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ilhoon Jan 15, 2012 12:20 AM
hmmm. i'm not sure what you're in the mood for, but i'd rec mawaru penguindrum and...angel beats! maybe?? i really enjoyed both of those. also the neon genesis evangelion movies? i was p underwhelmed by the series itself, but i'm enjoying the movies a ton more!! and i always rec clannad to people who haven't seen it, i went into it not expecting much and came out greatly surprised. and hm...might as well rec ookiku furikabutte while i'm at it. it's very slow paced, i will warn you, but the characters are so wonderful i enjoyed it despite having next to no interest in sports anime.

i hope i was of some help?? ; w;
ilhoon Nov 14, 2011 1:23 PM
ah, i do??? ii don't usually use the messenger, although i suppose i could!!
i'm :33
ilhoon Nov 12, 2011 5:24 PM
i've been good!!
but you know, we really do (obviously, ugh i get so busy, i forget to come on here ; ~;)!
do you have msn??
or even just an e-mail address would work. :33
ilhoon Nov 4, 2011 6:14 PM
yes, yes, that was me, hahaha!!
i'm surprised you thought i was cool.
i always thought you were. uo u
ilhoon Nov 2, 2011 7:07 PM
hahaha, YES, somehow, man.

i guess i just have a good memory, or maybe i got incredibly bored and was looking through my comments at one point and was reminded of you, and amazed that you put up with me for as long as you did. :')
ilhoon May 26, 2011 1:49 PM

KazeFalcon Feb 6, 2010 9:59 PM
Hello :)
If you love Gintoki,please join my Lord Gintoki FC:
See you there :D
Lithia Oct 22, 2009 7:35 AM
I was gonna wait to mention this after you'd gotten back to me on my previous reply, but I'm sure to forget it by then, so: I watched Mononoke REALLY unique thanks for the recommendation, we'll get into this upon the next comment, I'm sure :]

- Lithy.
noteDhero Oct 16, 2009 11:35 AM
I see all the comments, but because I answer everyone at the same time, I get responses at the same time. And since I have 3 other people with responses around this long, one or two other people with shorter responses, and now a bunch of random people pming commenting on me, I just get overwhelmed and procrastinate a little too much. That said, a month was too long, and I apologize for this late reply.

I'm the opposite. If they didn't "look" Japanese, I just assumed it was about Americans. I watched Sailor Moon, not thinking they were in Japan, even though they were talking about Crystal Tokyo, because Serena (Usagi) had blonde hair and blue eyes. Dragonball Z was just in a whole other world, so I didn't really pay attention to that one as much. Oh, don't get me started on Bleach. Ichigo gets picked on for having red hair, but Orihime's hair is the same color and no one says anything about it. Then Chad is Mexican and living in Japan for absolutely no reason. For the longest time, the only reason I liked the show was because I had convinced myself that the Spanish overtones in the show were going to play out into something. Then I finally realized Tite Kubo is a hack, and now I only watch it because I've invested so much time already. Naruto I see the same as Dragonball Z. It's clearly a whole other world, and they don't pretend to draw realistic connections. The only problem I have there is the technology. Sometimes they have these sprawling metropolises, yet no cars, but they have some weird form of electricity.

Lol, no I think I'm saying (this is the time working against me) that the combination of crying at the drop of a hat and writing in shorthand is something fangirls do, and thus aren't really gravitating towards me. The same goes with the guys who write in shorthand and use the word "GAR" too much. I just don't attract those type of fanboys and fangirls. Though lately, I have had random people ask me "why I hate x show" so much, and going as far as sending me private messages and pms wanting an explanation.

Well, it's mostly in my review, but what it comes down to is that the main kid thought that he could get away with doing nothing. He aunt asks him to go to school. He doesn't. Then she asks him to get a job. He doesn't. He throws tantrum the whole movie long talking about his dad, and how he can manage things if he wants to. Then he moves out and drags his sister with him, lives destitute, and steals from hard working people, pawns off all his posessions, never gets a job, and even when his sister is nibbling on rocks, he still refuses to man up. The little girl was so one-dimensional that I honestly could not have cared if she were alive or dead by the end.

I'm the same! I have a love/hate thing with Sakura too. I hated her in the beginning because she was so useless, but since she fought Sasori in Shippuuden, and has displayed the most growth of any character in the show, I kind of love her now. The problem is that the writing has kind of reverted her back into a helpless heroine when she is clearly the strongest female in the show.

See, I'm not good with phones either because it always feels awkward, and I feel like I had more to say, the silence is deafening and I don't really know how to end a conversation. I'm really great in person, and long form texting and emails (like this) because I feel like it's more structured, personal, and I can get my point across clearly. I'm kind of glad technology has afforded me with forums and emails, otherwise, I'd probably not own a phone and insist on talking to everyone in person or writing letters by hand.

I get it...but I just feel like I'm being to mean when I flat out deny someone without giving them the chance. But once they've had their chance, I don't have a problem cutting them off. In fact, I've done a bit of housekeeping in that department recently. It's my weird neurosis, and I have my convoluted way of dealing with it :D

2gb/s? I download the world with a speed like that.

See...I don't even think they took the conducting seriously until Chiaki got to Paris. I just saw the flaws everywhere, but that could be my experience as a music major speaking. And it's not totally the not taking things seriously aspect as much as it was not knowing which parts needed to be serious, and which didn't. It was off balance a lot of the time. Stressman is a total comic relief character, so even though they gave him a useless wig, I thought the guy playing him was a bit of a genius.

No problem. I'll have my Fall Impressions up once I've seen at least 3 episodes of all the shows. Trapeze (doctor show) hasn't even been subbed yet. I hear the episode aired yesterday or two days ago, though, so I'm excited. Almost everything else though, is looking rather bleak. I'm glad I'm special, I take myself very seriously ;)

No, I didn't watch Element Hunters, it seemed like a totally generic shounen that I would loathe myslef for picking up. I saw the picture, and read the description, and it just looked childish. If I remember correctly, I remember thinking, "Beyblade," and never turned back.

I tried a few episodes, but again, it felt really generic and too bishounen for me. I've heard good things about it also, but it almost always comes from fangirls, so I take it with a grain of salt. Same with Hitman Reborn. Looked plain and uninteresting, so I never bothered. My brother watched it for a hundred or so episodes, but then he lost interest. And since he's the type of person that gets caught up in shounen series very easily, I decided against it. I won't do One Piece. Ugly art and it's about pirates. That's more than enough of a deterrent.

I was the same way. I finished CCS last year and Dragon Ball Z I managed to finish somehow over the course of years on television. I may or may not finish Sailor Moon since I don't want to tarnish my childhood memories, and I gave up on Digimon after the season with...I think his name was Guimon. I also have a lot of stuff in the "On Hold" section that I didn't manage to catch while it aired completely, but still want to watch. Stuff like Witch Hunter Robin, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Read or Die TV.

The stuff in my dropped list are mainly shows that I saw on television when I was younger and have no intentions of picking up whatsoever. There are very few dropped shows that are there since my watching anime on my computer. But looking at this season, there will be at least one show that I add to the drop list.

I won't say anything about Phantom. I think I gave it a 6. People who are familiar with the VN seemed to like it quite a bit, but had a few problems with the adaptation. I thought it was a little overwrought.

