘why aren’t any (good) mangas about cops. That’s kinda a market hole… hmm’. And a little bit later there it was, ‘Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin’! I was really hyped, especially when I saw it was made by Ryuhei Tamura, the author of the successful ‘Beelzebub’ (which I haven’t read or watched) from which I heard a lot of good things about. Sadly, this hype died very soon but I hoped for something better until the end, which never came.

Short version
- Overall (5/10):
This manga definitely failed at the beginning, with missing pre-building and introductions and the ...
Jun 2, 2021
Abyss Rage (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
After reading the title or/and the synopsis, you may think this could be an interesting dark martial art manga. This isn’t completely false, but it has a lot of blind points.

- Story (4/10):
The story begins with a random person who challenges dojos. Few moments later you know, he will be the main villain, because he not only defeats our blind protagonist (Shinobu) but he also takes his girlfriend. So to take her back, he goes in a time skip, training like hell and then to a prison led by our villain. Of course, it’s a prison where you have to fight a battle royal, to ...
May 26, 2021
Agravity Boys (Manga) add
- Story (3/10):
This manga is so random, in every chapter you will experience something chaotic. It starts with our 4 protagonists facing a dilemma, the earth is destroyed, they are the last surviving humans on a different planet… but all of them are boys! Then a Higher Being (literally) appears to help them with a genderswap machine… How this ends, read it yourself, however don’t expect too much, because you will get something similar or even worse in every chapter. For example: A whole chapter about going to poop, a total ridiculous bassball (which is baseball with stupid extra rules) match, or a ‘pick up ...