May 2, 2019
Pride (Manga) add (All reviews)
MRAlexandre (All reviews)
Pride is a manga made by the creator of capitain tsubasa, It basically tells stories about ficitial professional soccer players

story 8/10
It's pretty good, it's more a slice of life than a sport manga, it focus on the life of the soccer player, and these soccer players are players that are fighting against some problem in their career, but I wish it focused more on the soccer matches

art 10/10
It's yoichi takahashi's art, it's great, he has his own art style, something pretty interesting and original

character 7/10
the characters are quite good, but some of them are boring

enjoyment 8/10
it's pretty fun to read Pride, I actually enjoyed a lot reading it

overall 9/10
You've got to read Pride, it's awesome, tells interesting stories, original artwork, and i'm sure you will enjoy reading it. So what are you waiting for? go read it