Of the three, I've only seen Scryed. I thought it was ok, if not good for what it was (I'm going off of the English dub that aired on Cartoon Network). I've heard that Flame of Recca is Yu Yu Hakusho (or was it Hunter x Hunter?) done more generically, and that Kaze no Stigma was pretty generic also (maybe comparable to Flame of Recca). As I said, I stay away from shounen so I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

I'm so sorry. I love Mouryo no Hako (may be the best original anime of last year), but since the subbers were slow and infrequent, I decided to hold it at episode 6 or whatever and wait for it to be finishedd. It's such a great mystery dependent on remember the facts and carrying them from one episode to the next that when I was watching an episode, since it had been so long since the previous one was aired, I spent half the time trying to remember everything relevant to the conversation. It's stored away on my hard drive waiting for completion. I don't think I've seen an episode since February or March, and it kills me when I think about it. Especially compared to a lot of the garbage that faithfully got subbed that season, let alone the year. Same goes to Himitsu: The Revelation.

Once again, sorry for the long response time.
Lithia Oct 16, 2009 6:28 AM
Figured I'd head-you-up on this beforehand:
I'm entering a pretty busy period @ uni. now, so I may not reply to your "soon to come" reply on my reply soon.....did you get that?...good :3
...But I'll try my best.

Just so you know :]

- Lithy.
ilhoon Sep 29, 2009 8:03 AM
No, believe me, I know. Shit happens. MAL isn't exactly a number one priority. I getcha, I getcha. :3

My mom is very against things like sleeping aids. When I went a therapist last year I was on anti-depression meds that helped with my sleeping. But I had to stop going because of how tight money is with my family, and I ran out of scripts for the pills, so. Yeah. I don't know, that just really isn't an option for me right now, if that's what you meant. Yeah, how you are is how a lot of people who think they have insomnia are. It's amazing how much energy your body can have, so that even when you do feel exhausted it tends to want to stay awake when it has energy to burn. Can you tell I take psych classes? xD

Oh, I see what you're saying. I'm just a very bitchy person, to be honest. Like, I don't even like when a teacher talks. Not lectures, but when a teacher will be like 'Okay guys, how are you all doing? Let's talk about how we're all doing! Okay?' It really bothers me. I have a problem with authority figures. ;____; Oh man, that's my thoughts exactly when it comes to college and having to pay for it and all. I think part of it comes from the fact that I went to Catholic school when I was a kid until about fifth grade when my family couldn't afford it any more. There's absolutely no reason you need to pay for elementary school, after all. And that logic has kind of carried me into the 'Wait...why do you have to pay for college, then?' argument. Because I get that it's not compulsory and all that jazz. But if someone wants to learn why should they have to pay for it? Most everyone I know in college has a really hard time between all their bills, their classes and then the crappy jobs and hours working they have to put up with. It's just insane. :/ You're a Creative Writing major?!?!?!? Ah, so cool. I want that to be my major, honestly, I do. It's the one thing I love to do in life. And I'd be fine with having a teaching job, too, if that degree could open up that possibility for me. I honestly would have fun with that. Writing really is the one thing I love to do, it's just such an uncertain profession, you know? But thanks really, it doesn't sound preachy at all. It's nice to hear something like that from someone who's actually going for that major. Because I talked to my counselor about it and she was just like 'Yeah, but wouldn't this be a more viable option?' I've always said I'll probably die a starving artist and, to be honest, I think I'd be okay with that. xD

Yup, that's how I feel about it, man. I don't have a hard time explaining myself in words, it's simply that doing it through text is a lot less expressive than actually saying something in person. You can't quite get the feel, I suppose, when you're just reading the words, as opposed to hearing them or seeing them being said. I'm a really expressive person, too, when I talk I tend to use a lot of gestures and I'm really animated, so talking to me online isn't anything like talking to me for real.

Just be like ' off your glasses. O____O' Complete with creepy face. He'll feel compelled to, I'm sure. I know his kind of people. I'm one of them after all. ...the glasses part I mean. Not the boy part. x3

I'm excited for the new arc in Kuroshitsuji as well. I'm getting a very underworld feel from what's leading up to it. Meaning Death Gods and maybe some seedy stuff going on in the bad parts of London. Meaning Lau. But that's probably just wishful thinking. xD I can't stand filler. I mean, it can be...good or funny or whatever, but if it doesn't further plot it feels useless in the long run, so what's the point of it? :/ You know, I'm wondering about that as well. Maybe the Death Gods have transcended death. Or maybe they're different beings completely and just are what they are. Weird to think about.

Oh, talking about Kuroshitsuji reminded me! Okay, so, I get a lot of 'Ohhhhh, really's from people who see Kuro is my favorite anime. So I'm wondering, how do you feel about the favorites on MAL? Because I use them as just that: favorites. Kuroshitsuji isn't the best anime I've ever seen and it wasn't perfect, but I enjoyed it so much that it became my favorite. Of course, it had to be good to become my favorite, but just because it is my favorite doesn't mean that I think it's the best anime ever. Same goes for my top manga. And...not really for Light, because I think he's the best character in anything, um, ever. But most of my favorites are just things I really enjoyed, or that I am enjoying, rather than being the best ever in their specific categories. Just wondering how you feel about it. :3

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did you just ask me if Six Feet Under is good? Okay, let me spell it out for you. An amazing look at the mortuary profession (you learn way more than you want to know, but it's hugely interesting, especially considering most people don't think about it often). Amazing characters, including the dead dad who shows up with words of wisdom, the gay, uptight younger brother of the main character, the younger, sarcastic sister who's trying to find her place in the world. Not to discount Nate, the main character, of course, who seems normal but is really fucked up the more you learn about him. Throw in drugs, sex, each episode opening up with the death of someone. The fact that it's fucking hilarious. Six Feet Under is like, a masterpiece. I will never see a better television show. Augdhdskfskle. -dies-


Darn, you saw through my theory. How about this then? The Undertaker wants out of the Death God business, so who does he go to? WILLIAM, who loves him. Er, respects him, rather. He makes William fight him, but also makes William lose on purpose and uses that as an excuse to retire, seeing as he can beat William, who is awesome with his spears o' death. Eh, eh? NO UNDERTAKER IS PRETTY. Maybe he isn't, but I like to think that he's secretly got an amazingly pretty face, even if it is scarred. I...I like his nails! >:

