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Sep 25, 2019
Isekai Cheat Magician a series that's had mixed review to put it kindly and may not be everyone's cup of tea. What doesn't help its case is that this season and the season before had several Isekai anime airing and as such I feel this had an impacted on overall score.

The story starts off with your typical Isekai story MC is transported to another world which they've been destined to protect. MC has powers and is stupidly overpowered and they don't explain why. that there is my main crux with the story.

The story its self is pretty standard but its not a terrible story, I read more
Apr 10, 2017
This Review is for both Season 1 and Season 2 of Iron-Blooded Orphans

Firstly let me say this anime while it captures the great feeling of what a Gundam anime should be it fails in one major place and in my opinion thats its character development.

I found that the characters could of been worked on a little more and given a bit more depth to their personality as I found that the main protagonist felt a little robotic and while I understand that he was meant to act like that I still felt there could have been a little more depth to his character.

Towards the read more
Apr 8, 2017
As someone who has seen both the japanese version and the english version all I can say is that this film goes beyond expectations.

Kimi no Na wa or Your Name its a film where you can easily recommend it to someone who is new to the idea of anime and other related merchandise but doesn't want to start with an older series.

I've spoken to a few people after both viewings and one thing everyone that everyone agreed on is that they would recommend it to both anime fans and people who are not fans in general as its a film everyone can get behind and read more
May 2, 2016
Build Burning Gundam Launching!

Hi all welcome to review about Gundam Build fighters, I'm Loveanime93 and today i'm giving my views on this anime.

Now Build Fighters is a cross between Beyblade and Gundam in my opinion and I think its been achieved extremely well. The anime in general allows newcomers to Gundam to experience it in a lighter atmosphere without any danger to the characters but still have the awesome battles and suits clash. As a veteran of Gundam though i would of liked it to be a bit darker because as i said there wasn't any real danger to the characters.

Now the story read more
Apr 28, 2016
Which way is up and which way is down? I'm Loveanime93 and welcome to my Review for Patema Inverted or Sakasama no Patema.

To Start, I didn't know about this anime film I've heard of Studio Rikka who did time of eve but not this film and I only watched this as it was recommended by a sale person at a comic con event. And Boy was it something.

Firstly this film is a mind bender and can give a headache and it will leave you constantly questioning things at least i did.

The story is a simple but original and drives on the different points of views read more
Nov 29, 2015
Doing a back log of reviews at the moment and this times its one of my favorite anime series of all time FMA: Brotherhood now unlike its earlier adaptation of the series follows the manga extremely closely and if you love the manga then you'll love the TV adaptation.

Both the Dub and Sub versions of this series are extremely well done and you won't find many people who disagree with me saying this its a must watch show.

The story about two boys trying to get their bodies back by the use of a philosopher stone. Now i'll stop there as its better to experience read more
Nov 24, 2015
When I started watching anime i needed suggestions to get started and the first thing people said to me was Mirai Nikki/Future diary, not knowing what i was getting into I pressed ahead and started watching.

The story of Mirai Nikki or future diary is a what if story? what if we could change the future? what if our lives were a game and what if our phones were things that kept us alive.

Mirai Nikki forces the viewer to watch as characters compete in a survival game, the story can be a little hard to follow and you can lose track of what has happened but read more
Nov 22, 2015
Well where to begin? Firstly Digimon adventure tri movie 1 is more of a set up film in my opinion, the story wasn't clearly explained and they weren't clear on what happened prior to this film and for that reason I gave it a seven. although there is areas that need to be improved.

The Art is a drastic improvement from the classic series they look like actual teenagers and the animation for the digivolution was improved as well. the digimon art is just as good if not better then its classic counter part and really helps bring out their personalities.

The music in this film read more
Nov 21, 2015
Sora No Manimani an anime that gives an insight into stargazing, the show itself is relaxing and doesn't really stand out from the other anime in this field.

For an anime that is stated to have romance, its not straight in your face and you have to look for it, its simple to follow and you learn a lot from it i.e all the star constellations.

I personally found it to be an enjoyable, relaxing and easy going anime, that will make you smile and potentially make you wonder about the greater universe.

The music and art make up for character development which i found lacked in read more