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Oct 14, 2008
Whyyy are there no reviews for Wedding Peach? I just noticed this and I decided something needed to be done about it!
Wedding Peach is, by far, my favorite pure maho shojo. What makes a pure maho shojo is that it is basically about a girl that uses some sort of device to transform into her "better" self, and gains super powers and defeats evil. And, of course, there has to be romance, and really heavy emphasis on friendship.
The most famous of maho shojo has to be Sailor Moon, and while that was always my favorite maho shojo for years, I watched Wedding Peach and realized read more
Oct 4, 2008
***A word to the wise: You should probably only read this review if you haven't read the manga version. If you HAVE read it, and have an open mind, then my review will probably help too***

I've seen a few animes that have been based off of mangas [it seems like less and less anime these days are original] and it is very rare that the entire plot line will be in the anime. I was delighted with Itazura na Kiss because for the most part, it does follow the manga version very well, and the characters look the same in both anime and manga.
As read more
Sep 29, 2008
The series has just ended, and I can finally deem myself worthy enough to write a review. But beware spoilers after the first paragraph!

What is Itazura na Kiss exactly? Probably the most amazing, wonderful, and romantic anime you will ever find. The story follows Kotoko, a cute and spunky girl who, though she is not book smart, is makes up for it in personality traits that a normal human could not possess. Kotoko is the girl everyone who has failed a class wants to be, the girl that gets kicked around by those smarter and more attractive than herself, but who is able to read more
Jul 23, 2008
You want drama, fantasy, romance, and shoujo with a little bit of comedy? I give you: Princess Tutu. Princess Tutu is definitely not your typical shoujo. It's far from transforming into something pink and frilly and calling out "Pichi Pichi Voice Live Start!"

Story--Ahiru is a duck that is turned into a human girl. Her passion is ballet, which is what this anime centers around. The funny part about Ahiru is that she will randomly "quack!" and have to dive into any form of water to change back into a human. The romance is great because you want Ahiru, the heroine, to end up with read more
Jul 15, 2008
Shugo Chara!!!! I'm just going to come right out and say it: It's AWESOME! Finally, a shoujo that isn't like all the others!
Shugo Chara is about Amu, a girl who is known as "Cool & spicy" [if that doesn't already make you laugh, I don't know what will] by her classmates. She doesn't have any friends because she gives off this cool, "do whatever you want" demeanor, but inside she is very lonely and doesn't like how people see her. Amu, convinced she is not her "would be self" prays to be remade, and the next morning wakes up to find three eggs in read more
Jul 4, 2008
Gakuen I put off this anime for awhile, because it seemed so childish. Oh, how wrong I was. A lot of people recommend GA if you liked Kamichama Karin [which is absolutely fantastic] but I was very skeptical about GA. So here it goes:
AMAZING. This anime is fantastic. The only anime that has ever made me really laugh is Ouran High School Host Club, but Gakuen Alice is so clever that it definitely comes in second. Mikan is your typical happy-go-lucky over excited school girl, kind of like Usagi from Sailor Moon, except Mikan never complains and tries her hardest at everything. What's amazing read more
Jun 24, 2008
Well well well, what is there to say about Kamichama Karin? A lot, actually. I was skeptical about this anime at first, because I thought from the picture/description it was for little kids, but I was so so so wrong. Kamichama Karin is a confusing anime, with many twists and turns, and by the end of it you're going to have your eyebrow raised and your mouth hanging open, saying "...WHAT???" But above all else, you're going to love it. Kamichama Karin is about a young girl who is given the power of a goddess through a magic ring. I won't give any spoilers away, read more
Jun 19, 2008
Okay, so MMPPP is a great anime, if you like magical girl shoujo romance. You would like it if you watched Sailor Moon or Wedding Peach, but the romance isn't as pleasing. It's very easy to get angry with Kaito, who in my opinion treats Lucia (the main character, who is the Pink Pearl Princess and is Lucia the human) kind of meanly and gets mad if Lucia doesn't bring him a bento or bread that she made or whatever. After awhile, you grow to love him though, because you can see him and Lucia becoming more romantically involved.
The songs get boring after awhile. read more
May 16, 2008
Possibly one of my favorite mangas ever. The best part about it is that they fight with words, and not meaningless magical powers with a bunch of fancy words. It really stresses inner-goodness, and believing in yourself, and having courage. Plus, the characters are beautifully gorgeous, especially the guys! I loved the romance, and I loved how Alice seems like the true underdog of the story, and ends up being on top. The plot is also really good, it's not your traditional plot and will keep you wondering what will happen next!

Best parts: When Chris shows up, because he is hilarious; anytime Alice and read more