Jun 19, 2008
Mantret (All reviews)
Okay, so MMPPP is a great anime, if you like magical girl shoujo romance. You would like it if you watched Sailor Moon or Wedding Peach, but the romance isn't as pleasing. It's very easy to get angry with Kaito, who in my opinion treats Lucia (the main character, who is the Pink Pearl Princess and is Lucia the human) kind of meanly and gets mad if Lucia doesn't bring him a bento or bread that she made or whatever. After awhile, you grow to love him though, because you can see him and Lucia becoming more romantically involved.
The songs get boring after awhile. The best song, Legend of the Mermaid, isn't used for a long time, but it's great when they start singing it again. Caren has an AWFUL voice. The best voice is Lina/Rina, who is also a great character. She provides a lot of the comedic relief to the anime. Hanon can get very annoying: Her infatuation with Mitzsuki is very shallow, she seems to only like him because of his looks, and it's nothing like the romance between Katio and Lucia.
What I really liked about this anime is how the villains aren't like the Sailor Moon-type "Villain of the Day." It's always the same ones, the Dark Lovers, except when the very annoying, very lesbian Black Beauty Sisters appear (but the BBS actually have a pretty decent song). The forbidden romance between Yuri, a Dark Lover, and Hippo, Lucia's sort-of sidekick/protector, is really sweet. And actually, the Dark Lovers are funny most of the time. You don't just get the good guy's story, but also the bad guy's story in a way.
All in all, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch is a great anime, and I was very happy with it. I look forward to watching MMPPP Pure!