Hmm, reading manga you mean? No, not really. I prefer anime, honestly. It's just that I got into anime/manga in middle school. And then stopped liking it, until I saw this parody of Soul Eater sometime last December. It got me interested and so I watched Soul Eater and got back into anime. I've liked anime for quite some time, it's just that I have a large gap between when I first was into it and now, so I really haven't watched much. D: Also, back when I bought the stuff, manga is damn cheaper, which doesn't hurt. I'm re-watching Cowboy Bebop because I haven't seen it in ages. And .hack//Sign because my friend was talking to me about it and I realized I couldn't remember half of it! So, I don't usual re-watch unless I'm really in the mood to do so. Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh!, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Ha, okay, the first mistake you can make with YGO is going by the dub. It's one of those cases where the dub is, in fact, the devil. YGO subbed is a whole different thing. They swear, they make jokes that aren't appropriate but are funny, and friendship is not even a big theme. It's all about winning card games and being badass while you're at it. Seriously, the characters are far more interesting when you don't have 4kids censoring out things they think are too extreme. Plus, even when I watched the dub as a kid, because I did, of course I did, I loved it. So. The nostalgia of watching a series I quite liked as a kid and finding it be better subbed...that's why I like YGO. xD Good question about how I pick what to watch...I have a crap answer for you! If something peaks my interest, I'll watch it. I have a pretty wide variety of tastes. Shoujo and shounen, romance and violence, horror and action, drama and comedy, genre isn't really a big deal to me, as long as I'm in the mood for it. If it looks interesting I'm probably in. But I like good art. So if a series seems to have less than average art...or even just average art, I'm hesitant. The number of episodes plays a factor as well. I'm far more likely to go for an OVA, since it's probably, at most, 4 episodes. So if it ends badly, it was only four episodes, whereas it sucks to get invested into an anime that has, oh, around 51 episodes and ends on a sour note. You know what I mean. Oh, and main character. Dude > chick. I'm a lot less likely to watch something with a female lead, but if the plot seems good enough there's a chance I'll go for it. Ha, I'm picky about stupid things. ; w;

Just breaking up that paragraph so it won't be such a wall of text. xD Anyway. I love watching 'Making Of' featurettes on DVDs! I'm a huge movie buff, so believe me when I say I know what you mean. The planning stages are so interesting to see, and it's amazing how much goes into it. That's part of the reason why I'm at a loss for how they can let an anime get away from them in the way that it seems like they sometimes do. Part of the problem, I think, is when they turn a manga into an anime before the manga is completed, a la Soul Eater. Soul Eater is still an on-going manga, and the arc that the anime focused on ended recently in the manga, and it ended in a very satisfying way. But it didn't end until after the anime ended, so the people making the anime had no idea where the manga was going with it, so they had to make their own ending. Granted, they should have made a better ending, no arguing with that. All I'm saying is, it can't be easy to follow a manga for a while and then have to make up and ending when the manga doesn't have one yet. Awwwwww. As I said, I love open-endings. Not that I dislike actual endings by any mean, but something about being able to draw your own conclusion from the facts presented really gets me. I don't know why. xD

Yes, I have read more of Dogs: Bullets & Carnage! Partly due to you. :D Haine is on my favorites because, uh. I keep the top 8 characters all the time, but the bottom two tend to change based on whatever I'm reading/watching. So Haine and Maguri aren't permanent, they're just two characters I'm really enjoying at the moment in their respective series. :3 Yeah, I read the prequel and...oh it was just so cool once I understood what was going on. The guns, I tell you, the guns! And the characters and the - you really need to read more once you get the chance, it's a lot of fun, especially if you like violence and gore and all that good stuff. Haha, I'm such a good influence. 8D But yeah. Evangelion, got it out from the library. I watched the first episode ages ago and never really got into it, but a friend of mine kept pushing it at me, and I saw it at the library, so. It's actually quite good so far, though the art gets a bit sloppy in places. Otherwise, for a mecha, I'm enjoying it a hell of a lot, probably for the psychological aspects. Hopefully it's not just because it's the only anime I've really watched in a while now. xD I have heard about the movies and, if I like the rest of the anime enough I'll probably watch them as well. Since they're newer they'll probably have more fluid art, which should be nice. O:

Dude, to be honest, if you had sent me a funny picture or video from Gintama, you probably would have gotten me even faster. Picturing that scene made me laugh so much that it really made me want to watch it. So seeing something...would have been the best way to go about it. xDD You mean I'll have a lot of episodes to catch up on! But that is a nice way to look at it. x3

Oh, really? I've always kinda wanted to do Locks of Love, but as I was telling Anomalous (the one who mentioned it in the first place) I don't have the patience to grow my hair out that long. Maybe now I'll do it since I'm liking my hair longer. 0:

Yes, I name things. My phone is Trevor IV, because there have been 3 before him. xD Yeah, that's probably a big reason the laptop died as well, because there was a lot of shit on it from three people constantly using it. It was only about a year and a half old though, so it died pretty young. ;____; Funny story about netbooks. My mom got one last Christmas, because her boyfriend thought it would be good if she had her own laptop to use for school stuff, since she never used the laptop for anything else. It completely died after a month. No reason, they couldn't fix it, it just stopped working. So. Yeah. They don't seem very reliable. D:

THE NAKED BROTHERS BAND? Holy crap. You are so right with that assessment. The main kid in the show is, like, eight. And he has chicks after him. And. It's really creepy to be honest, since the chick that really likes him is probably twelve or thirteen. Creepy. Anyway. I don't even remember the Black Rangers' name! I just remember wanting him to be my one true love. Or something.

rofl, that's so great. Or not, I'm not sure. I look at our com-to-com from time to time (totally did not mean for that to happen) just because I get unsure of what you're responding to of what I said in the last comment. Mostly because I have a bad memory. For example I was like 'Wait, Tommy? Were we talking about Rugrats? What?' xDDD

Funny, that. I don't even remember how I found MAL or why I joined it. You're lucky that you do, rofl. I mean, no one recommended it to me. I don't think I just found it or anything. I feel like someone mentioned it and I was like 'Hmm' and checked it out, but I simply can't remember. It is a godsend in terms of keeping track of anime/manga though. I don't think I could honestly remember my progress on a lot of series without it! Yeah, some people get really serious business about MAL and it confuses the hell out of me. each their own? I suppose. Don't evil laugh at me. IT JUST MEANS YOU'RE MY BEST MAL FRIEND. ;______;

No, I know. I check all the series to see if they have prequels and sequels and spin-offs and what have you. But it ends up confusing me somehow. Like, with Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, I watched the first episode of the second season before I watched the first season. WHY? I could not tell you. I thought it was the first season, for unknown reasons. I'm just retarded about those sorts of things.

Speaking of pirates and family. Have you seen Pirates of the Caribbean? I'm going to assume you do not live under a rock and, therefore, have, at least, heard of it. Anyway. My mom swears to all that is moderately holy that she saw a man at the bar Saturday night who looked JUST LIKE WILL TURNER. Not Orlando Bloom. WILL TURNER. Now, whether this is because my mom loves Will Turner, was probably somewhat inebriated and so forth, I don't know. But apparently there is someone who looks just like Will Turner walking around my town. Isn't that crazy?

God, we're weird. xD Isn't it fun?

...I totally envisioned a manga about a piano player. Just seeing his expressions, nothing happening but him playing the piano and people being like 'O:' at it and him being like '|:<' the entire time, because he would be so serious. I laughed for a while. xD Anyway, I know what you mean about music in manga. I can never quite get the feel for it in the same way that I can when I'm hearing it. Yet another reason why I like anime more than manga is the music, anyway. Especially in the case of a story revolving around music. I mean. Come on. But yay. I guess that was a stupid question, but for some reason Japanese people tend to be amazingly good looking. So that makes me want to see the LA version more!

