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Mar 26, 2017
Yami Shibai 4 (Anime) add
What a complete and utter disappointment...

For those not familiar with the Yami Shibai series, they're sketches done with paper-puppet animation techniques, quite stylishh, featuring small, one-episode horror stories. The first one was good, the second mediocre the third fantastic and unfortunately the fourth installment is 100% underwhelming.

First off, the most notable change: The narrator. The previous Yami Shibai narrator was a creepy-sounding old man, with a sly and sinister voice. This time we have a random idiot in what I assume to be his 30ish, giving a very disappointing opening ("It's time for Yami Shibai") that doesn't sound remotely threatening or vile.

The stories themselves are ...
Mar 9, 2017
Heavy Object (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
You know, in my country we have a word, "stratokavlos", roughly translating to "army-d!cked". Boy does it fit here.

In the future, giant robots handle warfare in place of human soldiers. They're incredible exterior armors make them immune to nearly every conventional weapon, so basically the only way to kill these "objects" is with an object of your own.

Qwenthur and Havia, a military engineer and a soldier respectively (whose royalty background you'd swear they swapped by mistake), don't have that luxury. While the "Princess", the female lead, handles riding their nation's Object, they are pretty much errant boys, assisting in maintainance and being looked down ...
Aug 15, 2016
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
Why are you here?
No, really, why are you even reading this?
Do you seriously need someone's confirmation that Fate Kaleid is good? At this point it's almost blasphemous to even question the quality of the series. We didn't start watching this latest arc to find out if it's good, we started watching it because we knew it was good. And of course it is, of course it's always gonna be. The sky is blue, the grass is green, Fate Kaleid is pedoph... Good.

After all 8 cards have finally been gathered, disturbances start happening in the mountain where the battle with Gilgamesh Jr. took place, with ...
Jul 12, 2016
Monster (Anime) add
Good god how boring can you get?

Doctor Tenma, a Japanese doctor living in post-world-war-2 Germany saves a young boy's life through an extremely difficult surgery, by removing a bullet from its brain. As the years pass though, the doctor comes to regret his decision, as that boy turns out to be a psychotic murderer. Well, a bit more complicated than that, Johann (the boy) himself never murders anyone, but instead uses his charm to manipulate people into killing each other, committing suicide etc etc. Doctor Tenma decides to correct his mistake, by killing the boy he saved years ago himself, giving up on his career ...
Jul 12, 2016

In a regular high-school academy, a special dorm called Sakurasou is created for "special" people, more inclined towards arts, though it is primary used as a loony bin. Sorata (Sora for short), goes there after he's told that he's not allowed to keep pet cats in the normal dorms. While adjusting to his life there, with the goal to finally return to his normal dorms, his teacher/dorm watcher/task master gives him another "pet" to care about, her niece Mashiro. Mashiro is most certainly a "special" case, fitting to Sakurasou, as she is completely oblivious to how the world works but at the same time ...
Jul 1, 2016
Kiznaiver (Anime) add
Ok... I'm honestly impressed. Are you feeling alright Trigger?

The first time I read the plot in the anime chart and saw the animation studio my first reaction was "Oh God, it's those idiots again." But I guess everyone deserves a fifth chance, because honestly the anime turned out pretty amazing.

In a futuristic city of Youdon'trememberland, the protagonist Katsuhira lives a relatively uneventful life of being continuously beat up and bullied away from his money. He does not react to this however, because he is physically completely immune to pain. It's not that he's trained to ignore it or something, he physically has no sense of ...
Jun 25, 2016
Mixed Feelings
This short 4 episode long series follows the life of a girl after graduation, the economic and psychological hardships she faces as she enters the world of adults (No, not THAT part of the adult world, the others) and how she has to rely on herself and her cat, a pet she's had since she was a child. The cat is already pretty old unfortunately and it's clear from the start of the anime that he's getting slower and weaker.

Melancholic themes, a tiny bit of intense drama, nice voice acting by both the cat and the girl (we can hear the thoughts of the cat ...
May 5, 2016
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
Quite honestly one of the worst hentai I've seen.
The protagonist's father is gone for work and the protagonist stays home with his horribly designed sister. Apparently his sister is a semen-hungry succubus who wants to have sex with him. Good so far?

THE ART IS AWFUL. I read in another review that a reason you might not like it is because of the succubus or the big boobs. No, no, no! Brandish had a loli succubus that was plenty a gifted and she was pretty cute, in this case there's just something wrong with the design! What is supposed to be a younger sister is designed ...
May 1, 2016
Oh joy! I get to spend Easter (orthodox holidays) in Germany, where people wouldn't recognize good humor if it hit them in the face... Lets download some comedy anime so that I have something to watch while I'm there. Lets see... A guy who can't lie has to keep a secret about a vampire girl? That sounds hilarious! The only way they could possibly screw it up is if they added completely needless... They added god damned slapstick...

You see people, the point of slapstick comedy is to take hard, painful, boring situations and turn them to funny ones. A cat chasing a mouse for example ...
Apr 24, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Quite average really.

The anime has 2 episodes, each with 2 small stories, featuring a different girl every time. The second episode is considerably kinkier than the first, trying to cover as many fetishes as possible, which is obviously why I prefer the second to the first. Not to mention the second is considerably messier, and therefore more realistic. Oh yeah, just to be clear, all of them feature young schoolgirls (but not lolis I'd say), so if you have moral issues with that take a hike and watch something else.

The problem is that out of the 4 short stories, I found only the third enjoyable, ...

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