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Oct 16, 2019
While first seasons are almost always the best ones and second seasons are just disappointments, this one wasn't that bad. While you do have to watch the ova or the special before watching the second season on this anime. While I don't have any knowledge on the light novel, so I don't know what the anime did wrong. The first season was a little bit better, but not to far off on the second season, this season revolved around basically all the characters and tied everything together. The story is getting more, well hopefully more interesting. This second season was also more just a "development' read more
Jan 18, 2019
Story- 6 - Not so much a story as it seems- Trying to be champ and some story of the other main 2 characters.

Art- 8- The art is really good, that is about it

Sound-8-The sound track is amazing, the opening and ending decent at most for me that is, not really my tase, but may be different for you.

Character- 7- The characters are good, not anything crazy.

Enjoyment- 8 -The enjoyment an 8 at best, I did stop at one point it was airing and caught up and forgot, remembered about the show, but my opinion or anything changed, still same as it was.

Overall- 8 at read more
Jan 18, 2019
The story is of bashin dan where he is taken to the "otherworld" a different world of earth. Along with 5 others, where they are core soldiers with a color-soldier, where they are the ones who can become the king if they win against the otherworld king, or in short the chosen ones.

The battle system- when a character takes damage you get hurt with pain. The battle is super easy to understand it's always explained. Draw step, core step, refresh step, main step all of that, probably forgot one. Just follow along and you will not have any problem, like how did he beat that.

Cgi read more
Jan 16, 2019
While the art and animation may not be as good as the original, this is still a good watch.
This OVA takes place after the villain attack. The characters will not be as enjoyable, like in the parent story, they do act like in the original, just not too fun. We do get some todoroki "backstory".

At the start of the episode you will get a slight recap, just to tell you what just happened, not all too bad.

This episode is about their training and using their quirks for search and rescue. The music is the same from the first season. There is some mineta action looking read more
Jan 13, 2019
Saw some people saying don't watch this I was like, fuck it. Saw the opening scene, damn that ass, on the bike. Then saw some young dude in 20s or something. He was stalking pico, was weirded out. Then we got to the ice cream and then reveal (or was it already revealed), well then I see d***s
what the fuck. I was in 7th or 8th grade (I think 7th). Well made it to the ice cube parts, I just skipped over the parts, to the dialogue, it is still terrible. Just disgusting.
I don't recommend this to any straight guy, but the females will surely read more
Jan 13, 2019
Only good part is when they are in the crate and or trapped. Then it goes terrible.
Some have powers for some reason, there is some tragic past. Then it becomes kill each other in crate.

Then some monsters appear. When they have to kill each other there are weapons everywhere.
After they clear some monster in building thing they form some teams to kill. Protagonist goes separate ways and other mains get split up.

They then meet each other and one or two main die (don't remember)
Eventually find some clues from past, find a girl with some powers and then cliffhanger.

Jan 13, 2019

Erased is anime about a pizza delivery boy, where he tries to stop something bad from happening.
He is able to travel back in time to find out who did it and or stop it. He goes back in time where he is in elementary grade school and keeps all his memories. The you know who is obvious if you actually think about.

There is some strange things happening in the school, also the main guy has to help some kids (they are problem children so to say), he helps one girl (who he eventually falls read more
Jan 13, 2019
Blend S (Anime) add (All reviews)
Blend S is a show which no one will really get together. Blend S is mostly comedy.
The cafe is where you will play a character, which is like the opposite of what they are.
Not all of the show is in the cafe, they do go out on a trip together, like twice.
The op is pretty good, I always no to the trap (lol). You can watch a few episodes a day, nothing too serious, just a soothing anime where you can get some laughs.





Enjoyment-8 (could be 9)

Overall-8 (could be higher, but it wasn't anything to amazing, just a solid 8)
Jan 13, 2019
Wrote some spoils, but if you know it, it will probably make the story better (well maybe) one part kinda does ruin the end. Don't read sentence 3

1. If you are planning to watch this, stop and think your decision.
Arcana's cover is something you would watch, but in reality it's mediocre or worse.

2. Select few are given powers, and in the story who ever wins gets to marry the daughter (there is a tournament btw).

3. The tournament is being because "father" is dying, but somehow gets to live in the end.

4. black hair ( or was it blue) and blond hair, read more
Jan 13, 2019
While many people claim this is a 10/10 anime or high rating, it is actually really not.
Someone said it's because the girls didn't lust over the main, but don't let that fool ya.
The historical aspect of the anime might actually be true that is good.
The main character has knowledge of the history and might or will happen, he helps nobuna.
This is a good watch tho don't get me wrong it was enjoyable watching it at the time.

Story-7 (nothing really just winning the battles, which were enjoyable)

Art-7 (the art was good nothing amazing)

Sound-8 (Good op and ed, voice acting very good)

Enjoyment-8 (some good light chcukles and read more