By that way...creepy, maybe, but I think of you as LA in my head. xDD

Nope, yeah, not me. xD But you obviously read my mind. I'll actually be getting it out, hmm, maybe today or maybe Saturday from the library, we'll see, but I am looking forward to it anyway. We can dicuss it. >:3

You bring up an interesting point, that, um, interests me. xD I don't want to watch an anime or read a manga where the characters aren't good looking. It seems really shallow, but I don't see the point. If the person can make the choice to draw the characters how they want to, they should make them at least relatively good-looking. One or two characters that aren't babes are okay, if you want to be somewhat realistic, know what I'm saying? That's just something I've always thought, and you brought it up, so I thought I'd expound upon the idea. o:

You know, if you really like X that much, I'll respect your opinion and give it a shot. Maybe if I read more of CLAMP's stuff I'll get used to their style. :3

Yeah, well, people in California are all weirdoes, so I'm not surprised. xD To be honest, my little sister is in elementary school and she's freakishly tall, so...maybe you're onto something there! Perhaps their generation is going to be full of tall people. o____o

True enough, true enough. Like Pokemon. I could never understand how they managed to always have the same outfit on. And no matter what happened it would be fixed by the next episode. Maybe being in an anime automatically gives you super special powers...

Ah, yeah. One of the reasons I feel bad for Suzaku in the end, though, is that he really has no one left. Besides so many people he cared about dying (Lelouch, Euphy) he's also thought to be dead, so he can't see anyone else either. He's dead to the world, and most everyone he cared about is dead as well. Because Lelouch makes him live in the end, but not as a person: he makes him live as a symbol. But yeah, I do think the fact that Lelouch uses most everyone as a pawn is amazing. It really shows that he believes in his goal, which is the thing I like most about him. He wants to make a better world, no matter the cost even if it's his own life, or the lives of others. Barring, of course, as you said, Nunnally. Comparing Lelouch and Ciel is interesting. Hmm. I like Lulu better by just a bit, but they're very different in my mind, because Ciel is far more selfish, especially considering that he's younger, but I do see the parallels. True. I dislike C.C. and Lulu as a romantic pairing though. I love their banter and see them as great friends, but they really don't work romantically for me, so I don't really get the whole big deal about their supposed 'relationship.' Aw, but come on. I don't know, sibling relationships are nice. But I liked Rolo and Lelouch's relationship better because it was doomed and relatively fucked up. I mean, Rolo is obsessive when it comes to Lulu, but it's really because he's never had anyone else. From Rolo's side of things, he does everything for Lelouch, because he truly loves him that much. It's a destructive (and slightly creepy) relationship, but to me it's far more interesting than the rather conventional Big Brother and Little Sister thaaang Lulu and Nunnally have going on. But that's just me. 8D Ohhh, how could you forget Euphemia and Clovis? Euphy is one of the few female characters I truly like, despite her being very girly. And Clovis was the freaking Brittanian Tuxedo Mask. xD Hmm, I probably should watch the recap episode at some point. I have so many things I want to watch! >:

Heh. Mellow. Marshmallows. Sorry, word association. xD Anyway. Yes, true facts, if someone won't shut up about a series you probably know it's good...that reminds me of a certain someone and Gintama. xD I always click on spoilers too! It's one of my great weaknesses. If I was a superhero, it would be my kryptonite. Spoiler tags. They kill me. ;_____;

Wow, really? I've been playing video games since I was about eight or nine, not really that long, but long enough to have played N64 and all that fun stuff. :3 Ah, yeah, Ansem! The same thing happened to me! I was pretty young when the first KH game came out so I really didn't know about leveling up and the like, and I was only about lvl. 60 when I went to fight him too. And going back and replaying KH doesn't sound fun to me, since the bulk of my favorite characters (meaning: all except Riku) are only in the later installments. CoM's card system is a pain in the ass, but it is kind of worth it for Marluxia, Larxene and Zexion's hair. Seriously, the creation of Zexion went something like this: And Nomura said, 'Let there be a member of the Orgy with emo boy hair for the fangirls to squeal over,' and there was and it was good. Not even kidding. But yeah. KH II is basically KH, but it has the added bonus of a myriad of new gorgeous dudes (aka Organization XIII aka Orgy...because it really is as far as fangirls are concerned). KH II completes my life, man. Yeah, I went to Wikipedia to see the NA release date of 358/2 Days and wham, bam, picture of the end of the game. Totally ruined it for me...but oh well.

Shadow Hearts? O: Can't say I have. I'm assuming you'd recommend the games...? 8D Do tell.

We should exchange some stuff, definitely! I only really let people I trust read my stuff, but I figure I trust you, so. xD Never heard of Ficly though. Why? 0: Oh, I'm not very good at poetry, but if it comes to it, I can do it rather easily. I did a whole book of poems based on Kingdom Hearts funnily enough, for a Creative Writing class. I tend to get really into things where we have to write creatively for school and people get like that with me too. And I'm just like 'I don't see why it's so hard...?' xD Oh goodness, your point about scholars who dissect writing: SO TRUE. How do they even know??? Like, a bunch of people, for example, say Shakespeare was gay/bisexual because of some of his poems. But what the hell do they know? Maybe he just got bored. Maybe he was a fanboy. And even if he was gay/bi, why does it matter? Can't we just appreciate literature without pulling it apart? Um. [/end rant] xD Yep, yep! To me, though, often times having good characters makes a plot. Because, so often, what is plot but the characters being characters? Not always, of course. But I've read some great books that don't exactly have a plot so much as they have characters. Oh, essays. I don't like essays. Unless it's my opinion. I don't like citations and facts and stuff. :/ Ah, fanfiction. If you were ever to read some of my stuff...well, I wouldn't. But if you did, keep in mind I really do it for fun. I don't take fanfiction seriously and tend to use it more as a metaphorical playground to, well, play around with my writing. With different tenses and narration, dialogue and characterization and such. I don't worry too much about the overall quality's fanfiction. And since I write slash/yaoi most people just read it for the gay and not the actually literature aspect of it, so. :/ Anyway, in short: my fanfiction isn't all that good, my actual original work...I won't say it's good, but I put a lot more work into it, so it's better.

I found out about Glasvegas, god, last year sometime? Because some girl said something on MySpace about a song called Fuck You, It's Over and the title peaked my interest, ha. xD I'm still at a loss for why they're not more popular, but such is the music industry these days, really. I couldn't understand a lot of the words at first either, rofl, I think it's part of Glasvegas' charm. xD Oh man, don't apologize about not being into the Dropkick Murphys. DKM...either you hate 'em or you love 'em. Oi punk/Celtic rock, aka their genre, is a pretty acquired taste. I've loved Celtic music since I was a kid, I'm Irish, so to me it seems natural to mix it with rock, but a lot of people think it's dead horrible, so really, don't worry about it. xD

Haha! x3 Well, I do know some people who smell horrible and...well, they never have many friends, do they? Aw, but thank you, a lot of what you said was really nice! :'3 I don't mean to get so down on myself, it's just that I have a hard time understanding why no one seems to want to be my friend, so I usually assume there's something wrong with me. Also I have a terrible sense of self worth due to my cliché crappy childhood. Also due to that I have social anxiety, so I know I don't seem shy on the internet, but, let me put it this way. I never have to do speeches or presentations in school because I'll have a panic attack if I have to be in front of a group of people I don't know. But, yeah. If I get to know someone more I'm really able to open up to them quickly, and I'm very open about who I am as a person. Ha, thanks for saying you don't think I'm ugly. xD One thing I love about meeting people on the internet is that you tend to talk to each other and become friends without really knowing what the other looks like. It takes away a lot of judgmental factors and really makes you more open and willing to be yourself, you know? I know what you mean about friendships/friends being really fragile though. It doesn't sound mean at all. The fact is, most people simply don't stay friends their whole lives. People change, and they change in different ways, and, typically, that means that friendships change and oftentimes break. The thing is, as frail as friendships are, having no friends is...rather terrible. I don't know if you've ever had no friends. But I literally have been at the point of having no one, not even really my family. And it's an incredibly lonely experience. I can do extraordinarily well on my own, I'm a very independent person, but that's so different from not having friends. Even having a tenuous, superficial friendship feels better than having nothing at all. Way to be totally angsty, I know. xD But it really just is no fun.

