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Mar 28, 2019
This review will be super biased because Im writing this as a military stuff, jet fighter fan (I have an F18 keyring lol). I think you need to be a fan of these stuff to really enjoy this one. Apart from the ending which gets kinda interesting and some other interesting concepts too is a pretty avarage good-bad guys history, but I really enjoyed it! The art is kinda flashy with all those colors, I wished the "daughters" had more realistic colours and also the enemy designs felt kinda poor, they also felt like if they were just there to fit in the battle escenes, read more
Mar 22, 2019
I think you really need to like military stuff to enjoy this series. The plot is interesting because of the characters but also because of how it shows how harsh war is. I can understand why people is giving it a 6/10 but I dont think its fair, for me its a 9/10, solid 8/10 for sure. Like others pointed out, I think its very short. Characters look very enteresting, I wished their history was more developed but maybe they needed more episodes to do it. Also maybe some colours/vehicle designs could've be more realistic to fit the war enviorment. I hope it gets a read more