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Sep 15, 2020
No spoilers!

Having seen the Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System trilogy, only First Guardian stood out to me as being worthy of a rewatch, and I enjoyed it even more the second time around. I think much of that stems from my own predisposition to neo-noir films, because First Guardian absolutely hits that nail on the head, following all of the genre’s cardinal rules: a flawed protagonist, a femme fatale, a less-than-happy ending, and the bad guys getting what they deserve. Genre trappings aside, First Guardian provides a cinematic experience that’s good for the casual viewer but truly great for franchise fans, completing a dark and read more
Aug 20, 2020
This review covers the whole series and will not have any major spoilers.

I remember wondering how Code Geass ever managed to take off considering how jam-packed it is with annoying bullsh*t and ridiculous plot devices. I ultimately thought the whole thing pitiful; it’s a series with the foundations for a genuinely revolutionary political narrative that is unfortunately brought down by its creators’ penchant for truly awful story beats and shoddy writing.

But then I learned that Kazuki Akane, our favorite bird-loving anime director, had made a spin-off OVA series, Akito the Exiled. This was immediately intriguing to me for a couple reasons outside of the fact read more
Aug 10, 2020
No major spoilers.

Well, folks, it’s a landmark moment. We’re finally reviewing an original work written by the queen of normie melodrama herself, Mari Okada. I do think that emphasis on the term “original” is needed; from ToraDora to Blast of Tempest, Okada has done her share of adaptation work in the anime medium, each of them infused with her characters’ token super-charged emotions. However, in the spirit of attempting to truly understand creators through their own creations, here we are with Kiznaiver. While it isn’t Okada’s first original series, it certainly has many hallmarks of her other work, so that makes it a worthy candidate read more
Mar 29, 2020
No spoilers, but considering how most of this film is just about wrapping up the plot, this will have to be kept more superficial than most of my reviews.

TL;DR: It's about the same quality that we saw from Psycho-Pass 3 (I wrote a review of that as well). Don't expect much character development due to this being a conclusion to the plot. That said, it's all-around entertaining, and I do recommend it. ******** NOTE: this "film" is really 3 episodes, 45 minutes each.

I've been seeing a lot of fours in the list of reviews and I think that's rather harsh, especially if they're from people read more
Jan 3, 2020
Spoilers for the very end, but come on. The manga is STILL ongoing, so it really doesn't matter.

Every now and again, I take it upon myself to look through my list of "Plan to Watch" titles to see if anything looks good enough to finally get around to watching. Many of the entries on that list are films, and among them I recently found Five Star Stories. I said, "What the hey? It's only 65 minutes long, I have access to the Blu-ray rendition of it, and it was a landmark project for Nobuteru Yuuki, a character designer and animator whose work I generally enjoy, read more
Dec 13, 2019
This review will not have any spoilers.

If you've read any one of a third of my reviews, you will know that Psycho-Pass' first season is one of my favorite works of art/literature/entertainment/whatever of all time. It's a downright classic. That said, I was not particularly wowed by its second season (I read the manga and wrote a review on that) or the sequel film, which I found rather boring. Additionally, while I have yet to see the Sinners of the System films, I haven't heard the highest of praise for them. In short, I wasn't buying into the idea that the show's producers wanted this read more
Sep 18, 2019
No spoilers! It feels good to write that after my last two reviews. Yeesh...

The Vision of Escaflowne (or TVE aka Television Escaflowne lol) is more than just a good show. It's borderline great, providing a coming-of-age story with a heartfelt message about being conscious of the consequences of one's actions and the ramifications of pursuing one's selfish desires. Not only is this exemplified in our main heroine, Hitomi Kanzaki, but it's also demonstrated in the story's hero, Van Fanel, his antihero brother, Folken, and especially the series' villain, Emperor Dornkirk. Throw in a pretty decent story, some stellar production values courtesy of Sunrise, and amazing read more
Sep 15, 2019
This review will contain spoilers, but this show is so devoid of impact it really should not even matter.

In my previous review (on Eden of the East, please read it :D), I provided a long explanation and list of arguments that detail why director Kenji Kamiyama is a hack writer. I have nothing against the man on a personal level, I have never interacted with him, I currently have no reason to believe that he is not a kind person, and I have quite a bit of respect for his directorial style, but I do not find his writing very appreciable. So far, the only read more
Sep 4, 2019
No spoilers unless there is a warning, but this series is so inconclusive and the films' stories are so dumb that I would be surprised if anyone actually cared. I know I don't.

This show is not good, but there are far less enjoyable series out there. Go in with very low expectations and you will probably get some entertainment out of it (I gave it a 6 for enjoyment).


I'll say it now, and I will again in my GitS:SAC 2nd GIG review: Kenji Kamiyama is a hack writer who hasn't written anything good since the first season of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. read more
Jul 27, 2019
NO SPOILERS - check out my review of the prequel episode as well

First episode isn't quite as good as some of the others in my opinion, and the Engrish can be pretty weird, but it was my favorite show of its season, even if I ended up losing interest.

First, a brief plot synopsis: time has passed since the events of Fate/Zero, and Waver Velvet is back at it again as the Clock Tower's resident schmuc-- I mean detective!! Okay, in all seriousness, I like this guy. He's intelligent, but a bit too brash and serious for his own good. His companions, including the mysterious hooded read more