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May 20, 2019
As we can see here, we finally have a Kamen Rider anime, and it's that this is only an OVA, I wanted a full anime, but this anime continues to be AWESOME

story: 10/10
I love the Kamen Rider stories, battles and characters, and this OVA is a mix of good fights and a lot of comedy, I loved everything in this anime

Art 10/10
What a beautiful draw, loved it !

sound 10/10
the OST is great, the OP and the ed are true masterpieces

character 10/10
As i said before, I love Kamen Rider characters, and it is great to see pratically all the characters in one anime. the characters read more
May 2, 2019
Pride (Manga) add (All reviews)
Pride is a manga made by the creator of capitain tsubasa, It basically tells stories about ficitial professional soccer players

story 8/10
It's pretty good, it's more a slice of life than a sport manga, it focus on the life of the soccer player, and these soccer players are players that are fighting against some problem in their career, but I wish it focused more on the soccer matches

art 10/10
It's yoichi takahashi's art, it's great, he has his own art style, something pretty interesting and original

character 7/10
the characters are quite good, but some of them are boring

enjoyment 8/10
it's pretty fun to read Pride, I actually enjoyed a read more
May 2, 2019
Pop (Anime) add (All reviews)
story 3/10
there's basically a train only going by the trails, it looks like some kind of animation test, but the interesting part is that you can imagine the story

art 9/10
it looks like it was made only using paper, and I LOVE that, it's pretty interesting because it looks like a drawning that everyone do on the paper, there's a movie called "The Point" that is draw and i simply love the art style of that movie, so i will love Pop's art too

sound 8/10
it's only the sound of a train, and the sound is good

characters 4/10
the character is a train, so there isn't so much read more