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Mar 29, 2018
Citrus (Anime) add (All reviews)
This review is for anyone on the fence about whether or not they should watch Citrus (or anyone that has already seen it). Up front: I really enjoyed the show. It was probably the most entertaining (of what I watched) this season (Winter 2018). So much so that it is the first review I've written in a long time. Anyway...

Citrus is yuri. So girls kiss.

It is also trashy romance. So sensuality is paramount and consensuality is... well, let's be generous and say... ambiguous.

To be fair, Citrus is not particularly amazing at anything. It is alright.

Animation: fine.
Character design: fine.
Backgrounds: fine.
Music: fine.
Cast: fine.
Voice acting: fine.

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Aug 22, 2010
I did not dislike Koi Kaze. I want to phrase it this way to emphasize that this is a hard show to like and difficult to recommend. Unless you have an open mind and a strong tolerance for possibly offensive material this is a pass. Most people have no interest in a story about incestuous and possibly pedophilic relationships. Myself, I just happened to be curious as to how responsibly (or irresponsibly) the show handled this subject matter. Those caveats out of the way, to its credit, I thought Koi Kaze handled the dramatic elements very well. It dragged on a little at parts, but read more
Nov 9, 2009
AD Police is the kind of show that would really benefit from being condensed into a movie or an OVA. If you stripped out about half of the dragged out scenes and needless exposition you'd have an accidentally entertaining piece. There is no denying that AD Police is bad, the only question with these kinds of shows is "can you squeeze any kind of amusement out of it?" Or as the show itself likes to phrase it, "Just how bad can things get?" Indeed, an astute observation on the part of the creators of this show. That is the question you will find yourself asking read more
Oct 18, 2009
Where to begin. First the disclaimer: RahXephon is definitely not for everyone. It's usually best to have little to no expectations so as to not contaminate the experience. With RX there are some things you should, and a lot of things you should NOT, expect.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention how significantly challenging of a show it is to get into. You certainly have to be in the right mood/mindset for it. It is easy to label this show as an action, drama, sci-fi mecha romance (or whatever), but what does any of that mean? If you've seen Neon Genesis Evangelion, expect this read more
Oct 17, 2009
What can be said about Gantz season two that hasn't been said about season one? Sex. Gantz really ups the ante in this season by starting out with a bang, or two. *hits snare*

Seriously though, one of Gantz strengths, and probably the majority of its appeal, is that despite its flaws it is still pretty creative. Maybe not in overall plot, but the type of enemies they fight, the weapons they have, their suit's abilities, and the way people die. The range of aliens they encounter are pretty out there and bizarre, and I suppose that's fitting. They have an... interesting assortment of future technology read more
Oct 8, 2009
Unless you are a hardcore "Shadow Skill" or 'shonen fighting' fan, I have a hard time seeing how someone might enjoy this. It's not unforgivably terrible, but a lot of the elements in it are generally generic. It has all the classic fighting staples (such as learning more about others and oneself through fists rather than words) and it also possesses plenty of the exaggerated combat cliches one might be familiar with in this genre (such as destroying the surrounding landscape and gushing fountains of blood).

Unfortunately there are also disproportionate amounts of awkward exposition which don't lend themselves well to this kind of anime. Most read more
Oct 8, 2009
Anyone familiar with Satoshi Kon is probably also already familiar with what would make this movie intriguing. His works have a real appeal to fans of the surreal. It can be very mentally and visually stimulating. I've enjoyed other things by Kon, and I was really beginning to like this movie, however, by the end I had several problems with this film...

Perfect Blue tries way too hard to synchronize the psychosis of multiple characters, all the while being far too vague about filling the viewer in on this objective. The result being an overtly complex attempt at immersing the viewer in utter confusion. The movie read more
Oct 8, 2009
Gantz (Anime) add (All reviews)
Gantz is gritty. Gantz is gruesome. Gantz is a show where a bunch of people who have died essentially become the Japanese MIB, only with a Battle Royale twist.

Now that may sound like an intriguing premise, but let me continue. I'm a pretty easy going guy and I can tolerate more nonsense than most people. For instance, I've actually watched (and in some cases enjoyed) Ikkitousen, Elfen Lied, Mezzo Forte and even some hentai, so I know tasteless when I see it. Gantz is many things, but someone would have a hard time trying to defend it as tasteful. Everyone, including old folks, kids, read more
Jun 16, 2009
This won't be your typical review. There are already plenty of those. Instead I just wanted to share my final thoughts about something usually overlooked about Moonphase. Moonphase/Tsukuyomi is a very strange show. I don't just say that because of its reputation for loli level moe. What I mean is, the series as a whole is hard to summarize. Moonphase is easily the kind of show that can give the somewhat misleading impression of "typical". By no means is it some amazing original masterpiece, but the point I'm going to make isn't meant to slam it or demonize it either. In fact, the sole purpose read more
Dec 29, 2008
I personally liked the show, but not sure if I liked it enough to own it, or even recommend it. It's not that the show was bad, but that there's nothing really outstanding or amazing about it. It was fine to watch and I finished it in about two days, but after I was done the only thought that came to mind was "ok, what to watch next..."

The story was about what one would expect from an action oriented show. It was good in so far as it didn't do anything unforgivably stupid or inane. The action was also decent, but surprisingly, not as much read more