About moving out of state, though. Yeah, prices for college probably will be higher. (Which is yet another thing I don't get. I know they do that to keep you in state for college, but is there any real reason besides that?) I don't know what I'll do about that, but...I'll manage somehow. Wow, that sounds oddly optimistic for me. xD I tend to be pessimistic simply because, if you don't expect anything good, you aren't disappointed when things turn out badly, but if things are good in the end, you're pleasantly surprised. 8D

Haha, sorry for whatever I'm doing! xD 4,900 need to stop it, too. |: But you take care as well. See ya next comment. :D
Lithia Sep 27, 2009 8:31 AM
Sorry for the delay, missy. Been busy amongst other things, so I'll take both of your comments into this one....(gonna be a long one I recon =__=; ..XD )

So here goes:

Guess this takes care of that, for now. Will await your reply sometime in the future ^___~

Talk to ya later!
ilhoon Sep 26, 2009 9:27 AM
You like me, you really like me! ; w; Haha, awesome. Sometimes when I see the comments from you I...decide to take a day's rest in-between composing a reply. It's...understandable, to say the least. xD

I guess I see what you're saying about sleeping patterns, I have a really fucked up one. But I literally have insomnia. I've had it since I was about seven, and it's gotten progressively worse over the years. I usually try to lay down to go to bed around ten or so, and I'm lucky if I actually fall asleep by one in the morning. Literally, I just lay there. So I try to get my sleep, but it's hard to come by, really. But at the same time I do know what you're saying. I used to actually stay up until one and then lay down to sleep and I wouldn't actually sleep until four in the morning. Told you, I'm cursed. xD

That's how I am! Sometimes it seems like if a teacher is really nosy I get pissy and deliberately don't do what they're asking, because they're all up in my biz-nuss. When I'm left on my own I feel more comfortable and like the teacher trusts me, I suppose. Aw man, that must suck. Education in this country really sucks, as far as I'm concerned. I don't mean to sound naïve or anything (though I'm sure I do) but I don't see why college has to cost anything. I mean, I do get why it does. But at the same time I don't see why getting an education should cost anything, and that's what bothers me. But yeah, community college! That's my basic idea, plus I still don't know what I wanna do. At least, in terms of practicality. I've wanted to be a writer practically since I could write, but I realize it's not going to happen, really, I just don't know what the hell else I would be happy doing, so it'll be good for me to get general classes out of the way before I even pick a major.

Something about reading 'hahaha' just makes it seem sarcastic, y'know? And I'm not a fan of gratuitous exclamation marks unless I'm thoroughly surprised or something of the like, otherwise it bothers me! xD Believe me, before long you'll be noticing every boy in glasses and just how alluring they are. And if you aren't...I'll cry. ; o; Or something.

OH MY GOD LAU. I forgot about him, awwwww, I love(d) Lau, depending on if we're talking anime/manga... x3 But yes. I think Undertaker is probably just the most knowledgeable dude you're going to find in the underworld, I mean, he is dead, technically, and he's an undertaker. Ever seen the show Six Feet Under? Yeah, freakin' undertakers, they know everything, because they deal in death, and everyone dies. That's why I've always thought Undertaker knows so much, even before he was a Death God in the manga.

...shit, true facts. You can't just stop being a Death God. Maybe he didn't retire, maybe there was a huge falling out and Undertaker was ousted, after an epic battle between him and...and William! And William lost (sorry William ; 3;) and Undertaker was like 'Yeah, foo', that's what you get when you mess with me' and everyone was like 'Okay, okay, we're cool, you can just leave' and Undertaker just left and decided being an undertaker would be enjoyable and opened up shop. Hmm. Yeah. Maybe. And no, you don't mess with Undertaker. His face is too pretty to mess with.

Nope. Haha, yeah, my anime list is pathetic, isn't it? ;____; To be fair, some of my series that aren't listed as completed, I'm actually rewatching. Like Cowboy Bebop, .hack//Sign, and Yu-Gi-Oh (I like YGO, lol). But yeah, thus far I guess I have avoided series that have not-really-an-ending endings. O: Whoa, my head is spinning from all your notes about some of my PTWs. Some stuff I knew, but most of it I had no idea about. Totally read all of it and will take it all into consideration, I just don't have the brain cells to formulate a response to everything. Probably when I watch some of them I'll either gush or bitch to you about them, so look forward to that! xD Yeah, I think that if you're making an anime series you need to plan it out. I mean, it seems obvious, but as we've discussed it seems like some series go 'Oh yeah, we're almost out of episodes...' They need to work with what they have, even if they aren't given much. But, oh, I love open-ended anime, especially like Code Geass and Elfen Lied! Yeah, it's totally different than no ending, because it feels satisfactory, even if there are still questions you're asking, because there are answers you can come to, rather than just a jumbled mess of 'wut?'

...Okay. I need to watch Gintama. I seriously just died laughing at that entire paragraph. I love dirty, bawdy humor. Not stupid humor like 'lol, lame sex joke!' but that...that just sounds hilarious. YOU HAVE NOW SUBJECTED ME TO SADNESS BECAUSE I HAVE NO WAY TO WATCH GINTAMA. I will now go cry in a corner... ;___________; No, not really, but I am sad I can't watch it! Darn your amusing episode description, darn it to heck! >:

Okay, basically it went like this: my whole family shared one laptop. It was pretty, shiny and named Clarice. (I name things, don't judge me!) I used it for internet nerdiness, my mom used it for her classes, my little sister used it for games. All was well. Then it got left on for a few days. I went to open it one day after school...and there was smoke coming out it and the smell of burning plastic. So: one laptop, dead and gone, is the short of it. Tragic, eh? Yeah, money's hard to come by these days, really. Stupid economy.

