Sep 3, 2017
Linnywoo (All reviews)
This manga is actually very interesting. The whole old woman and young guy is kinda rare, so its a nice change after reading main stream stuff. Also, the setting being somewhere else than a school also makes it more pleasant to read.

The manga deals with the problems of a relationship with a large age gap in a realistic way. On top of that, Hanae's (the protagonist) inexperience further complicates things, making their relationship all the more interesting.

The only negative criticism I have for this manga is the ending. It ends rather abruptly and relies on the reader's imagination to figure out how the story continued. I guess this is kind of a typical Japanese way of ending things, but it still bothered me a little.

All in all I'd say it's a good manga, and it's pretty short so it's good to read on a rainy day :)