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Jan 16, 2021
I share the same sentiment as many others who've watched this movie: it was disappointing. But stay with me here, that doesn't mean it's not worth watching!
This movie is based off of an incomplete book that the author died before finishing. Why make a movie like that in the first place? I dunno... the film seems to remain around the same amount of incomplete as the source material, so there isn't much of a plot or main conflict. (There is a set-up for what the plot was supposed to be, but once you get half-way through the movie and there isn't any word on it read more
Jun 6, 2020
To preface this, I'm a beginner Lupin fan, with this being the 2nd movie I've seen (the other being Castle of Cagliostro) so I won't be able to offer much input on whether this film does the franchise justice or how good it is compared to everything else in the Lupin cinematic universe.
But, I can say that although prior experience with the series may help offer context for the main characters, it isn't necessary.

The story I will admit isn't the most groundbreaking, and formulaic if anything. Gave me Indiana Jones vibes and even if a bit formulaic, it's based off of a tried-and-true read more
May 30, 2020
I'd never heard of this movie before so I wasn't sure what to expect. But since it had a high rating I went on and watched it. Is this movie worth your time? Short answer, yes. Very much so. Unfortunately, the Japanese are masters of war films constructed from a child's point of view, since many of these stories come from firsthand experience. And the innocence of childhood makes the destruction of that innocence hit even harder.

The story for the first half of the movie is just a slice-of-life glimpse into the everyday of a normal Japanese family. It gets more suspenseful as you read more
May 16, 2020
Usually, movies based off of anime series either aren't very good or just pale in comparison to the series. Thankfully, this one does neither.

This movie just feels like a really long episode or a couple of episodes strung together (since it follows two different but heavily intertwined character storylines). I felt like it had a place in the grand scheme of the series and has a reason to exist (unlike some anime movies that are basically non-canon).

If you enjoyed the Violet Evergarden series, please have no reservations about watching this movie. You will love it! It lives up to the quality of the read more
Apr 19, 2020
Hello World is an interesting movie. It almost felt like two different movies stuck together halfway through, since the story had a tonal/genre shift and became more convoluted. I will say I enjoyed the first half more. The second half went knee deep into the sci-fi time-muckery, which can just get confusing on your first watch.

The art is very good. The backgrounds and set pieces are simply gorgeous. The character animation is 100% CG, which is only distracting for the first few minutes. Once you get used to it, you can see how well it was executed. Especially in the second half once stuff read more
Mar 21, 2020
I was lucky enough to see this movie in the theater with a friend, so that definitely enhanced my experience. I don't get opportunities like that often. But I will say I liked it better than the first movie (which isn't bad). All of the students in 1-A got their chance to shine, the story was better, art looked good on the big screen, voice performance (dubbed) was great, and I got a lot of enjoyment out of it.
As far as TV series movies go, it was very good, even if it won't have an impact on the main series story. They did an read more
Mar 2, 2020
This film was adapted from a manga in which I have not read. Any issues regarding story clarity may stem from film run time limitations and direction/production decisions and, from what I've heard, are largely not present in the source material. I'll give the movie a little leeway here. Similar issues appear to be present in Akira, also adapted from a longer manga.

So, story. As I and many other reviewers have mentioned, the plot gets much more confusing at some point during the movie. The whos, whats, and whys are left mostly unexplained and make for a confusing experience. But i definitely enjoy the read more
Feb 3, 2020
I highly recommend this film. It's a great movie for all ages that manages to be easy to digest while also dealing with difficult and more complex topics throughout the movie, without making the tone too dark.

The story and characters are good. I enjoyed seeing Okko's learning and development alongside some of the other characters, and I enjoyed seeing how she would deal with each new guest at the inn. Okko has to adapt to her new environment, deal with loss, learn a difficult trade, and deal with PTSD. She's a strong little girl and a great main character.

The animation is very good read more
Jan 21, 2020
This is an hour long music video. If you aren't into no dialogue or electronic music, you will probably not enjoy this movie. If you are interested in house/electronic music however, especially of the Daft Punk variety, this is the film for you. The entire Daft Punk album, Discovery, is the audio for the film. So obviously, one of the best house albums ever made as the soundtrack makes the music 10/10. (Thankfully, because the music is what makes the film.)

If you've read the synopsis, you already know the story. It's simple, but effective. Simple enough to be told with no dialogue. No sub or read more
Jan 21, 2020
This is purely an artistic animation. If you are searching for anything more than something cool to look at for a few minutes, this is not it. No story, character, or anything. Unless you create your own, if you're feeling creative. (Like the other reviewer here.)
But, if you are a fan of the "animation" part of "anime," then you're in for a very cool, and interesting looking 4 minute ride.
Honestly, even if you're not here just for the animation (which is all this short has to offer) then you can still spend 4 minutes on it. I'm sure you've spent more than 4 read more