About the Wii. Okay, here's the basic lo-down on how that goes. I go on the Wii, blablabla, go to my MAL page. Take out my handy-dandy...internet capable phone (aka Trevor the Fourth). It has a full keyboard and stuff, so if I go to your MAL profile, I can reply using the little comment box all the way at the bottom, while looking at your comment on my television so as to know what to reply to. Easy? No. Convenient? Not in the least. But does it work? Yes, yes and yes. :3

Ugh, god I know right? The Jonas Brothers even have a show now, I've seen it, and besides being terrible because it involves the Jonas Brothers, it's not even remotely funny. My little sister doesn't even find it funny, she even told me she just watched it because it's the Jonas Brothers. -dies- YES, YES, YES AND YES, to the shows you mentioned. Holy shit, Power Rangers was so cool back in the day. Mmm, Black Ranger, how I loved him. My friend named her dog Rocko after RML, oh the memories. I remember I watched Ren and Stimpy a year or so ago...that show is fucking creepy. When I was a kid it wasn't. But now it is! xD

Yep, I know! I actually just looked at our com-to-com, it was a trip down memory lane. -sniff- This will be our fiftieth comment. That makes me feel like celebrating. xD Hahaha, I have to admit, the most disarming thing about someone without an About Me is the fact that it says 'Nothing yet' without one. Honestly, nothing would be more inviting than 'Nothing yet.' It makes me feel all nervous, especially when the person joined a year or two ago and it still says 'Nothing yet.' xD Wow, all the way back in '07. I didn't even know about MAL then. I joined on the last day of 2008 (weird, huh?) so I'm relatively new, I suppose. To be honest, some of the more, um, shall I say 'popular,' users on MAL baffle me. I like to talk to people I have similar interests to and all, and I do like to post in the forums if a topic interests me, but I'm not really too much into it. But yeah, I talk to a few people on here, but I think you're the one I've been talking to the longest. x3

I seriously almost always have a problem figuring out what's the original and what's the sequel. I've done it in fanfiction. In anime. In video games. I'm terrible at realizing what's a sequel because I tend to go 'Oh, dear, this doesn't make sense,'ll all be explained in a flash back, I'm sure!' Yeahhhhh...I'm not the brightest when it comes to that stuff.

Whoa...that sounds awesome. Really, all you had to say was 'mercenaries,' because you would've had me there. I have a thing for mercenaries. They are badass. So yeah, adding that to my PTW list, definitely. 8D Thank you~

Agh, it's like pirates! Families are like large groups of dishonest pirates. Only with less parrots, peg legs and eye patches. So it's all the pirate with none of the fun!

Naw, that's not weird. I'd honestly probably do the same if I had the time and wasn't so completely lazy. I tend to use my lists, particularly the Plan sections as a 'Wow that looks interesting, I don't want to forget it exists, so...' sort of thing. Really, half the time I'll look at my lists and go (after the obligatory 'mmm, Lelouch...') 'Wait, what's that?' look at it again, go 'Oh yeah!' and get excited about it. So, I'm weird about my lists too, trust me. And high fives for occasionally OCD, although I'm always OCD, but same difference, high fives anyway! 8D

No I haven't. O: Nodame Cantabile has been one of my ' to in some way' things for a while now, I just never seem to have a chance. D: But if I have the time I'll check out the live action version. It's Japanese people right? Because I...I like Japanese people.

Howl's Moving Castle? o____o Are you reading my mind? I want to get it out from the library tomorrow, because I've never seen it... xD

YAY. Yeah, but Death Note is one of those series, you need to be in the mood for a crime/drama sort of series in order to fully enjoy it. When you do end up watching it, we must discuss it, for it will be fun to discuss! :D

Ugh, riiiight? Like, I have a hard time seeing the appeal in an action manga, because it's not actually in action. I'm an extremely visual person, I need to see things to fully understand them, like when it comes to math for example. So I really like to see what's going on, rather than just sort of half-seeing it, like you do in a manga, y'know?

I get what you're saying about shojo, and...I don't. I'm a romantic, at heart. It's a secret, but I am. I love my gore and my guns and my explosions and all that amazingly awesome stuff. But I also like the blushing, stuttering and running away and crying, oh it just gets me! The pretty boys don't hurt, either, not one bit. That's not to say that I can read any crappy romance and be okay with it, and I also don't like just romance, the series should have other elements in it, or else it's gonna be boring, but I do love my shojo, for all it's annoying cliché faults. xD

It''s all of that! I honestly thought I would like it, since I love Code Geass' character designs that CLAMP did. But obviously there's a distinct different between the two, rofl. I just don't like their artwork...and it's for a few different reasons, but there's another reason I can't quite put my finger on. Something. I don't know what, though, it just bothers me! D:

I live in Michigan! xD I don't know what it is but it seems like every year the freshman keep getting shorter. I'm taller than a lot of them! It's really, really weird, I know, because I am short, it's just that, for some reason, a lot of the people around me are even shorter. I don't know, augh!

HOLY CRAP, I KNOW, RIGHT? It kind of annoys me, no one ever gets a hair cut or if they do it's like 'Whoa, a hair cut, let's all talk about that.' Part of the clothes thing, to me, seems like in a lot of series they do the whole school uniform thing. But then the same is true for other series, so I don't even know. Maybe the artists get lazy. xD

Wow really? I guess I'm a real profile person, I love looking at profiles even if I've seen them a ton of times. That's just me being weird though, I'm quite sure.

Lelouch isn't overly dramatic! He just...has a flair for the theatric. Okay, he's overly dramatic, but like you said, in Code Geass it works. If he hadn't been so dramatic he wouldn't have been a very good lead for the series, as far as I'm concerned. His voice actor was great...a bit over-the-top in R2, but overall pretty solid. Well, Suzaku isn't exactly the smartest person in the world, and as I said, I don't think he's that great of a person. It's all his flaws that make him a great character though. The fact that he's forced to survive when it's the last thing he wants - he's basically condemned to life, as Lelouch says before he dies. Suzaku definitely was a douche in most of R2, but it was amazing character development. I found it hard to like him, but really admired him at the same time. I'm weird. xD Aw, see, I liked Kallen because she was so easily fired up, she has a really big heart but never shows it and she's so proud of her heritage, really. And I felt indifferent towards C.C. because she was so indifferent, it made me feel that way about her, although she could be amusing at times, I'll admit. Aw, Milly! I adore Milly, she's so fun, even if she isn't a very important character. In the first episode of Code Geass, she was what pulled me in, because she says something to Shirley about her boobs and I died laughing and was like 'Yes, I like this.' x3 Schneizel, I like saying his name and hearing Japanese people saying his name. He did get his ass handed to him though, he got Geass'd. Oh the things I could do with a Schneizel under my control, ahahahaha. But...but...but...Ougi and Villeta! (Er, probably spelled her name wrong.) He did get a bit too important, but I thought their relationship was too cute for words. D: Nunnally is just...she's too damsel in distress for me. If she had ever done something besides needing to be saved, it would have been cool, but as it was she really earned a place in my mind as an annoying character. As for her relationship with Lulu, I'll put it this way: I like Rolo. Yeah, I'll take their creepy pseudo-brothers relationship over the real sibling relationship any day.

Man, I remember the first time I watched Code Geass, I was so beyond confused. I want to watch it again, really bad. If I had the money to spend on some anime DVDs, I'd buy the first season, definitely.

-dies because you called Mello 'Mellow'- xD But yeah, they come into play after L dies, which, incidentally, makes me happier than a kid in a toy store with a blank check. Yeah, I don't like L, although his death scene is pretty cool (Light's is infinitely better, though). But we can discuss that once you've seen the series. ...haha, I'm pushing that series at you, aren't I? Sorry. xD I have to admit, I'm guilty of the spoiler bit too. Sometimes I want a bit of info about a series and then...wham, bam, it turns into a spoiler fest. With a lot of popular series, too, I find out spoilers just because people are like 'OMG SO-AND-SO DIES!' for no apparent reason.

