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Sep 3, 2017
This manga is actually very interesting. The whole old woman and young guy is kinda rare, so its a nice change after reading main stream stuff. Also, the setting being somewhere else than a school also makes it more pleasant to read.

The manga deals with the problems of a relationship with a large age gap in a realistic way. On top of that, Hanae's (the protagonist) inexperience further complicates things, making their relationship all the more interesting.

The only negative criticism I have for this manga is the ending. It ends rather abruptly and relies on the reader's imagination to figure out how the story read more
Jul 16, 2017
This story is very well-written, the characters are deep and it doesn't contain any of the standard manga clishes. If you're looking for a happy love story then you might be disappointed (I was), but if you're more interested in character development I'm sure you'll be pleased with it.

The art style is very nice, I think it was nice to see more grown up looking characters. Also, the university setting helped a lot, it was truly refreshing to read something that takes place outside of highschool (except one chapter).

The main downer for me was the ending. Apart from that I really liked it!
Jun 7, 2017
OK I normally like Shoujo romance because the girls aren't normally as retarded as in shounen romance, but the main character in Marmalade boy is unfortunately really annoying. She gets herself into trouble all the time and you see the never ending damsel in distress being repeated throughout the story. It might just be because its kinda old, but there are also an insane amount of sexist references, which kinda connects to the earlier mentioned damsel in distress thing.

The story itself isn't that bad, but the way it has been dramatized makes me feel like it's such a waste of a decent story.

I guess read more
Oct 3, 2016
I feel like they wasted the potential of a great concept with this anime. There is no real story and it just tries to make as many "cute" scenes as possible.

Another thing that irritates me about this anime is the art. It's actually really good, except for when the girl characters smile. wtf, it looks like a 3 year old drew those smiles... It just looks stupid and awkward.

Apart from that I guess I shouldnt be too harsh... It's kinda clishe like most anime nowadays (not many original ideas lately). But its ok to just watch an episode every now and again to read more
Apr 18, 2016
I honestly couldn't have been happier with this anime. I think it was a really nice ending and I think anybody interested in romance/drama animes with a touch of the super natural should watch kokoro connect!

I think the original 13 episodes had a strange ending, but I suppose they had already decided to make a follow up season at that time. I can imagine I would have been disappointed if I had started watching this anime before the final episodes were released.

I especially like how the characters arent so typical. Quite often you'll get characters with typical personality patterns that are extremely easy to predict. read more