You really should suggest it, because the whole 'edit' situation is confusing as hell to me. D:

So excited dude. Dunno if I'll get 358/2 Days the day it comes out though. Don't really have the money, but the fact that it'll be available is cool enough. Wait, whaaaaat? You haven't finished the first KH? Okay, secret, I've never finished it. I'm not good at video games, so, heh. Chain of Memories does not matter, seriously. I mean, it introduces some cool Organization XIII members (namely Marluxia, Larxene, Zexion, Lexeaus and Axel, though he's in KH II) but other than that it's a terrible game, really, and it just rehashes the first game. KH II is for the fangirls, and I dare you to play it and say otherwise, but I find it endlessly fun. I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts nerd, as if you couldn't tell, so I know...god, everything? Almost everything, we'll say, about the canon. I even know 358/2 Days' story and conclusion already. Aren't I terrible?

Ew, 23. 5 is okay because it's 5 and counting in fives works nicely and...I don't know. It just works. But other odd numbers are so... -shivers- Odd? I guess. Even numbers are just so much better!

Oh my god, yes, someone who understands my writing process! D: I didn't know you wrote, by the way. See this is why About Mes are good. >:T But yeah. Writing process. I just feel like I read things where people talk about how they planned this or that out and I'm always like 'Wow, really?' And then people will say something like 'You planned that out well' and I'm like 'Er...I did?' I thought I was completely alone in that, haha. I think it has something to do with my character-fixation, because I tend to let my characters rule whatever I'm writing, rather than the ultimate plot goal I'm going for. Outlines are so the enemy, I don't like being stuck with something I wrote down when I wasn't actually writing, good lord. Especially my dialogue, I have to be in the process of writing to actually get good, believable dialogue. I'm sorry, by the way, if my fanfiction account scarred you permanently. It's all very gay, I know. xD

Glasvegas! Do you have the same problem I do? Whenever I mention them I get blank stares. But they're, so, so good. I'm especially hooked on their Christmas album right now. Something about the accent, the sometimes mellow, sometimes not music and those twisted, tragic and yet amazing lyrics really gets me.

Oh, that. This might take some explaining. I don't know why it is that I have no friends. I mean, it's not like I'm really awesome or anything. But I'm pretty normal, I mean compared to some people. I respect hygiene, so it's not like I'm gross smelling or something. I'm nice enough and I've been told I can be funny and stuff, by the few friends I have (most of whom I've met online). I don't know. I've never had many friends, not since I was a little kid. I always thought it was because I was shy. But the thing is, when I got into high school I made some friends. Then, before eleventh grade, I moved to a new school, away from the few friends I had managed to make, and to a school where everyone is really rich and stuck up. No one at my new school has really given me a chance, and, honestly, I'm used to it because that's how it was all during elementary and middle school. So I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm shy, or because I'm kinda weird or nerdy, or maybe I'm really ugly and not aware of it, I don't know. I'm just used to not having any friends, so I don't usually think about why it is that I don't, and I guess it bothers me but...yeah, I'm used to it. Whoo, I babbled on about that, sorry.

But yeah, good place to stop, eh? 3,400+ words. That's like a short story, man. xDDD
ilhoon Sep 24, 2009 8:48 AM
Wait, no, I lied. You can only edit comments when you do the 'reply' bit on your own profile and then it shows you the comment you just sent and then it has a little 'Edit' link underneath it. I use it all the time, so I just assumed it was under all the comments you leave...but yeah. No. It's not. Sorry. xD

Edit: wait, what the hell, now there's an 'Edit' link under this comment, and so now I'm editing it. But it wasn't underneath the other comment I left you. I...I am so confused. xD
ilhoon Sep 24, 2009 8:35 AM
Holy long comment Batman! ...sorry, had to. Anyway.

Ahaha, baw. I do the same thing. I have insomnia so, like, any free moment I have is spent doing something that's at least halfway relaxing, because I am always exhausted. It's like a curse. -sniffles-

You know, to be honest though, I've always done better when left to my own devices in a class. I hate working with a teacher being right over my shoulder. I'm just the sort of person that doesn't like that at all. And believe me, I know about the cost. My mom goes to college, and she has to buy all her books secondhand and they're still around $70 if she's lucky. She once had to buy a small packet of papers and it cost her $30! The prices are insane, but I'll probably go to community college before I go to an actual college, because my high school grades aren't all that and a bag of chips. :/

Oh, yes. I am converting you to Attraction Via Glasses one comment at a time! It's like some sort of evil plot, only it's really a good thing, because it involves glasses, and all things involving glasses are good things. Hahahaha...laughter doesn't look very impressive in text, does it? >: True, Undertaker could be a Death God in the manga and we just don't know it. I don't want him to be one though, it was cool in the anime because of when and how it happened. I feel like it would be weird if it happened now in the manga, but who knows, Kuro always manages to surprise me, really. I like Undertaker as he is in the manga now too, he's just this weirdo that Ciel goes to, and Ciel probably wishes there was someone else he could go to...but he can't. Because Undertaker is, like, one in a million. It's awesome.

MAYBE...he...was...I don't know. I mean, how does one retire from being a Death God. 'Oh, hello, yes, this job is boring me to death, no pun intended, so I'm just going to retire now, k?' Okay, the pun was totally intended. ;_____;

Holy crap, there's anime with no endings? That's kind of like when a television show gets cancelled before it has a chance to explain what the hell is going on and you're left going 'WAIT, WAT?' I don't know what's worse though: an anime that ends without a real ending or an anime that has to hurry up and produce a less than satisfactory ending. Both are pretty terrible. Every anime just needs to end...perfectly. Because I want them all to.

It's okay. xD really like Gintama, don't you? |: But, yeah, I totally get what you're saying. A great series has staying power, it doesn't get boring or worn out or tired, no matter what medium you're watching/reading it in. Although, I've seen a lot of series where either the anime or manga is infinitely better than the other, but I still get what you're saying. 0:

Haha, yes! I still don't remember how or why I actually won the spelling bee. I'm assuming because I was a good speller. But all I remember is being like 'I ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING? ME?!?!?!?!?' Because that's not a common sort of thing, to tell you the truth.

I have a PS2, it's my baby. So, nope, nothing else I can get wifi on. Actually, I have wifi, I just don't have a computer/laptop to harness it's awesome powers with. It's quite torturous, because if someone just let me borrow their laptop, I would be able to get on the internet in my house, no problem. Dx Yep, my laptop is completely broken, it overheated and caught on fire internally, so I mean, all the hardware is melted. So...yeah. And my family is kinda sorta...poor. I guess. So we don't have money to just buy something, we're kinda struggling more with, um, food and stuff? xD

So do I, man, so do I. Miley Cyrus gives me an aneurysm. Not literally, mind, but...close enough. I have a sister who's nine years younger than me, so I know a lot about the crap for younger kids these days, because she's always watching it. It's so bad. ; n;

Ohhhhh, I know what you mean. I comment people if I find I have something in common with them, and more often than not I find a connection through their About Me. I mean, I've been known to randomly comment with 'OMG AWESOME FAVORITE CHARACTERS' and such. But for the most part if someone doesn't have an About Me I kinda assume they don't want to be commented, if they don't want people to know anything about them. You know what I mean? Cuz some people, SOMEHOW, just use MAL for the lists and nothing else. Astounding, but hey, that's weird people for ya.

...there's two other ones? You know, maybe that's why I was confused as hell, yeah. xD I should really go back and read those then, especially if they're short. :3 Thanks for letting me know that, god, I feel so retarded now! xD

No, yeah, they don't switch places. I mean, they kind of both help each other to become better in certain aspects, because Nana K. is really like 8D and Nana O. is really like |: so, yeah, they change each other through their awesome and spectacular chick friendship powers...I just made it sound really dumb. But it is good, and if you're ever at a loss for a manga to read, you should at least try it, because, if nothing else, it's fun. :D And the art, as far as I'm concerned is awesome. Just saying. But whenever you get a chance is coo', just a suggestion is all.

Haven't seen Black Lagoon, no. I've heard of it though. 0: What's it all about??? 8D I'm too lazy to check myself, and I'm at school, so, YOU SHOULD TELL ME.

Right, right? Stupid family members, they have no sense of common courtesy. I sware to the lawd, family members need to be held to a code or something, a code of common decency. |:<

Oh really? I honestly never go through my lists, except to put my weird tags. I never clean them out or anything. I mean, I have some anime and manga where I've only read one or two chapters and now they're just sitting there, so I should really take them off or put them on hold, but I don't care enough. And I'm lazy. Oh, am I lazy. -sniff-

OH YOU'RE STILL WATCHING DEATH NOTE. Because, I usually do the same thing, leave the rating for after I finish the series, especially if it's a completed series. So I just assumed you finished it. Okay, yeah, watching the live action movie first was a huge mistake. I love Death Note, and I hated that movie. It's absolutely nothing like the anime or manga, main plot points aside. The characters are so different, the ending is a complete's generally the worst movie adaption of something I've seen. Watching the anime at first might feel like seeing the same thing as the movie but, trust me, you'll quickly get to a point where it's not the same at all. And that's before you even get to the second part of the anime, which is my favorite part, contrary to popular opinion. But, then again, that might just be me being weird. But Death Note doesn't really get intensely awesome until you get to the Chain Arc, which is...I can't remember what episode is starts at, but I'm relatively sure it's after episode 8, which is where your list says you are. Um, but yeah. I read the manga second, and I really, really enjoyed it even though it was the same basic story as the anime, but again, that's just me really liking the series, so! D:

I don't know why but shonen manga tends to bore me. I guess it's because you aren't actually seeing things in action? Because I love an anime with some action and gore and all that good stuff. So, for some reason, the two different mediums evoke different preferences out of me.

Alright, thanks! 0: I'll check them out when I have the time, which will maybe be this weekend or next, depending on life as it goes. I'm a little hesitant about XxxHolic because...CLAMP. Um, so with that I'll segue into my low rating for Gohou Drug. I know you're a CLAMP fan so...sorry for this: I don't like their art. Agh, I know, I'm evil! But I really, really, found myself disliking the art, and the story confuses the hell out of me so far, but the art was really the huge turn-off for me. I just didn't like it. I'll go hide in a corner from all the angry CLAMP fans now.

AHAHAHAHA. I mean, oh I'm sorry for being taller than you. I actually wish I was a bit shorter. Because I'm still taller than people, even though I get called short a lot, and I don' being taller than people. Like when I talk to someone and I'm taller than them, it bothers me for some reason! I don't know why!

Elizabeth really wasn't so bad. I mean, compared to usual. But still, I must ask: HER HAIR, WHY? Like, can't she try a different style once and a while or...or something? -sigh- OH I FORGOT, Nina was a lesbian...did they have to make her look man-ish? I mean...seriously. Now that bothers me. xD

Oh really? When was the last time you looked at my profile, because I feel like it's been that way for a really long time! 0:< But yeah, I guess I did. Because I got bored. I get bored of my About Mes often, I feel the need to spice them up. Not that they need any spicing up, seeing as they're about me. No, I'm just kidding, I'm not that conceited, really. ;____;

Well, who doesn't like Lelouch? I mean, honestly, I've never talked to someone who watched Code Geass and didn't like his skinny ass. God, it seems like everyone is iffy on Suzaku! I really, really like him. As a person, he's an idiot. But as a character he's so cool and conflicted and...and angsty. But it works for him, in a weird way. You don't like Shirley? She's the reddish-brown haired one who like Lulu, and eh, she's cute, but I don't really like her. I adore Kallen though, she is a platter of badass with a side of awesome sauce, really. C.C., well, I'm indifferent to her, didn't really find a reason to like her, but it's not like she's terrible or anything either. The crazy lesbian...NINA? Who the hell is naming these lesbians? But yeah, I dislike her as well. The Chinese guy Li...Xsomething? He was pretty badass. I can't believe you didn't mention Schneizel though, Lelouch's creepy, older, power-hungry brother. I...I love him. He is just too cool for words. I don't know though. I think I just like Code Geass because it's very original without being original at all. It's the only mecha that I've ever really been interested in, and that's partly because it has a lot more than mecha in it. I think the hugest reason why I like Code Geass though is the characters. The only characters I don't like are Nunnally and Nina, honestly. It's very rare for me to like so many characters, especially with such a large cast, and not really have a character that I hate. can edit your comments. At least, I've always been able to. I'm just lazy about it, rofl.

Woo you remembered a lot of things, I'm really forgetful too, though, so I get what you're talking about. Sucks when it comes back to you after the fact, doesn't it?

Um. Yes, Death Note. I can actually answer numbers one and three in this. They're two-fourths of the Wammy boys. Well, two-fourths of the ones that are actual characters in the anime and manga. The one with the leather-fetish is Mello. The one in the goggles and ridiculous vest is Matt (who appears in 18 panels of the manga and two episodes of the anime and yet has more of a fanbase than poor Matsuda...don't ask). Now then...Wammy boys. I really don't want to tell you what I mean by that though, because it's something you find out halfway through the manga and in the second part of the anime. It's a really cool plot point and I don't want to ruin it for you. So, I'm not telling. In general, I'll just say they're incredibly smart and they all have really interesting quirks that make them fun characters. Mello and Matt are two of them. :3

Oh my gawd, I know, you did get back to me fast. GOOD JOB. -pats head- 8D

The mainsion confuses me as well. At first I just thought it was a difference between the anime and manga, since as you said, they make it clear Ciel wasn't aware of his servants being badass. But in the manga it's like they never really explained that, but I always assumed he didn't know, but now it seems like he does know, but does he really know and will that ever actually be explained?!?!?! Er, well, that's my thought process at least. And, as for the mansion getting fixed super They didn't really explain what the hell happened there, but I'm just assuming the servants teamed up with the Death Gods and then all the Queen's men helped and they glued it back together again. I mean, not really, but I don't really care at the same time, even if it is a giant plot hole. xD

I know what you mean! When you forget something and you want to remember's like torture, oh my god. >:

And there is an edit button...silly (well it's more of a clickable link underneath any comment you've left somebody). Unless you don't have it for some reason? o___o Seriously, I just edited this comment twice. xD

But yeah, wow. Long comment. But it was fun to write, rofl. xD